Курс How to maintain and succeed with a plant-based diet

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Here in this course, I will guide you with simple steps that I have found to work for me over the years of me living a plant-based lifestyle. These are also tips I've learned from other health coaches and veg heads alike. It should take about an hour or two to go through everything completely. All material is downloadable, also there is external videos and materials that I believe will be beneficial during this process.

Some points that I will touch on are: Meal planning and preparing, Storage, Picking foods wisely, Meal replacements, Equipment, and Spice.This material is simple for anyone to follow that you can teach it to someone else. This course is also for any that is a raw vegan or vegan.

Meal Planning and Preparation
Here I share my methods of how I plan my meals, clean the foods, and shopping methods
Quick intro about the course and a little description of me.
Meal Planning
Going into detail about how I plan my meals for the week.
Pick a day
Getting more specific with picking a day to shop and prep. Also how to store foods.
Keeping a journal of very meal for each day and each week. Labeling each meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
Picking Food
How to put foods in categories while shopping. What to include and what to remove from the diet>
what to get
Discussing the benefits of buying organic and the best places to go.
good and bad sugars
The difference between processed sugars and natural sugars. What to look out for and common names.
Discussion about various plant based starches
Healthy fats
discussing different options of healthy fats and their benefits.
Giving options of my favorite protein packed foods to eat.
More protein
More info on plant based protein.
  • An open mind
  • A will to learn
  • Pen and paper
  • A way (reasons to why you're wanting to transition to a plant based lifestyle.)
Что Вы изучите?
  • Gain best practices and skills to maintaining a successful plant-based diet
  • You will know how to effectively plan and prep meals
  • You will learn how to shop by putting foods in categories
  • You will gain knowledge of healthy fats like avocados
  • You will learn how to properly store leafy greens in the refrigerator
Rosalyn Terry
Rosalyn Terry
Health coach

I am a health and wellness advisor with a degree in health and human performance. Also a certification in holistic health and body works. I am a plant-based lifestyle advocate and plant-based cook. I share my story of how I have overcome Lupus and other diseases by switching to an all natural plant-based lifestyle. I hope what I share inspires someone else to take the journey to better living as well.

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