How To Install A Free SSL Certificate On Your WordPress Site

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You will have a SSL Certificate installed on your WordPress Website to secure it with the padlock, for free, and valid for 15 years.
You will have avoided the mistakes I made when starting the SSL installation process and have prevented the redirect loop and being locked out of your own site, eek!
You will have made sure your SSL is forced on every page of your WordPress website to be fully complaint and performing at its best.
You will have saved yourself a ton of time, money, and frustration, trying to find an alternative solution and working out on your own just how to apply that solution to your WordPress website.
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Whether you are on a tight budget, just starting out, or have multiple domains that require an SSL certificate, you have come to the right place to save you a ton of money, as well as wasted time and energy bashing your head against a brick wall in a ton of confusion and frustration! - Yep, that was me just a short time ago! And now I am free for the next 15 years, as CloudFlare's free SSL certificate is valid for 15 years. Whoop! Whoop! To that!

If you are a non-techy person like me, and don't want to spend hours trawling through CloudFlare's support forums and going back and forth between them and your web host like I did with email after email, and you want to know how to avoid the mistakes I did when starting the installation process, then it's best to invest a few dollars getting this step-by-step course, where I will be holding your hand every step of the way to get that certificate installed for you by the time you finish the course.

In this short mini course, I will be showing you:

  • How to create and install a free SSL certificate on your WordPress website.
  • How to avoid the mistakes I made when starting the installation process.
  • How to change your nameservers.
  • How to avoid the redirect loop and prevent being locked out of your own site.
  • How to add 2 plugins to make sure your SSL is forced on every page to be fully complaint and performing at its best.
  • How to test if your site is fully secure and SSL compliant.
  • And so much more
  • And as a bonus I have included a copy of my 54 page Amazon Kindle book "FREE SSL - HOW TO INSTALL A FREE SSL CERTIFICATE ON YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS, A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE, in PDF format, for free. So you can download it, always have it to hand, and follow along.

This was what one of my students who took this course on my own site had to say about the course:

"I was a student of "How to install Free SSL Certificate for Your Website" and I am positively surprised. It's a video course (+a book) free of tech-talk, focusing on what is needed to achieve the goal of protecting a website not leaving the watcher/reader without understanding what is going on. It is a great tutorial for beginners with a blog or small business. Every step is very detailed so the student understands what is being done, not just mindlessly repeat. Courses are made in a way, that even complete beginners will understand what's going on and how to achieve actual goal of the course. Sandra keeps improving with every video and tries to apply possible perfection in every product of hers. I am a subscriber of her YouTube channel and graduate of "Free SSL cert course". "

  • This course is for students who have a WordPress Website and need an SSL Certificate on their site to secure it.
  • No prior knowledge is needed to study and complete this course as it is a step-by-step guide for absolute beginners.
  • You get to look over my shoulder as I walk you through and guide you on exactly what to do to get a free SSL certificate installed on your WordPress website.
  • You should be able to know how to use a search bar to search for things on the internet and be able to copy and paste.
  • You need to be able to access your website settings using CPanel or have someone who can do this for you.
Sandra Bellamy
Sandra Bellamy
Social Media Specialist, Author, Designer, Mindset Motivator, WordPress Absolute Beginner Extraordinaire
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