Курс How to Improve Your Workflow Using Logic X

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How To Optimize Your Workflow Using Logic is for Logic beginners, novice, and experts alike. It streamlines the process of making music on Logic and condenses it in a 3 part course. The first section covers the engine of Logic. It is called "Under The hood". Here he goes in depth with the Preferences, Project Settings, Control Bar, and Tool Bar. He then goes into the 2nd section called "Preparing Preliminary Functions" in which he shows you how to set up your session, audio treatment, default mastering chains, and more. The course wraps up with the 3rd and 4th sections "Optimizing The Tracks Area in Logic" & "Organizing Files to Experience Clarity". This is where all the magic happens. Eddie cover's editing and scrolling techniques and the "Best Method for Organizing Your Session Files".

Here's Eddie Grey, in his own words describing the course

"I wish I had a course like this when I first started. I used Logic and tried to teach myself for 2 years but it was not until I got certified (literally from the guy who write the Apple endorsed book), that I began to elevate my music productions. The worst thing that happen to a talented Producer/Composer/Beat Maker is to have the tools, the talent, and the motivation to succeed but to not have the "KNOW-HOW". This is my attempt at giving back to my community and giving them the proper direction so they too can achieve success".

How To Improve Your Workflow Using Logic provides a comprehensive understanding of Logic that will allow students, producers, artists and composers to be more efficient and well rounded. The intention is to give them the tools and resources so they too can become “Power” users.

House Keeping 101
How to handle corrupted preference files
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  • Experience ease of use and Mastery while using Logic X
Eddie Grey
Eddie Grey
Composer. Producer. Songwriter.Apple Certified Logic Trainer

Eddie Grey is a multi-faceted composer, arranger, songwriter, and producer whose music industry track record speaks for itself. The Los Angeles-based musician began playing with synthesizers and writing on computer programs at an early age, eventually beginning a musical education that would lead him to the world of composing, songwriting and producing. He quickly found work as a composer and realized his talents for placing music; launching a career that positioned him as a versatile industry partner.

Eddie’s work as a composer spans a variety of television and film projects including the main title theme for DirectTV’s “Celebrity Beach Bowl” as well as the theme for their “Fantasy Football Channel,” ABC’s “World of X-Games.” He’s the Head Composer for A&E’s Emmy Award-winning series “Born This Way” and TLC’s “The Healer,” even being selected to provide the main title theme for the documentary series. Not to mention working on a new pilot for Bunim-Murray Productions.

As a music supervisor, Eddie has amassed a large music library that he sells to clients around the world. He has recorded albums for Megatrax, 411, and many other publishers. Grey has also successfully placed numerous tracks on high rated television shows across a multitude of networks, including Lifetime, NatGeo, ABC, CBS and many more. His incredible track record includes over 500 songs sold and over 5000 tracks placed over the span of his career.

Never one to rest on his previous success, his company, High Frequency, recently expanded to include video production after signing its first major music video project. His partnership with a Los Angeles-based production team allows Eddie to seamlessly take on new projects while remaining focused on the creative development. His certifications in Logic X and Pro Tools gave him a solid base to begin producing for singers and songwriters in the Los Angeles area. Recently, Eddie Grey taught a Master Class on How To Be A Full Time TV Composer for howtolicenseyourmusic

Eddie’s dedication to his craft and continuous hard work is obvious with each successful project and placement. His vast knowledge of the music industry and many years working as a musician ensure every project is met with the attention to detail and the musical direction it deserves.

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