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As the artist Manafest I've toured over 19 different countries playing thousands of shows and booked hundreds of them myself. I've worked with some of the biggest booking agencies in USA, CANADA & Japan.

This course will teach you exactly what it takes to build your music career so that you can reach out to booking agencies or have them chasing you down.

Playing shows is the #1 most easiest way for artists to start making a great income and build there music career further.

I'm tired of artists being broke. I have friends that have sold over 1,000,000 records but because they haven't setup their business correctly are forced to get a part time job driving for Uber.

I have put this course "How to get a booking agent" together for you - to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free.

I "take you step by step" showing you:

  • How To Reach Out To Booking Agent
  • Build Your EPK (bio, press photo, etc)
Introduction Video: Please Watch First
Course Walkthrough of what you will be learning in this course "How To Get a Booking Agent"
What is a booking agent
a booking agent is responsible for booking an artist a show/concert at an event that could anyting from a church, club, bar, festival, corporate or charity event.
Booking Your Own Shows
You will learn so much about the music industry by booking your own shows.It also puts you in the drivers seat of your music career.
How you can get your foot in the door with a booking agency
Relationships are key in any industry but especially the music industry.Getting your foot in the door with a booking agent is a great start and this lecture teaches you how.
Booking Agent Fees & Percentages For Booking Shows
Booking agents take a commission based on how much they book you for.10-20% is normal and all the deals I've done have been at 15%.So if the booking agent gets you a show for $1000 there commission is $150.
What is a booking agent looking for in an artist or band?
a booking agent is always on the look out for new talent.Let's set yourself up for success and have them calling you instead of you chasing them!
What comes first Booking Agent or Manager
There is no perfect order of growing your team.I've seen it where a manager has helped an artist get a booking agent.I've also seen booking agents connect artists with managers.Most common is managers bringing artists to booking agents.
Are They Hustling Or Just Waiting For The Phone To Ring
You want an agent that is going to hustle on your behalf and not just sit around waiting for the phone to ring.Unless you've built such a buzz that the phone is ringing off the hook andyou need someone to filed all the incoming requests.
How much should you charge to perform
Knowing how much your worth and what to charge for a show can be frustrating at the beginning because for most of us we just want to get out and play.This lecture discusses some ideas/thoughts on that.
  • Laptop or Smart Phone
Что Вы изучите?
  • How To Reach Out To & Partner With a Booking Agency
  • Book Shows & Self Promote More Effectively
  • Network With Other Artists
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