How To Eat and Enjoy a Greater Variety of Vegetables

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At the end of our course, students will be able to confidently and easily incorporate more vegetables into their diet.
О курсе

Are you trying to eat more vegetables but finding it a struggle?

Do you wish you could learn how to make eating vegetables more enjoyable?

How would you like to wake up to a day when you love vegetables?  When you and the people you cook for can’t wait to eat them?

Many people are aware that vegetables are good for health, yet incorporating more vegetables can be a challenge. This course is unique in being designed by education experts to help you understand what works and doesn’t work for you and to identify for yourself the changes that you want to make.

Build Your Knowledge around Your Motivations and Barriers to Eating and Enjoying Vegetables and Make Some Positive Changes

Learn about how vegetables support optimal health, wellness and vitality  

Explore your motivations and barriers to change

Gain ideas for eating more vegetables

Work through examples and make practical changes

Explore tips for incorporating more vegetables into your diet and identify practical and enjoyable ideas that are right for you.

Content and overview

Suitable for anyone who wants to increase their vegetable intake, this course consists of 20 lectures and a workbook to equip you to make changes that work for you.

By the end of this course you'll know the exact steps to take - for you and your family - to eat and enjoy a greater variety of vegetables.

  • You will learn how to shift your perceptions and beliefs about vegetables
  • Understand how to use colours as clues when choosing different vegetables
  • Discover tips from the health professionals on how they make eating vegetables fun and enjoyable
  • Learn about the role vegetables play in supporting your energy levels
  • How to get more value from vegetables
  • Hear about the mindful eating approach
  • Get tips and inspirations on how to make vegetables taste great
  • And much more

Introduction to the course
Understand what will be covered in this course

A brief welcome message and an overview of what this course will offer.

How to get the most from this course

A brief outline of how to use material in this course to your best advantage.  Included here is also a downloadable Workbook.

What is a vegetable?
In this video you will learn the dictionary definition of a vegetable.
Shifting perceptions
In this video you will learn how to shift your own perceptions about vegetables, through a practical exercise.
Exercise: Shifting your perceptions
Learn what other people appreciate about vegetables, get inspired and find three things that you can appreciate about them.
Using colours as clues
In this video you will learn why eating colourful vegetables is important. How green, orange, yellow, red, purple and white vegetables contain different nutrients that support every system in the body.
Top Tips: How to make vegetable choices more colourful
Learn how other people make their vegetable choices more colourful, get inspired and start to experiment.
Vegetables for energy
In this video you will learn why eating a wide variety of vegetables helps to support energy levels.
Making changes
Learn to make changes
Making changes
In this video you will be introduced to different ways to making dietary changes.
  • Computer with an Internet connection.
  • PDF reading software, such as free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Have an open mind and motivation to put ideas into practice.
  • A strong desire to eat and enjoy a greater variety of vegetables.
Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION)
Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION)
Optimum Nutrition Throughout Life
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