The Complete Plant-Based Diet and Nutrition Masterclass

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Understand Fundamentals Of Whole Food Nutrition
Plant-Based Grocery Shopping On A Budget
Create Easy to Follow Meal Plans & Recipes
Plant-Based Cooking Tips & Tricks
Stock Pantry With Nourishing Foods
Prepare Mindset for Lifestyle Change
Assess Current Health & Set New Goals
Safely & Naturally Lose Weight
Develop Superfood Smoothie Habit
Get Rid Of Toxic Foods In Your Kitchen
Eliminate Confusion About Fads & Fake Diets
Make Confident Decisions About What To Eat
О курсе

Do you want to learn how to eat a plant based diet, develop the right foundations and habits that support optimal health, and nourish your body through whole food nutrition?

Hello! My name is Gentry Rosario, I'm a holistic nutritionist and plant based lifestyle specialist and I'm passionate about helping YOU succeed on your plant based journey to ultimate health!

By the end of this course you will be equipped with the practical skills and confidence it takes to create your own thriving plant fueled lifestyle. You will also begin to experience optimized health, natural weight loss, improved energy, reduced risk for disease, and countless other benefits through the power of whole plant based food!

This course will teach you:

  • How to prepare your mindset for a lasting lifestyle change

  • How to complete a health assessment in order to set and achieve realistic goals

  • How to remove  toxic foods from your kitchen

  • How to plan nutritious meals & use time saving cooking techniques

  • How to stock your pantry and fridge with nourishing foods 

  • How to find the right foods at any grocery store you go to

  • How to make and drink antioxidant rich superfood smoothies

  • And so much more!

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to implement the foundations of a plant based lifestyle and apply the principles of whole food nutrition (with confidence) in order to restore energy, nourish the body, prevent diseases & boost overall health!

What students are saying:

"This course claims to be life-changing and I must agree. I've flirted with the idea of a plant-based diet and always went back to meat. This course explains why a person would want to go to a plant-based diet. It starts with changing your mindset, so you don't have to rely on willpower. It progresses to simple tricks to ease into a plant-based diet, continues to simple menus and recipes for meals, green juices and smoothies and even snacks. It explains how to prepare your food and equip your kitchen. And it's all very quick, so you can finish and get started on a new, healthy journey. 5 stars!" -Wilbur R,  2019

"Loving the explanations and concepts. The presenter is very knowledgeable and makes the various topics relatable" Lucille O, 2019

"This course is just what I needed to clear up my confusion about dieting and what to eat to be truly healthy. The instructor is knowledgable and friendly." - Tara L, 2018

Here is what's inside the program:

  • MINDSET ALIGNMENT - Avoid common traps and mental blocks with the 5 mindset alignment rules

  • THE WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET - Understand the evidence behind the diet so you can make intentional decisions about food..

  • PERSONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT - Assess your starting health and commitment to make realistic and achievable goals..

  • KITCHEN EQUIPMENT -  Learn what equipment will help you be most effective in your kitchen..

  • SPECIAL ESSENTIALS - Discover the most important items for a plant based pantryand how to use them..

  • KITCHEN OVERHAUL - Remove the toxic foods from your kitchen and create a sanctuary of wholeness and health in your home..

  • MEAL PLANNING 101 - Get my ultimate meal planning template and and  7 Day Meal Pan guide to create personalized menuswithout the headache

  • GROCERY SHOPPING 101 - Learn how to apply my 6 principles of plant based grocery shopping to gain confidence and save you $$$..

  • SUPERFOOD DRINKS & SMOOTHIES - Learn how to 10X your antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, & fiber through whole food plant based superfood smoothies. PLUS easy recipes to get your started..

  • SMART COOKING 101- Skip the trial and error in the kitchen and learn my top secret cooking & meal prep hacks that took me years to figure out..

  • ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS - Discover the principles of natural and safe weight-loss WITHOUT restricting portions, counting calories, or buying special products

Each section features additional PDFs, worksheets, & resources to help you take action right away! 

Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no risk whatsoever.

So if you're ready to join the movement of people experiencing extraordinary health through the power of plant based eating then enroll now to get started!

I can't wait to see you inside!


  • A desire to learn more about a holistic approach to health and wellness
  • A basic understanding of cooking
  • Access to a printer is recommended for worksheets, templates, or other resources.
Gentry Rosario
Gentry Rosario
Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
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