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When you complete this course, you will know which apps, and hardware with an iPad you need to create training courses for Udemy and video online
In this course you will learn how record, edit and render HD compatible movies with the iPad and iMovie 2.0
You will learn the apps to make intros, slide annotations, and white board videos
You will learn how to make iPad app tutorials for 1 million plus apps that need training like the trainings for other software in Udemy
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This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

The iPad is the most powerful and easiest video production ever invented. Cameras, microphones, wires, computers, video editing software is complex and I have witnessed people struggle with it for years. But knowing how to make training has been a skill that served me for 30 years. I used to do for corporations that huge budgets to do it. Not anymore. An iPad, $40 worth of apps that only run on the iPad, the built in cameras, and even the built in microphone works to make trainings of all kinds. And if you know that to do, you can be working in a weekend. It is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive investment to make trainings you can sell to the world. In fact, I made a lot of this very training with my iPad, But I had to make iPad app trainings with my PC, but with the 1 million apps in app store, that alone worth learning what we teach here.

You must own an iPad, I recommend a iPad Air with at least 32 gigs of drive storage. An external microphone system is optional, but improves the audio. The apps I use are under $40 and most are free with the iPad Air.

Here's what your will learn:

  • Step by step training of iMovie app 2.0 and how to make videos you can train others with in Udemy
  • The 8 other apps that only run on an iPad that enable you to create killer video trainings from Powerpoint or Keynote slides
  • How to send videos from your iPad to your computer, or to the websites that need them to make you money
  • The dirt cheap accessories to mount your iPad and microphones to get professional audio
  • 40 awesome royalty free tracks of music from my music membership website Two Buck Themes that you can use in your trainings, CDs, DVDs, Podcasts, YouTube – you name it!
  • An invite to the private Facebook community of iPad video producers which I moderate so we can learn to make this course better and better
  • Lifetime of updates as I work to make this the best possible training for video ever
  • How to make trainings for the million plus iPad apps and finding the ones to teach in your niche is the opportunity no one should ignore
Overview and Intro Apps Needed
In this lecture we cover the apps needed to make video trainings with your iPad. This is an overview of what to expect
iMovie 1.6 vs iMovie 2.0 - Go IOS7 and 2.0!
It is best if you upgrade to IOS7 and install iMovie 2.0, but shows you the difference if you have the old version. But I suggest you upgrade asap.
iMovie Basics for Udemy
The basics to make videos with iMovie and tour of the software.
Royalty Free Music Underscoring - Music Download in Course Description
Music is the secret sauce to make your videos sound and feel more polished and professional. But you must have the rights to the music you sync and underscore your videos. That is not exception here in Udemy, YouTube or even your own website. You must use Royalty Free Music and I have provided my top 40 tracks music you can use legally anywhere you like.
I can grant you rights because I wrote and performed all this music and make more available at Two Buck So don't forget to download the zip file the 40 tracks provided to you in this course.If ever asked, screenshot this page as owner of this Udemy course, you have my permission to use my music in your trainings, social media videos, and business websites. You may not sell or give away to others, but you can use in your videos as you please.Mike Stewart, composer, publisher and owner of Two Buck Themes

Ken Burns Effect
The Ken Burns Effect is the pan and zooming of still photographs to create motion in video invented by documentry director, Ken Burns.
  • You can start and succeed with an iPad 2, 3, 4, mini or Air. Even could do it with an iPhone as the apps run on all devices. iPad is best because easier to edit and see the software. Microphones, iPad mounts, and lights improve your quality, but not required
  • You must purchase at least iMovie 2.0 app which requires IOS7. All the apps are under $40 and 2 are free with the iPad Air.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart
The Internet Audio Video Website Guy
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