How To Create and Sell Online Courses & Educational Content

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Plan, produce, publish and promote your own online course.
Identify your strengths and passions to evaluate the topic of the course to develop.
Estimate if your course is sustainable on a long term basis.
Perform a market analysis to further understand the environment in which your course will be published.
Position your course in the market by analyzing your competition.
Develop a solid Unique Selling Proposition to add value to you course content
Define a target student profile and specific learning objectives based on their needs and motivations.
Categorize the needs of your target students using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Understand your student’s goals and who they are and plan the content of your course accordingly.
Get to know your target audience by identifying WHO they are, WHAT they buy and WHERE you can find them.
Capture high quality audio using equipment that fits your budget and how to clean up the background noise for a high quality learning experience.
Turn regular PowerPoint/Keynote slides into amazing and appealing presentations.
Download the right screen recording software according to your pocket and operating system.
Record your screen using an appropriate resolution and audio inputs.
Edit professional videos, emphasizing on specific areas and creating dynamic deliveries.
Produce and render the videos for your online course in the right quality and definition.
Craft a professional script for your sales videos using sales psychology and persuasive arguments.
Turn the script into an animated sales video regardless of your animation skills.
Design/Acquire the perfect image for your course cover sticking to Udemy’s guidelines.
Create the course curriculum, upload the lectures and use Udemy’s bulk uploader.
Fill in all of your course details and essential information.
Write down a high converting sales description based on the Golden Circle.
Get your course approved and live in the marketplace.
Make sure at least 1000 students enroll in your course to start discussions, ignite engagement and get reviews.
Engage with Udemy’s social communities to get feedback and test out different elements of your course.
Use Udemy’s promotional tools such as coupon codes and announcements to drive traffic and maximize your revenue.
Choose the perfect title and subtitle for your online course
Check if the skill you picked is in high demand.
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COURSE UPDATES AUGUST 13th - Earnings Breakdown + Platform Updates

$10,381 July - $61,587 grand total (free preview below)

Being an online course publisher is not rocket science. However, the only hold up for some to start teaching online is the wide range of skills needed to make this happen.

My name is Max and I've developed info products for about 5 years, but it was last year in which I started my course publishing career. It was then when I teamed up with instructor Matt Jensen and together we created iMarket XL. To date we have 9 online courses and 16,000+ students.

Seeing the struggle that some instructors were facing when creating the videos, assembling the course and then selling it, I decided to make things easier for prospect instructors to start their journey and for the already published ones to further polish their online course.

That's how Udemy Superhero was born.

First we PLAN the outline, then we PRODUCE the content and PUBLISH it on Udemy. The last phase involves PROMOTING your course in a way that maximizes revenue and engagement.

This course will teach you course publishing inside out in a way no one has before:

From how to choose what you can teach and evaluate its long term profitability to how to turn your course into an actual business by analyzing markets and producing quality and targeted content in a way that fits your budget.

I include essential skills such as:

  • Audio Capturing
  • Noise removal
  • Video editing
  • Screen recording
  • Scripts and sales videos
  • Course images
  • Sales strategies
  • Pitches
  • Engagement
  • Coupon codes
  • List building
  • Analytics
  • Optimization.

So, click Take This Course now and let Udemy Superhero take your skills and passions and turn them into a profitable and professional online course!

Get familiar with Udemy and understand the structure of Udemy Superhero
Meet Udemy: An Introduction to Online Teaching
Meet your new best friend: Udemy. The Goal of this lecture is to introduce you to Udemy and the endless possibilities that exist once you sign up as an instructor.Udemy Superhero covers in a comprehensive way all of the different stages that are involved when it comes to publishing an online course. I've identified 4 main phases:
  1. Planning
  2. Production
  3. Publishing
  4. Promotion
Each phase is a section of this course and the process and the purpose of each phase is stated in the individual learning obectives of each section.
Udemy by the Numbers Infographic (Updated)
So, the numbers I talked about on the intro just raised as I was recording this online course!here's a downloadable PDF, so you can check out the new stats.
Phase 1: Planning
Master the Process of Planning online courses, defining target markets and target students, identifying competition and crafting a unique selling proposition.
How to Pick a Skill to Create your Online Course
So, now that you've decided that you want to create an online course, you need to pick a skill that you'd like to teach on your online course. The skill, or subject of your online course, needs to have some requirements in order for it to work. It needs to be something that you're passionate about, something that you're good at and of course, something that's on high demand.
Udemy's Skill Gap

Wouldn't it be easier if Udemy just told us which were the skills that they needed more present in their marketplace?

Well, they did. A few months ago they created a list of skills called Fill the Gap. The Gap actually refers to the empty space between student searches and online course supply on certain subjects. If a skill or topic made it to the list it simply means that Udemy needs courses based on that specific subject because they are the actual topics that were most in demand among Udemy students and had less online courses to fill said demand.
Any skill on the list in an opportunity and if you go for it, then you're guaranteeing your course success.

Using Google Trends to Secure Long Term Success
Becoming Udemy Superhero is not just about choosing a skill that's on demand right now. It's also about checking how that skill has behaved over time in order to predict future interest. There are many tools and resources to check how how many times a keyword has been searched. Luckily for us, we have Google Trends. It's a free tool created by Google itself that can give you all the information you need to predict your online course future success.There are 3 types of curves that you can get after analyzing a keyword on Trends:A whenever we get a curve that's decreasing exponentially over a long period of time (more than 2 years) speaks about a search term that has experienced a loss of interest over time. If this curve is an at all time low, meaning that the search volume it has today is one of the lowest it has had over time, then this means that the most likely scenario in the future is that the interest will keep decreasing. If you get one of these curves, then it's probably best to change your course topic to one that will guarantee your long term success. However, this does not mean that your course will have no sales, it just means that the potential number of students that would enroll on your course could be higher if you chose a term that did not have this type of behavior.If a curve has been rising over the past few years, then we're facing an increasing curve. This curve typically refers to skills that are either new or that have been having a boom in search volumes for a particular reason. For example, the curve you see above corresponds to the search term "Udemy". Udemy is a platform that's relatively new, so that explains the behavior of the curve. Also, the rise in interest on MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) have caused websites like Udemy became more popular and that could also explain why the curve has been increasing. If you get one of these curves, then it means that you're on the right time to publish your online course. However, this can also mean that other people have found out about this, and you can find more competitors publishing online courses based on that search term. But don't worry, it's best to enter a market that people are already aware of than it is to create a completely new one. It's a good indicator to get this curve, and you should definitely keep on going.A stable curve speaks about a search term that has had a steady development over time. There are no huge drops or rises in it, just minor ups and downs that eventually balance each other out. Finding a skill that has had a stable evolution of interest over time means that there will always be people looking for courses to learn that specific skill. It’s a really good indicator and you should definitely go for it. Probably there will be a considerable amount of competitors, but nothing you can’t outgrow. Remember, competition is a great way to check how your course will perform and it’s a great way to learn what they’re doing right, or wrong. In a nutshell, a steady curve means a steady course, and some people chose stability any day of the week.
  • Audio Capturing Equipment, such as a USB microphone or your Computer's inbuilt mic.
  • Audacity (free to download)
  • Screen Recording software (free & paid alternatives)
  • Video Editor (free & paid alternatives)
Max Cord
Max Cord
Digital Experience Designer + Marketing Strategist
iMarket XL
iMarket XL
Essential Skills for Marketers
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