How to Create an Online Course 2020: Monetize Your Knowledge

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Learn how to build your own online course in one week if you can work on it full time, or four weeks part time in 2020
Create Income From Your Knowledge & Skills Faster By Discovering Your Best Course Idea In 2020
Earn More Money From Each Course By Discovering How To Correctly Price Your Course & Set Income Goals
Learn How To Quickly Outline Your Online Course In Order To Create The Most Popular & Profitable Course Possible
Find Out The EASY Way To Record Your High Quality Online Course In 2020
Discover How To Create A High Converting, Highly Profitable Sales Page & Promo Video
How To Quickly Build Your Own Email List Of Fans & Customers For Life! HUGE!
Discover How To Create The Most Profitable & Effective Course Promotion and Sales System Available Anywhere, The Product Launch System! HUGE!
Keep Your Income & Profits Flowing Permanently and Automatically Even After Your Course Launch With An Evergreen Automated Personal Launch System!
Find out how to create a udemy course in 2020
How To Create an Online Course
О курсе

How To Create an Online Course In 2020 so that you can quickly have a source of income with a stay at home online business! This is your year to finally do this!

[Updated]:  Added an awesome new module showing you how to set up an evergreen course marketing/sales system so that you can sell more courses while you sleep! This new section is a game changer for you! It's called the Super Selling Automated 24/7 Course Marketing System

[Updated]: Awesome, new section to help you create better, more profitable courses FASTER!: Live Course Creation: Planning And Outlining Your Course Step By Step. In this NEW section, we build a live, real Udemy online course here together! You'll be able to create your own course right after finishing this section. Learn how to create an online course that sells!


Learn how to make money online and create income from your Skills + Knowledge + Passions by teaching online courses with this simple and fast step by step system. Learn: How to make a Udemy course.

Don't just earn income from one task or job at time! Record what you do and what you know as an online course, then share that knowledge and sell that same course over and over again to thousands of people! 

It's the same business model as writing a book, or creating a software program, or recording a song. Create your product once, then sell copies of it many times. That's how you scale and leverage your time like authors, software developers, or musicians do

Transform yourself from someone who trades dollars for hours, and can only make as much money as you have hours to trade

Into someone who invests several hours creating an awesome online course, then gets paid for those same hours and that course over and over again! Learn: How to create an online course.

In this course, I show you how to make money online, step-by-step, by quickly creating your own, high quality online course

And I also show you how to market and sell your course FASTER, and at HIGHER PRICES, with a product launch system. Learn: How to make money online.


I'm also going to show you one of the most profitable ways to sell a lot of courses in a really short time frame The Product Launch System. 

A product launch system is THE most effective and profitable way, hands down, to sell online products and ALL the top online marketers use it! Now you can too

This course will show you how to market and sell your course FASTER, and at HIGHER PRICES, with a product launch system

A product launch system is 5 to 8 times MORE profitable than any other marketing system. It works like magic, even if you've never created an online course before!

[Two New Bonus Lessons Just Added!]

1: How To Sell Your Online Courses On Udemy - Discover how to sell more courses on Udemy by optimizing all the most important marketing strategies and tactics available that deal with your course image, promo video, sales page, and student reviews. Learn how to create a udemy course at the same time you create a regular online course.

2: How To Sell Your Online Courses On Udemy (Part 2) - Learn how to optimize and maximize your promotion tools to sell more of your courses at higher prices. Powerful course marketing topics are shown to you here, step-by-step, like: course coupon promotions, affiliate marketing, regular updates to your course summary, and monthly email promotions to your students where you can sell them other new and existing courses.

Read What Students Have To Say  About This Course:

“Very complete guide on how to build your own list and then launch your course to them. Highly recommended!”  - Kim Anthony Aaronson

“Yep, it was really good. I especially liked the tools and the fact that it's very organized. I strongly recommend it.”  - Fabiola de Machado

"Excellent advices, easy to understand and follow, structured information easy to memorize so you can apply it quickly to your own case"  - Sonia Malemant

21 Extra Bonus Lectures Included:  These bonus lectures show you, step-by-step, how to set up your own lectures on Keynote/PowerPoint, how to record your video lectures on ScreenFlow/Camtasia, how to create animated logos, add intro and outros to your lectures, and much more. Wow! I'm practically giving you a whole 2nd course for free!

After Finishing This Course, You Will:

Transform yourself from someone who trades dollars for hours, and can only make as much money as you have hours to trade

into someone who invests several hours creating an awesome online course, then gets paid for those same hours and that course over and over again!

That's the magic of leveraging and scaling your time with a product that you create, rather than just getting paid for only the hours you show up to work for someone else

Authors use it Musicians use it Software developers use it now you can use it with online courses!

Be free, live life on YOUR own terms. Earn money for what YOU know, what YOU are passionate about.

Create online courses and live where you want, work when and where you want, travel the world, or just have more free time at home.

This is also a great course to learn how to make a Udemy course, and how to make an online course in general that you can host and sell on pretty much any platform.

So What Are You Waiting For? Take Action!  Click the Red "Buy Now" button above and let's get started

Here's What You'll Learn In This Course:

  • How to create + sell your course in one week working full time, or four weeks part time
  • How to find your Profitable course idea
  • How to price your course & set income goals
  • Learn how to quickly outline your course
  • How to record a high quality course the easy way
  • Learn to create an awesome sales page & promo video
  • How to build your email list of fans & customers for life. HUGE!
  • Learn to sell your course using a product launch system. HUGE!
  • How to master the post launch follow up for huge future sales
  • How to build an online course for use on any platform

Regular People Who Succeed With Online Courses
In this lecture, I'll introduce you  to regular people just like you who've applied their knowledge to online course and have created a nice monthly income.  Online courses can be created by just about anyone who has something interesting to share. It's not that hard and it doesn't take that long to create your own online course IF you have a simple, step-by-step blueprint to follow. This course is that Blueprint! (Same as the promo video on the course landing page, so if you've already seen that, you can skip this lecture)
Who Is This Course For?
This lecture talks about who should take this course, like: someone who already has an audience online and needs another way to monetize their audience, or someone just starting out online that has a valuable skill or talent which would be perfect for an income producing online course
What You'll Learn
In this lecture, you'll discover the steps that allow you to quickly earn income from your skills, passions, and interests, using online courses: 1. Find your passionate & profitable course idea 2. Price your course & set income goals 3. Learn how to quickly outline your course
4. Record a high quality course the easy way5. Create an awesome sales page & promo video6. Build your email list of fans & customers for life. HUGE!7. Sell your course using a product launch system. HUGE!8. Master the post launch follow up for huge future sales
How To Find Your Profitable Course Topic
In this lecture, I'll show you how to quickly discover a profitable course topic that will create the most income for you, yet still be something you're very interested in or very passionate about.You'll also discover a simple way to validate your chosen topic to make sure it will be profitable BEFORE you spend your time and effort creating your own online course.
How To Validate Your Topic
In this lecture, I show you how to validate your chosen topic and make sure it's a popular topic that will spark lots of interest and sales
Create The Ferrari Effect For Your Course
In this lecture, you'll learn all about a pricing strategy that will earn you a lot more income from fewer courses, the Ferrari EffectThe Ferrari Effect: is a premium, smart pricing strategy that allows you to set a higher price for your online courses:  Higher Price = Higher Perceived Value + More Profit From Fewer Sales
Magic Revenue Formula
Learn to plan exactly how much money you'd like to earn from your next online course Work backwards for a step by step planFind Out How Many Fans You Need to reach your $ goalKnow exactly WHAT you want & HOW  to get it
  • Be familiar with a basic presentation software, like Keynote or Power Point
  • Be familiar with, or able to learn quickly a basic video editing program like ScreenFlow or Camtasia
James J Forno
James J Forno
Certified Nutritionist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner
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