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DOUBLE or TRIPLE your Udemy Course Sales in Just 30 Days!
Create stunning Udemy courses in 7 days or less with little to NO experience
Create your first Udemy course WITHOUT the common headaches or hassels
Promote your course by using effective marketing strategies to social media
A little know "Trick" to get your course DONE for YOU!
Use Underground "Secret" research tools to spy on your competition (No one is using this one)
Look over the instructors shoulder for a step by step course creation walk-through
Create Effective Educational Announcements Headlines That Get High Open Rates
Create Effective Promotional Announcements That Gets SALES
Create Udemy Courses On A Shoestring Budget
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*Updated December 24th 2016 - December Sales and Blog Traffic Report!

See How I Went From $200 to $10k in a Few Short Months By Creating  WINNING Udemy Online Courses On a Shoestring Budget!

Let me ask you a question,

Have you heard of my "Udemy Secrets"?

Are you looking to create a Udemy online course? If you are, you may have thought to yourself, “I don't have the technical skills to create a course.” or “how can I create a course Fast and easy WITHOUT spending to much money, time and technical headaches?”

Perhaps your just NERVOUS and AFRAID that once you finish your course, it won't get approved or even worse, you don't make any sales.

If you have a skill, gift or talent that you desperately want to share with the world but don't know where to start, this course will show you how to create STUNNING Udemy courses FAST, EASY and on a SHOESTRING budget PLUS DOUBLE your lifetime earnings in just 30 days!

I've been making an amazing amount of money from my Udemy courses each and every month, since I started to implement with what REALLY works.

I now average hundreds of dollars - and that is net, not total sales it's the cash that is directly deposited into my bank account.

You’ll see How I DOUBLED My Udemy Lifetime Earnings in Just 30 Days by Creating a WINNING Udemy Course on A Shoestring Budget!

Back in January my first sale was only $10 - by February, I made HUNDREDS of dollars when everyone else was struggling!

By following the methods in this course, I've dramatically increased my earnings to hundreds of dollars every week!

Every single method which I reveal in this course is easy to put into place in minutes - and can give you instant sales.

So if you're ready to DOUBLE or QUADRUPLE your sales using the methods I’ll show you within the course, enroll NOW before time slips away when you could be making MONEY!

You'll be able to Create, Publish and Make Udemy Course SALES Easily While You Sleep With LITTLE to NO Technical Experience Needed.

I'll Show You How I've Created 3 Courses In Under 18 Days From Scratch, &
Met Udemy's Quality Standards The First Time Around And ALL The Time

AndI'll show you how I went from virtually NO sales to HUNDREDS of dollars in sales in as little as 30 days!

By the time you are finished with this course you'll be able to:

  • Design a STUNNING yet well put together Udemy course with just a few hours a day.
  • Learn the basics of Keynote - from formatting, to animation, and recording
  • Learn how to Screen Record a course presentation using Keynote
  • Learn how to create beautiful promo videos in screenflow
  • Create your first Udemy course WITHOUT the common headaches or hassles
  • Create stunning Udemy courses in 7 days or less with little to NO experience
  • Promote your course by using effective marketing strategies to social media
  • Research and Create a WINNING course before Publishing
  • Create Effective Educational Announcements Headlines That Get High Open Rates
  • Create Effective Promotional Announcements That Gets SALES
  • Get Your Course Done For You For Under $75!

So if you're NEW to Udemy and want to see how I make hundreds of dollars a month, click the green button to the right and I'll see you inside.

Instructor Intro
Hello and Welcome!
Hello and welcome to my course, "Crate Stunning Udemy Courses On A Shoestring Budget Fast!About Tim Ernst:Timis a personal life transformation coach.His main areas of expertiseis in personal development, personal transformation, fitness, webdesign, marketing, product and course creation, YouTube video creator,and productivity.
Tim is also the founder of TurnAroundFitness and 180Muscle. He is dedicated to helping Men and Women transform their lives in business and staying physically fit.Udemy Elite Instructor
  • -18 highly rated, premium courses in full HD
  • -Over 25,186 happy and successful students enrolled, and growing
  • -442 positive reviews, and growing
  • -New content added every week
  • -Contentcreation based on student need (send me a message or post to thediscussion section in any of my courses and I will create new content tohelp you toward your goal)
What Course to Create?
Effectvely Narrow Down Course to Teach
Passion or Fill The Market Place (product research)
You have two choices when it comes to creating your course topic:
  1. Do what you are passionate about
  2. Fill a void in the marketplace
You will learn the pros and cons between the two and come to an understanding as to what route you should take to profit from your course.
Keyword Search Tool
This section will be able to help you learn what topics and interests people are searching for.There are a variety of tools you can use to help you get a better understanding on your competitors keywords.
YouTube Search and Tools
YouTube is ranked number 3 on the entire web!There are helpful tools to help you find what people are searching for and you can begin to use these tools to help you decide what courses to create.
How To Name Your Course (Magazine Search)
One of the easiest and fastest ways to title your courses is to find magazine covers.This section will show you the power of a headline and sub-headlines
How do you know what your customers want?Create surveys for your email subscribers and social media fans.This section will show you how to get the most out of your surveys and which one's to use.
Google Alerts Tool
The section will show you the power of using Google to send you information on what is trending and popular right NOW!
Creative Tools
Fast and Easy Ways to Create Stunning Courses
Presentation Application (Keynote for Mac)
This section will show you the power of using Keynote for Mac users to create stunning slides, presentations, videos and PDF's.
Creating Your Own Images for FREE
The section will show you a couple of online editing tools on how to make your own course images for FREE!
  • An open mind to learning New and Easier Techniques to Getting Your Course Published Fast
  • You'll need the following software: Screenflow for Mac or Camtasia for PC's
  • Keynote for Mac or Power Poing for PC
Tim Ernst
Tim Ernst
Udemy Instructor Teaching 21+ Courses and 40,000 + Students!
Tim A Ernst
Tim A Ernst
Udemy Instructor Teaching 2+ Years and Over 25,000 Students!
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