How To Build An Online Courses Business - Your Success Guide

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IDENTIFY Their Courses Topics
CREATE An Online Course From Scratch
PUBLISH Their Courses On Multiple Platforms
PROMOTE Their Courses To Get Traction
MONETIZE Their Courses On Various Marketplaces
SCALE Their Online Courses Business
О курсе

Did you know that the e-Learning industry makes over 10 billions of dollars in revenue every year?

Hello and welcome to the "Online Courses Builder Program". My name is Sorin, I am an Online Entrepreneur and the creator of this Premium Training Program.

As you have probably already figured out from the title of the training, this is a course designed by me, from my own experience accumulated in little over a year in the e-Learning industry, for the people that want to start a business online centered around their passion or expertise, that have no knowledge of how to do it, and that are overwhelmed with all the hype and information that is around content marketing, list building, easy traffic and one push button softwares that don't bring you any results.

This course is based on my own experience on how to start with creating an selling online courses and how you can scale this activity to up to 1000$/month. And I am not talking fantasies, some of you may want to do less, some of you more, it's up to you how much you want to make and how much effort you want to put into it, but just check my results in the introductoty FREE lecture to see that anything is possible.

Practicly in this course you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know in order to be able to start to create and sell your own online courses and get results like that.

So, in other words you will learn:

- How the e-Learning industry works and why is it such a big trend.

- How you can create and sell online courses without having to market them yourself.

- How an online course should look like.

- What software and equipment you need to create online courses or do you really need them?!

- How to repurpose your content and sell it in multiple marketplaces to maximize your income.

- Which are the best marketplaces for selling your courses and how to succed on them.

- How to build a long term business and how to use alternative promotional methods.

and much more

You will also get :




And I will stop by telling you that you will have the tremendous opportunity to work with people from various niches, collaborate and even create and sell online courses together.

Even more, you have no risks involved if you enroll today in this Premium Training whatsoever because you have a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That means that if for whatever reason you feel that the course wasn't for you than you get your money back, no questions asked!

Introduction to the Course
Welcome to the course. In this lecture we will go through what we will cover in this course related to online teaching, how to teach online and how to become a successful online instructor!
Why eLearning?
Discover why the eLearning industry is the wave you have to ride right now. 
How To Create An Online Course
Learn The Setp-By-Step Process that will get you from idea to an online course ready for selling.
Introduction To Creating An Online Course
Let's go through the basic principles of creating an online course.
How Should A Course Look Like?
Learn how an online course should look like so you can know how to design your own.
What Should I Teach?
Get into the "research phase" of creating an online course. Discover how to get new ideas for your topics and how to find out what you should teach online!
Do I Need Any Special Equipment?
In this lecture we will cover the answer of this frequently asked question!
What Softwares To Use
Discover what types of softwares do you need in order to start working on your first course. You will see that this is easier than you think!
How To Use Camtasia For Screen Recording And Editing
Discover how to use Camtasia to create your first screen recorded and edited course.
How To Convert Audio For Editing And Improving Sound Quality
In this lecture you will discover a tool that will help you with audio conversion for your files to different formats that you might need.
  • No prior experience or special equipment is needed.
Sorin Constantin
Sorin Constantin
Online Entrepreneur, Marketer and Professional Networker
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