How to Become Vegan with Basic Nutrition Tips

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How to Become Vegan with Basic Nutrition Tips
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How to Become Vegan with Basic Nutrition Tips
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Plan Well Balanced Vegan Meals
Understand that Bland Vegan Meals can be Improved
Identify A Rainbow of Nutrients in food for Nutritional Balanced Meals
Identify a Vegan Diet as an interesting journey and not a chore
Develop an Understanding of Vegan options for Optimal Nutrition
Discover how to implement Healthy Living practices on a daily basis
How to Start Over and Transition to Veganism
О курсе

Navigating Nutrition and Veganism can be tricky.

Love Your Body and it will Love You Back.  Jump In and take this course to learn from Chef J who has been trained to help you with her Culinary skills and Food Science knowledge and qualifications that go beyond just blending nuts for nut milk or boring tofu.  Chef J will help you cook up a Beautiful Rainbow that you will enjoy.  Explore, Learn and Grow Body Beautiful.

In this course, you will learn:  

- What vegan eating is and why it is important for the nourishment of our bodies

- The Basic foods comprising a vegan diet and how they keep the body running efficiently

- The answer tot he most frequently asked questions about veganism

- How Coconut Oil and other oils contribute or not to Optimal Nutrition and Coconut Oils Nutrient rich functions in your body.

- How to prepare Caribbean Rice n Peas and how to troubleshoot with other recipes

- How to create a Rainbow of Nutrition for Healthy Living and sources for Cleaning Eating 

We have given you sources in a vegan diet for all the basic nutrients needed by your body along with the names of the nutrients and some of our own tips all in one place.  

Bonus downloadable recipes and books are also included.  

Adding a Rainbow to your diet will ensure you get the right nutrients to keep you happy, healthy and whole.  

Cook Up a Rainbow and let's take this journey together :)

Introduction and Overview
Gain a general overview of the course and what you will be able to do by the end of the course
Do you want to learn how to Transition to a Nutritious rich, plant-based diet?Then this course is for you.  Let me introduce what we will share with you.In the Caribbean we usually say you need to "Turn Ah Pot".  In this course, Chef J will share some of the Nutritional sources to help you "Turn Ah Pot" and aid Optimal Health for you and your family.Cooked or RAW, Fruits or Vegetables, Juiced or Eaten Straight off the Tree.  All whole foods are great for you when you are stress free and not worrying about whether they are Organic or you can afford to buy it.Organic produce is amazing, but for those who cannot afford to eat that way, we are encouraging you to be Simply VEGAN whether its one meal, one week, one month at a time.  Try it and you will see the difference it makes to your health.Add some spice and make it even more flavoursome.Top Up with Exercise, and you will have a winning formula.Remember, at all times:COOK UP A RAINBOW and Let's take this Journey TOGETHER!

Chef J
Why Eat Vegan?
Understand what food does for our bodies and why eating a vegan or plant-based diet is the answer for Optimal Nutrition
How Cells Use Food
When we know how our cells use the food we eat, it will help us to make really amazing decisions in our diet.   Just looking and tasting good can be deceiving.  Find out what your cells do with every morsel that you eat. Interesting Science of Nutrition for Healthy Eating as Vegans
How the body uses food and Why Eat Vegan
How your body uses food is crucial to understanding why we should eat carefully to feed our bodies and not just our Taste Buds :)Eating Vegan - PDF Download just for youIs really not as bad is it sounds, it is actually quite an interesting journey.  Don't do it all at once. One meal at a time or just one week at a time.  It is also an amazing reset diet for your body. Jump in and remember to download the information created just for you.
Enjoy :)

ABCs and 123s of Vegan Nutrition
Source nutrients from whole foods and understand how best to combine foods
Basic Overview of Nutrition
It is sometimes difficult to know where to start, let us share the basics so that you know how to move forward with your Vegan, Plant-based diet.
How to Obtain Nutrients in a Vegan Diet
What the basic nutrients are will be explored further and with sources in Vegan foods.
Are you getting enough Protein? Vegans are actually quite tired of hearing this but it is interesting to know how your proteins are formed and the fact that PROTEINS are a complex mass of interesting nutrient building blocks that actually help you to achieve optimal nutrition when clean eating for wellbeing and longevity of life.
Beans are Great for your heart but also contains other nutrients.   There are so many types of beans and ways of preparing them. In our bonus section, we have a quick recap on how to use some of the Beans and Pulses/Peas in your diet.
Amino Acids
Amino Acids They are the Super Heroes in your Vegan diet.  Believe it or not, they are often overlooked but provide such a cornerstone to strength, growth and repair. Find out about these amazing heroes and see where you can source them in your diet for Complete Nutrition and Optimal Well Being. 
Where would your bones be without Calcium? It is one of the most important minerals that you will need daily. For Optimal Health and Wellbeing, look at some of the sources available in a Vegan diet.  You will be amazed and Motivated to keep going.
  • No prior Knowledge Required
  • Budget for Purchasing Vegan Items for Effective Meal Planning
  • Where Organic and Farmers Market Produce can be found
  • Existing Allergies, if any, so they can be adapted in recipes
  • Why you are planning a Vegan diet. This will help you make the right choices in foods
  • Have a list of your favourite foods so that you can Plan your meals easily
Janice Weir-Germia
Janice Weir-Germia
Instructor at Udemy
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