How To Become a Full-time Artist and Get '1000 True-fans'!

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Become An Artist With Entrepreneurial Mindset
How to implement the Lean Start Up Method To Your Music Career
Music Promotion
How To Promote Your Music
A/B Testing
Getting Gigs for Tours
Learn to Build Your Fanbase With Engagement
Importance of Building Your Email List
Analysing & Measuring Feedback
О курсе

This is a one of a kind course bringing the fundamental methods to product development from the high-tech start up world to the music business. To minimize your risk and safe-proof your way to become a full-time artist. 

Suitable for Musicians, Artists, Rappers, Producers and DJ's that has already some fans or starting from zero.

Invest In Your Talents And Enroll This Course To Get A New Way of Thinking On How You Can Build Your Career While Building Your Fanbase.

We'll go trough:

  • Lean Start Up Methodology
  • How To Promote Your Music
  • A/B Testing
  • Music Promotion
  • Learn to build your fanbase with engagement
  • Dealing with feedback
  • Build your email list
  • Get Gigs in other cities
  • Optimising your talents
  • Analysing & Measuring

A Powerful Method That Will Give You An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Major Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkley and top MBA programs are already embracing these methods to develop products or services that people are actually willing to pay for. In this course I will teach you how you can use the same methods to develop your career to become a famous singer, rapper, DJ or Producer.

Content and Overview

In 1.5 hours over 22 short videos we'll go trough what the Lean Method is, its background and some examples on how you can implement it to Music Production, Artwork, Getting gigs and Titles. 

We'll discuss the concept of '1000 True Fans' by Kevin Kelly how it is crucial to build your true-fan base in the process to become a full-time artist. 

I will also include the secret weapon of marketeers A/B Testing, the powerful technique for increasing conversions and revenue on their marketing campaigns.

The last video ends with an exercise to immediately start using this method to start engaging with new fans. 

You will end this course with a new kind of mindset that will help you on building your music career but also as a bonus know how to start a profitable business.

Short introduction about the journey you're about to take with this course :)
The End Goal - 1000 True Fans
It's important to have an end goal with this to know what you exactly strive for. I present the concept "1000 true fans" by Kevin kelly and it's meaning.
What Can You Do With a 1000 True-fans?
After that you read the article on the concept "1000 true fans" by Kevin kelly we'll discuss what opportunities opens up when you have a strong yet small fanbase.
Validated Learning
In this clip we're going to discuss what Validated Learning is.
The "MVP"
What will your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is and can be
Experiment Mindset & Dealing With Feedback
This lesson talks about why you should start thinking in doing things the unconventional way and not be afraid to be non-perfect infront of your new fans. And also how to deal with the feedback you will receive.
Lean Method The Old Way
Before the era of the MP3's artist already did experiments but with a way longer production cycle. Find out how.
Lean Method To Music Production
This lesson is how you can implement the method into finding the right track to finish.
Lean Method To Artwork
How to find the right artwork or graphic identity for your music.
  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Social Media accounts
Maikol Petersen
Maikol Petersen
Music Entrepreneur
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