Курс How a healthy gut flora can change your life

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О курсе

You may have heard of gut flora, microbiota, microbiome, commensals. These are the microbes that hitchhike on and in your body. You may have thought yeh fine a few little microbes and if I wash my hands enough they're not gonna hurt. It's true they won't hurt in fact quite the opposite - they are essential for good health. They help digest your food, they produce the precursors to many of your neurotransmitters, they help control your weight, they are key components of a healthy immune system. 
and there aren't just a few of them - there are between 40 and 100 trillion - that's about 10 times the number of human cells you have in your body.

This course explores the microbiota or gut flora you will learn:

- What and where it is
- What it does
- Why modern western living and diet gives it a hard time
- How to look after it and make sure it's healthy which means you are healthy.

So welcome to this short course - let's dive headlong into your gut and make acquaintance with your microscopic friends. 

Let's start
A quick introduction to the course - how it is structured and what you will learn
What you will learn
This video provides a brief overview of the course, it's structure and what you might expect to learn
What and where is it
Understand what and where the microbiota or microbiome is a basic overview of its function
What and where is you microbiota
This lecture describes the Microbiota, what it is and where it is located. Trillions of microbes co-habit on and in our bodies - how well we host them has an imapct on our overall health.
The Microbiota - what and where is it?
A few revision questions on what and where the microbiota is.
What does it do ?
To understand three key components and benefits of the gut microbiota - the three sections are microbiota in relation to digestion, brain health and the immune system
The microbiota and brain health
It seems amazing that many of your brains neurotransmitters are actually produced in the gut - and the enzymes and precursors to the neurotransmitters are produced by the gut flora.
The problems of modern day living ... and the solutions
To understand where the problems lie in preserving our gut flora
The modern day and western world dilemma
Bacteria have for many decades been seen as the enemy. It turns out that the vast majority of microbes in and on our bodies are friendly. It is in their interest to keep us healthy.
Unfortunately our war on bacteria has killed both good and bad - our health has suffered as a result.
The solution
The solution is really to address the problems - one step at a time. Reduce our use of antibacterials, minimise our own and dissuade the medical community from the excessive use of antibiotics. Try not to be obsessively 'clean' - particularly with our food. Be gentle with our bodies and our guts.
  • This course is for absolutely anyone - the only prerequisite is that your are interested in your health
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand the role and importance of the gut flora or microbiota on their health
  • Make informed food choices that will have a huge impact on your health and wellbing
  • Help others make good food choices that will nurture their microbiota and alleviate a wide range of inflammatory, immune and allergic symtoms
Colin Holding
Colin Holding
Health and wellness coach, specialized in making life easier

Colin is committed to helping people have a more balanced and healthful life - efficient and stress free. Whilst a seemingly insurmountable challenge - to try and balance a life in an environment for which humans were not designed, there are many tools we can use to take on this challenge.

Colin has many years of experience and understands well, the different challenges posed by the varied work and home environments. Colin has worked in the corporate environment, sales and marketing and IT but also knows the challenges of an entrepreneur and stay at home dad, having run his own businesses in IT, photography and health and fitness. A graduate in Psychology from the University of London, Colin has always had a fascination with the human dilemma, a modern mind in a technological world, transported in a confused and primal body. By trying to understand what both parties need, the challenge of a composed, serene mind in an optimised body might be achieved.

Colin has 20 years experience as a personal trainer and natural health coach. He owned and ran a health business called Wildfitness which operated retreats in Spain, Crete, Kenya, Zanzibar and UK.

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