Housing and Cities

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Housing and Cities is a design-oriented architecture course that focuses on key moments of European urban housing history. It looks into ordinary or replicated housing types of different social classes that contributed to the definition of urban identity across borders and time.

Each topic is first introduced through a general overview that examines housing from an urban point of view. Secondly, each topic is illustrated through a typological analysis, aiming for a detailed vision of domestic life at each time.

Students are encouraged to have an operative view of the course, appreciating how modern and contemporary architecture has reinterpreted and been influenced by different housing models.

Housing and Cities
Explore how housing defines urban identity.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Identify the cultural context and time of diffusion of housing types
  • Examine the plans of different housing examples and recognise types of distribution and spatial organisation
  • Estimate how a specific type of housing has influenced urban character
  • Contextualise different types of housing historically and socially
Luca Ortelli
Luca Ortelli
Luca Ortelli is a Professor at the EPFL, ENAC School of Architecture, where he is the head of the Construction and Conservation laboratory. He is the author of numerous articles on domestic architecture, with emphasis on Nordic examples. Professor Ortelli chairs the 3rd year Bachelor Design Studio on Housing, as well as the Master-level courses on History of Housing and Architecture and Renovation.
Catarina Wall Gago
Catarina Wall Gago
Catarina Wall Gago is a researcher and lecturer at the Construction and Conservation laboratory of the EPFL, ENAC School of Architecture. She is an architect (IST) and completed a PhD concerning the contemporary renovation of 19th century housing (IST-EPFL). She teaches in the Master-level courses on Architecture and Renovation, and History of Housing.
Karen Zysman
Karen Zysman
Karen Zysman is a lecturer at the Construction and Conservation laboratory of the EPFL, ENAC School of Architecture. She is an architect (EPFL) and teaches in the 3rd year Design Studio on Housing, and in the Master-level course on History of Housing.
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