Курс Hit Songwriting: Learn to Write Lyrics! Be a Songwriting Pro

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Learn to use all of your senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, sound, and movement - as springboards for creativity in writing amazing lyrics.  It could be you that writes the next number one song! Enroll Now!  Course Updated March 25, 2020

Over 600 students enrolled!

Develop the time tested songwriting techniques that professionals use to create incredible lyrics while still maintaining your unique voice.

  • Learn to connect with and create a memorable experience for your audience
  • Learn to write even when you're not initially inspired
  • Learn to streamline and accelerate your songwriting process
  • Learn to apply songwriting strategies to any new idea

Content and Overview

This course is different from any other course you will find on songwriting, because it is solely focused on the lyric.  It's so important in songwriting, to get the lyrics right.  A strong song needs strong lyrics.  How many hit songs do you know of that don't have lyrics?

First, you'll learn how to get creative even when you're not really inspired.  I'll show you how you can use all of your senses and the world around you to spark your creativity and jumpstart your songwriting anytime!

Next, you'll learn how to control the emotional impact that your listener is having through toggling - moving between details and sometimes pulling back for a broader picture.  You will learn how to intensify or diminish the experience of the listener with sound lyrical techniques.

We'll also examine the different types of rhyme.  You'll learn the various ways to effectively use rhyme in your songwriting.  We'll also discuss tense and power positionsand a whole lot more.

By the End of the Course You Will Be Able To:

  • write lyrics that control the emotions of your audience
  • write lyrics that effectively communicate the message of the song
  • combine lyrics with music more effectively
  • generate better ideas more easily
  • create detailed and emotional lines that tell a story

Writing from "Where"
Learn how to write on command without being initially inspired!
Writing from "Who"
Learn how to write lyrics from a specific point of view!
Learn about toggling and how it helps your lyric become incredible!
Five Degrees of Rhyme
Learn what the five degrees of rhyme are and how they will help to develop your lyric!
Finding Rhyming Pairs
Learn effective ways to find rhymes for your lyrics!
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  • The ability to write on command without having to be inspired
  • An understanding of how to emotionally connect with the audience through lyrics
  • An understanding of the techniques professional songwriters use to create amazing lyrics
  • An increased ability to effectively communicate with words and music
  • Suitable for beginners as well as advanced songwriters
Pippin Jag
Pippin Jag
Instructor, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer in Los Angeles

Pippin Jag is obsessed with songwriting and guitar!  He is a Berklee alum (Writing and Producing) who has been songwriting for over 20 years.  He lives in Los Angeles and has worked with some of the world's most successful celebrities and recording artists.

When he's not with his guitar or at his piano, Pippin is usually surfing, playing soccer, or eating with loved ones.  Spending time with his family is probably his favorite thing to do.

Since 2008, he has been a full-time songwriter, and currently is a staff writer at MRS publishing.  He is affiliated with ASCAP.

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