Herbalism: Transform Kitchen Herbs into Healing Remedies

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Herbalism: Transform Kitchen Herbs into Healing Remedies
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Herbalism: Transform Kitchen Herbs into Healing Remedies
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Use common kitchen ingredients for health, nutrition, natural medicine and herbalism home remedies.
Recipes to put new knowledge for using herbs to use right away
Understand which herbs can help with ailments like diabetes, common cold, flu, muscle relaxation and pain management
Discover the big secret in herbal packaging that big industry does NOT want you to know
О курсе

Herbalism remedies! Imagine being prepared for that next cold, flu, sore throat, cough, or digestive issue with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Instead of reaching for unnatural and expensive pharmaceutical pills, you can reach for a fresh batch of basil kale pesto (all recipes included!) to recover from a stressful day, or perhaps a soothing herbal tea to calm down inflammation in the digestive tract. Have a sinus congestion, or maybe a cough?  Find out which herb to use to help get rid of that mucus buildup and start feeling better!

With just a handful of common kitchen herbs, you likely are already stocked with a multitude of natural medicinal health benefits just waiting for you! But be careful with the herbs you buy - you may be purchasing ones that are actually MORE harmful to your health than you realize, and don't actually help at all! You'll learn why this matters, and so much more. Isn't your health worth it? 

Your health starts right in your own kitchen, and it’s easier than you think! This course will walk you through how to transform common ingredients into foods and remedies that heal. Once everyday taste-enhancers will become your personal kitchen medicine cabinet! Using herbs can sometimes seem complicated, but this course offers a way to learn healing with herbs can be as simple and inexpensive as making dinner.

In this course, I'll walk you through the difference between herbs and spices, how to select the best herbs for the greatest health benefit, and explain which types of herbs to avoid, and why. I'll discuss some of the most common kitchen herbs, and walk you through some of the key scientifically-backed health benefits of each, followed by recipes to help you immediately put your newfound knowledge to use! 

Herbs have been used to effectively prevent and treat health challenges for centuries, and are an excellent way to help prevent, manage, and cure a multitude of non-emergency options! 

Using Herbs as medicine is no more difficult than making an easy and delicious recipe, or steeping your own tea. For our own health and healing, we should use them often.

Consider this one small step to an amazing, health-filled journey that will result in amazing health benefits that can help heal current health concerns, and prevent future ones from happening! 

This course includes a Course Completion Certificate from Udemy.

Jump right in to the course to start taking better care of your health today!

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to increase their overall health and well-being
  • Anyone looking for non-conventional ways to support current health, prevent future health issues, or improve health conditions they may already have
  • This course is not intended to replace professional medical care; Serious health issues should be handled by a physician
  • Anyone looking to learn basic home health care using kitchen herbs and spices they already have in their kitchens
  • Those more interested in natural approaches to overall health

The purchase of this course includes a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime access. You can replay the videos and access all course content and references at anytime.


Introduction to Herbalism Course
Welcome to the course! Here, you'll see if this herbalism course is the right fit for you, and what you'll learn in the course.
Introduction to Herbalism:Herbs for Health
This is an introduction to the course and includes an overview of what you'll learn, who this course is for, and what you can expect.
Herbal Buying and storage 101
You'll know what to look for in your hebal purchases, and what to avoid, and how to store them to maintain the most freshness!
Herbalism:What You Need to Know!
Think you already know what to look for in herbs? Think again! Learn some of the dangers of commercial herbs, and what to look for to ensure that the herbs you buy actually have their health benefits still in tact! Also learn how to properly store herbs, and understand the various shelf life limits.
Herbal Overview Quiz
This is a quick review of the items discussed in the overview lecture of Herbalism.
Healing and Prevention with Common Kitchen Herbs
Use specific herbs for healing, health and prevention in daily meals and drinks, recipes included!
Herbalism with Basil: The Garden of Youth
Herbs such as basil pack a powerful healthy punch - this lecture will tell you precisely what health benefits have been discovered so far!
Herbalism with Bay Leaf: Digestion Heaven
Herbs such as Bay Leaf are known for soaking in soups, but this lecture will make you want to include them in MUCH more than that, and with good reason!
Herbalism with Cilantro: The Cleanser
Cilantro is a wonderful herb that packs a powerful health punch - this lecture will walk you through all the healthful benefits!
Herbalism with Mint: The Plant of 600
The famous herb used in sweets! Ice Creams, candies, cookies! But this lecture is about health, not sugar - learn all the amazing benefits to health that mint can provide, and then keep going to get the delicious recipes later in the course!
Herbalism with Oregano: Say Goodbye Bad Guys
Oregano is for Italian food, you say? Well, maybe so, but it's so much more popular elsewhere that you may be surprised!
Herbalism with Parsley: Healing Herb
Parsley is so powerful, I try to include it in almost every meal. This lecture will lay out all the health benefits that parsley brings, and is sure to make you amp up your parsley game, too!
  • internet access
  • Printer if you wish to print summary sheets and recipes
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
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