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In this course you are going to learn Hebrew from scratch with our special unique program that has proved itself for years. We are going to start with the basics and slowly bring you to a level in which you will have enough skills to travel around Israel, and have full basic conversations, without the use of English.

So these are our goals:

  • Understand the differences between English and Hebrew
  • Know the Hebrew Alphabet.
  • Read and write in Hebrew.
  • Go through the basics words (Creating a basic arsenal of words)
  • Build a basic sentence in Hebrew, including Questions.
  • Create a rich vocabulary in Hebrew.
  • Be able to fully communicate in Hebrew.

- You will have plenty of homework to practice what you have learned, at least one huge quiz for every section, TONS of extras (MP3 files, presentations, PDF files and many bonuses).

- Dedicated staff that will answer all your questions.

- The course is huge, and to master all of it including the extras you need at least 2 months. Moreover, we are adding new materials frequently and will notify you, so your experience of learning Hebrew is never-ending.

- The course is built in a very unique way that was developed and used in the last decade with amazing results in various countries

Learning Hebrew has never been easier.

So what are you waiting for?? it's time to learn Hebrew!

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Course Promo - The Roadmap of This Course
Here you can watch the course's promo.
The whole roadmap of the course is explained here.
The General Differences
Introduce you to some basic differences between English and Hebrew.- English is written that way: >, Hebrew is written that way < In hebrew there are no capital letters.- In hebrew, sometimes, a letter looks different in the end of a word.Bonus: (will be covered in section 4)- In Hebrew, adjective words comes after nouns, and not before like english, for example:in Hebrew "great course" will be written as "course great" (קורס מעולה).Remember, the noun is always first!
The Basics #1
Other differences between the languages:- Am, Is, Are - do not exist in Hebrew.- Words in this lecture:1) אני - ani - I am2) אתה - ata - you (to a male)3) הוא - hu - he4) היא - she - he5) את - at - you (to a female)6) הם - hem - they (to a group of males)7) הן - hen - they (to a group of females)
The Basics #2
The basics, part 2.Words in this section:1) אתם - atem - You (to a group of males)2) אתן - aten - You (to a group of females)3) ה - Ha - The (in the beginning of a word)Example: The Man - האיש4) איש - Ish - Man5) ב - be - In (in the beginning of a word)Example: In the house - בבית (notice that there's no need for ה in this one).6) טוב - tov - Good7) ילד - Yeled - Boy8) דוקטור - DoctorBonus:9) בית - house
Installing Hebrew Keyboard
Demonstration of how to add Hebrew to your computer (based on Windows 8), and how to use a virtual Hebrew keyboard.The keyboard web: http://mikledet.com/you can also try:http://cgate.co.il/convert/nikud.htm (this one is specially designed to write with vowel signs, might be useful for section 2)Mac users: wiki explanation here (install Hebrew not Turkish of course :P )Hebrew keyboards/stickers are sold in ebay, you can see here But I really suggest that you create your own stickers! might be a good practice as well!
Basic Technical Tip - How To Download Extra Materials.
If you are completely new to the Udemy platform, this lecture will show you how to download and use our important extra materials!
Basic Technical Tip - Announcements & How To Ask Questions.

Need help but don't know how to post a question? Don't worry, this lecture will set you up :)

Short quiz before we start!
This short quiz is just to help you make sure you've understood the basics right, if your grade is not 100 here, please repeat the last lectures, go through the extra materials as well for each lecture, and ask questions if you don't understand something!
The Hebrew "Alef Bet".
Introduction to the first section.- You can download the extra materials in every lesson, which is some data about every letter learned in this lesson, we respectfully ask that you do not share this extra materials and use it for your own learning experience.- Make sure you watch the lectures with 720p resolution.- Have fun and good luck. Attention: at the mini overviews we will teach you some new words, and we will pronounce as if there are vowel signs (However, we will not write these signs), because the Hebrew language is commonly written without vowel signs, we will elaborate everything in the second section.
Quick Overview Before We Start
א - ד, Alef to Dalet
Learn the first 4 letters: א - Alef, ב - Bet. ג - Gimel, ד - Dalet.
  • Motivation
Что Вы изучите?
  • All The Language Basics
  • Read Hebrew
  • Write Hebrew
  • Speak Hebrew!
  • Have a rich vocabulary in Hebrew
  • Create sentences
  • Ask questions in Hebrew to get yourself around
Guy B.M
Guy B.M
Hebrew Teacher, Israel

Guy is an enthusiast Hebrew Instructor currently in Israel, but taught also in New-Zealand, and China.

Teaching Hebrew to 6 years old kids (1st grade) for more than 7 years.

Volunteerly teaching Hebrew to newcomers (especially from the US / Australia), mainly children, to "Taglit" participants, and IDF foreign volunteers.

"Hebrew is not only our language, it's our heritage, knowing Hebrew, even basic, is crucial for every Jewish living in this world"

Itzchak Pinhasov
Itzchak Pinhasov
Hebrew Instructor

Itzcak is a Hebrew teacher with an experience of over 8 years in teaching.
Teaching thousands of students online world wide. For the past 8 years volunteered as a Hebrew tutor for newcomer families children (ages 7-12) . Have done countless Hebrew lessons for volunteered soldiers from abroad during his 3 year service in the IDF.  Traveled to New Zealand and the states, and participated in Hebrew programs for children in Jewish schools and communities. With the assistance of Guy Ben Moshe , developed an easy way to learn and understand this ancient language. The system is unique and has been proven as useful by their large student community.

"We love what we do, and believe that In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn"  - Itzchak Pinhasov

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