Healthy Raw Vegan Desserts: Sugar, Gluten, Dairy & Eggs Free

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By the end of this course you will know how to quickly prepare delicious sweets which nourish your body and take care of your health and waistline. These desserts are not only delicious and easy to make, but they actually provide food for your cells as they are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, organic minerals, phyto-nutrients and healthy essential fats. Of course, these desserts are perfect for children and pregnant women too, as they are made from 100% natural ingredients, free of sugar, white flour, dairy products, trans-fats, eggs and processed ingredients.
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Do you want to make delicious and healthy desserts but lack the knowledge or time? You can find out how, by enrolling in this course.

I will show you how to make awesome desserts that will take care of your health and your waistline. The recipes are easy and quick, so that you can relax and enjoy your desserts without spending hours making them. You don’t need to be a cook to make these recipes, on the contrary. All you will need to do is to combine the right ingredients and follow the steps I’ll show you, as all the work is done by the food processor or blender. 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned cook, you will love how easy and quick is to make these healthy desserts.

Introduction to the Course
How the course is structured and how to have the best learning experience.
Welcome! Let's get to know each other better and have a look at how the course is structured!
The Strawberry Pudding
Learn how to create a healthy and delicious strawberry pudding with raw ingredients.
How to make a delicious strawberry pudding
In this video I will show you how to make my favorite dessert: strawberry pudding. This smooth, moist and delicious treat will disappear in minutes, I guarantee.This pudding has an intense aroma of strawberries and no sugar or dairy. I will show you how to use fresh dates in order to sweeten the pudding and natural spices to enhance the strawberry flavor.With only four natural ingredients, this pudding is packing a lot of nutrition and it’s easy to digest. And this no-guilt decadent treat is ready in less than 5 minutes. This recipe contains no sugar, sweetener, dairy, gluten or eggs. 
How To Make "Healthy Chocolate" Truffles
Learn how to create a healthy and delicious truffles with raw ingredients.
How to make delicious and healthy truffles
Do you love chocolate truffles but stayed away because of the unhealthy ingredients you found in the traditional products? Well, now you don’t need to anymore.These truffles are made of 100% natural and healthy ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruits and spices which will nourish your body and take care of your health at the same time!I will show you how to prepare the healthy batter in two easy steps: first the nuts and seeds flour and then the sticky dough.Next you will learn how to scoop small portions of the dough and roll them between your hands in order to create the small truffles.Finally, we’ll tackle the easy decoration: just roll the truffle in carob or cocoa powder and you’ll get the perfect chocolate truffles. They will look so good that you can take them as a gift to any party and impress the guests, or hosts.In this recipe I used carob powder instead of cacao powder so it is suitable for children. But feel free to use raw cacao powder if you are looking for its antioxidant properties or just for the happy feeling it provides. 
The Chocolate Truffle Recipe
In this article you can find the chocolate truffle recipe written so you can have access to it all the time in written format!
How To Make A Delicious And Healthy Apple Pie
Learn how to create a healthy and delicious apple pie with raw ingredients.
The Pie
In this video I will show you how to quickly make a healthy, all natural apple cake.For the crust I will show you how to use nutrient rich-gluten free nut flour instead of the traditional wheat flour. Combined with sticky raisins and natural spices the nut flour will give you the rich taste of a perfect crust.Then I will show you how to shape your crust using a square form.The next step is to prepare the apple filling, quick and simple, with just two natural ingredients: apple and spices.You won’t believe how easy is to make a delicious apple cake that gives you maximum nutrition and takes care of your waistline!  This cake is sugar, sweetener, gluten, dairy and egg free.  
The Apple Pie Recipe
In this article you can find the apple pie recipe written so you can have access to it all the time in written format!
How To Make A Healthy And Energy Boosting Protein Bar
Learn how to create a healthy and delicious Protein Bar with raw ingredients.
  • If you have a blender, a food processor, the ingredients and this video course you will be able to start preparing your healthy desserts immediately. How awesome is this, isn’t it?
Anca Alina Ionescu
Anca Alina Ionescu
Health Coach, Author, Founder of Young and Healthy
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