Healthy Eating in the 21st Century

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Healthy Eating in the 21st Century
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Healthy Eating in the 21st Century
Чему вы научились?
Learn what food is truly healthy and how to start including this food into your diet right away
Uncover the scary truth about our food production methods and how to avoid harmful foods.
Know how to read a health food label and not be misled by tricky food marketing.
Easily cook quick, delicious, healthy meals.
Eat healthy even on the go, such as when traveling or attending social events.
Apply simple yet effective strategies and techniques for meal planning, preparation and food shopping.
Take immediate action toward greatly improving their energy, mental clarity and overall health.
О курсе

Eating healthy in the 21st century can be difficult but it doesn't have to be. This course is the simple practical guide to what to eat, and what not to eat to look and feel your absolute best in our busy world.

*Discover How Easy and Enjoyable it is to Eat Healthy in the 21st Century*

During this course you will learn…

1. About the healthiest food on the planet and how to start including this food into your diet right away!
2. What foods cause sickness and disease and how to avoid them.
3. What foods work best for your unique biochemistry.
4. Proven effective strategies and techniques for making meal planning, food preparation and shopping a breeze.
5. The scary truth about our food production methods and how to avoid them.
6. How to read a health food label and not be misled by vague marketing terms.

After this course, you will be able to…

  • Apply these strategy's right away to greatly improve your energy, mental clarity and experience optimal health.
  • Eat healthy even when on the go, such as when traveling or attending social events.
  • Cook quick healthy and delicious meals with ease.

*Master the fundamentals of healthy eating in the 21st century.*

We all eat every day, but somehow, no one really quite knows what to eat.
Despite all the nutritional research, diet books and theories, how is it that most people are still baffled about what to eat to achieve a long and healthy life?

Well for starters, nutrition is the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be right. That being said, we've come a long way in understanding how the food we eat affects our health.
By taking this course you to will finally be able to make sense of how the food you eat affects your health and what to do about it. I look forward to inspiring, educated and sharing all I know with you through this course.

Take the first step

Knowledge is power.When you are informed and educated you have the power to take action. Right now, fully commit to taking immediate and massive action to change your life by not only educating yourself, but by really implementing the strategies and solutions you’ll find throughout this course.As we continue into the 21st century, let’s commit to changing the world by first changing ourselves. Small choices lead to big changes. Let’s make a big change together by discovering how to eat healthy in the 21st Century.

How to take this course
I recommend taking this course of a 21-30 day period of time, to fully grasp the concepts and implement the strategies for best results.
What not to eat
What Not to Eat - Dangers and Misinformation in our Current Food System
Introduction: What not to eat

In this section, I hope to permanently change the way you view conventional and processed foods by not only providing you with real information on why eating these types of foods negatively impacts your health, but also by bringing awareness to the current dangers of our food production methods.

Originally, all food was grown and prepared without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, genetic engineering, hormones, antibiotics or the preservation process of irradiation. Foods were unrefined, whole and minimally processed…the way nature intended them to be. Today, it’s a very different story.


Today, there are hundreds of pesticides approved for use in the United States that present different health risks.

When pesticides are sprayed on our food, trace chemical residues of these pesticides lodge and accumulate in our body tissue, which weakens our immune system and leaves us susceptible to disease.

Hormones and Antibiotics

5 More Scary Facts about the Use of Hormones and Antibiotics in Factory Farming:

  1. A typical supermarket chicken today contains more than twice the fat and about 1/3 less protein than forty years ago due to the unnatural diet and hormones used in the farming process.
  2. Nine out of ten U.S. calves are treated with hormonal growth promoters.
  3. The FDA has approved five hormone implant growth promoters for cattle. Three of them — estradiol, progesterone and testosterone — are naturally occurring hormones that are identical to those found in humans.
  4. One of the five hormones used in U.S. cattle, Zeranol, caused a significant spurt in tumor growth; even at levels thirty times lower than levels the FDA maintains are safe.
  5. The European Union (EU) has refused to import U.S. beef from animals treated with hormones.
  • Commitment to their own personal health and wellness.
  • Willingness and desire to be open to new foods and concepts.
Devin Burke
Devin Burke
Wellness Educator and Health Coach
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