Курс Guitar Modes Essential DNA - use modes & tell your story

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If you've learnt the major scale and use it over major chords only then you miss a lot of opportunities. There is a hidden secret within that scale that waits to be discovered.

By using the major scale but starting from its different notes you can access a whole new territory. It's like going to foreign countries and discover their culture. They provide different vocabularies with witch you can tell different stories. Using the modes you can differentiate yourself from the mass and shape your own style.

In this course you'll learn everything about modes on a very easy and visual manner. You'll get to know 2 important visual graphics and using these and the explanations you'll be able to understand it easily and quickly.

You'll discover how many different flavours the modes provide and how you can use this and turn it into your favour. Starting from Spanish music until soft jazz to aggressive metal genre, only your imagination is the limit.

The concept is simple: use the major scale you already know, start the same scale from its different notes and use this newly created scale over particular chords to get the different modes.

The truth is that you don’t need to learn new scales, licks or anything like this.
You just need to change your perspective in order to get something new. This is where learning the modes comes into frame.

This is a real musical journey, which will give you a clear explanation how the pros manage to get and use those interesting, exciting sounds and flavours. And that’s not all, this course and learning the modes will help you understand chord progressions and the way how it is possible to write more compelling songs.

So, if all of this sounds interesting for you, let’s meet on the other side!

  • You should have a guitar
  • You should know the basic chords
  • You should knowthe major scale
Что Вы изучите?
  • You'll learn the different modes.
  • You'll be able to use the modes, combining scales with arpeggios and other techniques.
  • Playing solos in different moods & flavours.
  • Take your existing knowledge and turn into something different by changing perspective.
  • You'll learn how to tell a complete story using the modes.
  • You'll understand how chord progressions work.
  • You'll be able to write more compelling songs by understanding the modes.
Csaba Fazekas
Csaba Fazekas
Professional guitarist, songwriter, teacher

With more than 400 hours on stage, 25 years of playing, more than 40 own songs Csaba is a well experienced and respected guitarist and teacher, songwriter.
He strives to deliver difficult subjects on a very easy manner to students. Based on his designer skills he uses self created images / infographics that explain them in order to make the quickest progress possible.

He loves helping for people and his friendly attitude helped for hundreds of people to learn how to play professionally.

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