Guitar Improvisation and Soloing: started with simple Solos

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Guitar Improvisation and Soloing: started with simple Solos
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Guitar Improvisation and Soloing: started with simple Solos
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Create your own guitar solos, and understand how to use the tools when improvising on the guitar
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The purpose of this class is to teach you the basics of improvising on the guitar in the styles of blues/pop/rock. Playing the guitar is an ocean of infinite possibilities depending on what style you are playing and who you are playing with.I have taught professionally for many years and usually when people see me play solos and riffs they want to know how they can expand their own playing and improvise guitar solos. My goal is to teach you the concept of implementing tools of simple scales, root notes, and basic intuitive tricks to apply solos to your guitar playing. If you enjoy music, you can do this!

I have included videos of myself jamming along with some backing tracks that I have made. This class does not have much to memorize, but once you digest the material you will use it in some form or another the rest of your life as you play guitar. For me once I learned some of these concepts as a teenager I started to combine this knowledge as I watched and imitated my heroes. Suddenly playing like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix was possible and I was able to create my own unique style of improvising. This is my goal for the students of this class.

Those that will get the most benefit from the course have probably played a little guitar already and know how to make some chords, jam some riffs, or play some songs. This is the level most hobbyist players achieve. My hope is that this class opens the door on how to use certain basic tools to add a new dimension to your playing. Enjoy!

Guitar Improvisation and Soloing: started with simple Solos
Use the scale I show you to improvise over a blues track, pop track, and Rock Track
This class will consist of 5 videos all leading up to you creating your own video of yourself improvising guitar solos and playing along with the backing tracks I have provided.What you'll need:1. A guitar2. Some sort of speaker or bluetooth speaker that you can set up next to you and your acoustic guitar3. The three backup tracks which I will provide and you can download for free. The ability to play these tracks on the speaker next to you while you play along with your guitar.4. The ability to film yourself with your smart-phone, laptop, or computer. (this really isnt necessary to learn and benefit from the information, but this is how you will be able to complete and deliver the assignment to me ala the udemy system if you wish.)Video 1:In this video I will demonstrate my own skill with guitar improvisation and tell you a little bit about myself and my experience as a professional guitar player and performer. I will introduce you to the three backing tracks that we will jamming along with. I have created a Blues track, a Pop track, and a Rock track. I will explain what you will need and demonstrate how to make a video of yourself using your laptop and computer or phone. I urge you to film yourself jamming, its a lot of fun!
The Pentatonic Scale / Blues Box Pattern
In this video I will introduce you to ONE scale/ box-pattern that we will be the basis for soloing along with the tracks. Playing this scale does not require you to move your left hand up and down the neck. Your left hand will be stationary and I will show you with camera angles and by example how to learn this pattern and pick it with your right hand. (if your a left handed guitarist switch what I just said) You will be able to play along with me and the video until you feel you have learned and absorbed this one pattern. I will give you some tricks and tips and how to easily memorize it. I will put some exercises in the video that you can play along with if you wish. I will show you where to download the backing tracks from my soundcloud or if you wish I will also have them on youtube so you can go to the link and play along with them.
Links to listen and download Backing Tracks on

YouTube links to backing tracks:
Rock Track
Pop Track
Blues Track
Root Note / 2-3 Note phrases
In this video I will be showing you how to use this scale that you have now learned and memorized to play along with the backing track. For this video we will focus on the blues track that I have created. I will explain the concept of the Root Note within the scale. Also in this video I will be showing you some tricks about how to create 2 to 3 note phrases with the notes from the pattern and resolve them using the Root Note.At the end of this lesson you should have an understanding of how you are combining the sound from your guitar with the backing track along with the scale/box-pattern that you learned in video 2.
Using scale for different sound in 'major' key
In this video I will be showing you how to use the same scale that we used to play the bluesy track and apply it to a totally different sounding track that is more poppy and "happy and inspirational sounding" something more close to a ballad. I know I can get real bored playing to the same style over and over, so I will show how to apply the pattern to this different sounding track. I will give you simple way to think about what it means to beimprovising in a "key." We have been soloing in the key of 'A minor' which is also the same notes for the key of 'C major'. You dont have to undertsand all the musical theory behind these things for this class but I will explain eneough so that you can understand and apply the concept to other songs as you become a guitar player who can improvise. I will explain how the same pattern can be a major or minor scale. Dont worry... If you give some effort this, you will get it. I will demonstrate completely in the video and I urge to watch and play along as many times as you need until you feel you have grasped the concept.
Jamming with the Rock track, some Rock n Roll tricks!
In this final video we will focus in on the Rock track which is a little more agressive sounding. For this track we will use the same root notes we used on the buesy track. I will show you some tricks to phrasing notes with rhythmic patters on the right hand in conjunction with the notes from the scale that you have memorized. I will also the re-iterate the concept of the root note and how tocreate phrases that resolve to the root note.
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Robert Turrell
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