Курс Vegan Fine Dining - Plant Based Cooking

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Are you into vegan cooking or are interested to start to cook vegan ? Ever wondered if vegan cuisine can match other fine dining experiences ? Or you are looking for some inspiration on improving your vegan cooking skills ?

This is the course for you

The course is the making of a typical 7 course meal I serve at my restaurant in Innsbruck. It takes you through its realization with all the ins and outs, whys and hows.
The student will be given clear written and video recipes including a shopping and utensils list.
The course is also explaining you on how and why those ingredients came together, on which techniques I use and how you can conceptualize to further enhance your vegan cooking skills.

You will get a blended learning experience with videos that explain you the making of a course step by step together with written explanation, recipies and everything else you need to start surprise your next guest

Get to know what you can expect from this course
  • You will need common cooking utensils and machines. When a piece of equipment is missing, the course tries to give ways around it.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Mastering new vegan cooking techniques. The student will also be able to pick and choose among those techniques in order to adapt them to new personal ideas. Within this totally new framework, the student will experience a confidence boost in his/her kitchen and encourage them to explore.
  • Learn new techniques that brings your cooking skills to a new level
  • Learn about new and unique flavour combinations
  • Suprise guests with a top notch 7 course vegan dinner
Nicolas Curtil
Nicolas Curtil
Vegetarian, Chef

I stumbled into coking at the age of 27 and learned the trade in various michelin starred restaurant across Europe. I opened my own fine dining restaurant in Innsbruck in 2007. At the time I was more focused on how to get a steak right and vegetables were not my first concern.

Two years after a cracking start, I experienced an epiphany. I radically shifted from a meat and fish cuisine to a complete vegetarian and vegan cooking. This sudden move made me feel like a new born baby in an empty restaurant!

One spoon of belief, a drop of obstinacy with 1 cup of curiosity,  the whole sprinkled with love let me develop new skills and discover this new plant based playground. Over the years my vegetarian restaurant "Chez Nico”  gradually achieved impressive16 points in Gault Millaut. 

This journey turned out to be an amazing gift which in turn allows me to completely express myself.

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