Get Out of the Gluten Glut (Part 3): Leaky Gut & Immunity

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Dive into the Food Tube to describe the specific parts that are affected by gluten damage.
Define and describe "intestinal villi" and how important they are to health.
Discuss the relationship between digestive enzymes and intestinal villi.
Discuss how a robust, healthy intestine protects us from the outside world.
Define Leaky Gut and demonstrate it with clear, entertaining graphics.
Describe health consequences of Leaky Gut.
List causes of Leaky Gut (lots more than just gluten!)
Define and describe concept of Toxic Load.
Explain the role the immune system plays when the body reacts to gluten.
Watch some immune cells in action.
Explain how genetic flaws can make an immune response to wheat even more damaging.
Define Autoimmune Disease and list the various specific diseases in that category.
Discuss the prevalence of Autoimmune Disease among those with Gluten Sensitivity.
Provide some encouragement.
Have some laughs.
Review how gluten harms (from Part One)
Review health conditions caused by gluten (from Part One)
Review blood sugar roller coaster (from Part One)
О курсе

Gluten.. what is it anyway? This pesky protein found in wheat, has been implicated in many health problems. Modern Wheat is a Brand Spankin' New food that our bodies can't process very well (some have more trouble than others).

This is Part Three of the "Get Out of the Gluten Glut" series of courses. It is an extension of Part One because it expands on the immune response that many bodies have to gluten. It covers leaky gut & autoimmune disease in not-boring detail to provide a great understanding about how it might be affecting you. (Please check out Part Two, as well!)

14 lectures, most fewer than 5 minutes long, answer the following questions, and more! (Each lecture is accompanied by a fill-in-the-blank worksheet that can be completed during or after the lecture + Appendix that reviews topics discussed in Part One.)

  • What part of the digestive system does gluten affect?
  • Is food in the Food Tube inside or outside the body?
  • What is the function of the Food Tube in keeping us safe?
  • What are the three aspects that are required to develop autoimmune disease?
  • What is Leaky Gut?
  • How does Leaky Gut develop?
  • What are some causes for inflammation & Leaky Gut besides gluten?
  • What is Toxic Load?
  • How does Toxic Load affect reaction to gluten?
  • How does the immune system interact with gluten?
  • How do genetic flaws come into play?
  • What exactly is Autoimmune Disease?
  • How prevalent is Autoimmune Disease?
  • How is gluten connected to Autoimmune Disease?
  • Is Autoimmune Disease more common for those with Gluten Sensitivity?
  • What can I do to prevent illness?
  • Is going gluten-free sexy?


The new "trend" of gluten-free eating is not a trend at all! It's an important precaution against developing a chronic health condition or dangerous disease.

Damage done by gluten can happen slowly over time so it might be confused with “normal aging”. But, the damage can be stopped and can often be reversed!

The material is not overly scientific- just enough to get the gist. And I tried to make it fun with animations and strong visuals.

The two well-known conditions caused by wheat, Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease, have a frustratingly enormous variety of potential symptoms!


What Are the Students Saying? The following are comments about Part One of Get Out of the Gluten Glut:

  • "So easy to follow! I love Anne Buzzelli's way of instructing. She makes everything very easy to visualize and makes me laugh. I had so much fun learning about gluten: how often can you say that?" ~JB
  • Great presentation: I was so impressed by this course, primarily because it presented the science in an easy to understand way but did not talk down to the viewer. It was a high quality production and very enjoyable to watch. The length was perfect, I think because it was so well organized. An hour well spent in search of better health.” ~AC
  • “Explains why gluten can be dangerous: I found the information to be enlightening. It was concise, and it explained to me why Gluten or Gliadin could be a contributing factor to my health woes. I don't think it's too much to ask of us that are suffering from major health problems to go gluten free. Is your health not worth that much?” ~LH
  • Science made simple!: Since going gluten free is trendy these days, up your cocktail party ante with REAL SCIENTIFIC knowledge about why you don't indulge gluten. After watching this series, you will have your reasons - less likely to die an inflamed death, for example. Anne Buzzelli doesn't mince words but eases you into the shocking truth with clever graphics and saucy time travel. I highly recommend this series for the gluten-curious.” ~K
  • “Entertaining and Informative! Worth taking the course: The instructor, Anne, presents the adverse effect of modern wheat in a unique way that captures your attention. The music, videos and cool animations are amazing as well! These lectures are not boring like traditional ppt slideshows. I was shocked to find that the food that I consider healthy, like wholegrain bread, are killing me! Thanks Anne for sharing your knowledge and making us aware of the side-effects of gluten.” ~AP
  • “Excellent course!: Anne provides a very thorough yet entertaining history of the wheat - from the beginning when hunter gatherers started consuming wheat to our current food system. This course also does an excellent job explaining the negative health effects of today's wheat. This is a great course for healthcare professionals as well as anyone trying to get healthy!” ~MW
  • Informative and fun!: This course is fantastic, evidence based, and interesting! She even held my 5-year-old's attention! :)” ~P
  • “Nice efforts: I find this course interesting. Some of the terms were bit technical to me but to summarize, genetically modified food have negative impact on human body and require more research to find alternative technology to overcome negative impact on human body.” ~VJ
  • “Awesome: An excellent, easy to understand, explanation of Wheat and its dangers.” ~PT


A full-length movie version of this video ran on YouTube for a short time and viewers had some great things to say!:

  • “I was amazed at how much I learned from a short video! I've definitely been eating too much wheat in my diet and this video shed a lot of light on why so many parts of my body feel so inflamed!” ~A in Pittsburgh
  • "The video does an excellent job of teaching, which is the point! As a former teacher, I can really appreciate that. And I love the funny parts; it kept me giggling." ~ K in Staunton
  • “This video is so informative in a playful, creative and thoroughly entertaining style! Absolutely charming. My knowledge on wheat & gluten dangers is so much clearer now. Thank you for creating this highly informative video!” ~M in Beverly Hills
  • Great video! You explained the issues in a very clear and entertaining manner.” ~ C in Colorado Springs
  • I wish your wheat video could be played in every primary school, middle school, high school and university!” ~T in Bermuda
  • "I LOVE your video! You have created an easy to follow and entertaining presentation on the dangers of wheat! I am 9 months grain free (mostly Paleo) and I too love the Wheat Belly book! You put into simple English what I have been trying to explain to my friends and family. I am sharing it with everyone I know. Thank you!" ~J from Upland
Meet the Villi
This lecture introduces you to the intestinal villi and explains a bit about how they work.
Meet the Villi!
Let's quickly review your new acquaintances, the intestinal villi.
The Food Tube
This lecture follows a burger through the Food Tube and describes the intestinal villi in more detail, including their relationship to digestive enzymes.
Inside the Body?
This lecture explores the idea that food inside the Food Tube is actually still outside the body, and how that fact protects you.
Inside or Out?
Is the Food Tube like a duffel bag?
Leaky Gut
This lecture covers Leaky Gut, a condition where the otherwise secure barrier between the inside of the body and the outside world breaks down and leaves delicate internal tissues vulnerable.
Leaky Gut
Leaky is not sexy.
Causes of Leaky Gut
This lecture lists the various causes of Leaky Gut, besides gluten.
Causes of Leaky Gut
There are tons of things out there that can cause Leaky Gut.
  • Curiosity & a sense of humor.
  • No scientific or medical knowledge of any kind is required.
  • Part Three can stand-alone, but for those starting from scratch, it may be best to precede it with Part One of Get Out of the Gluten Glut (
Anne Buzzelli MS RD
Anne Buzzelli MS RD
Registered Dietitian at BuzzNutrition
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