Get Beyond Work-Life Balance (Inclusive Leadership Training)

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Do you ever struggle to manage work and the rest of your life? You are not alone. Men and women all over the world are trying to figure out the impossible work-life “balance” and instead achieve success in all parts of their lives. Join Catalyst experts to learn the importance of inclusive leadership in creating flexible—and productive—work environments. Through research and real-world examples from a variety of situations, you will learn strategies for managing workplace flexibility, and you will learn how you have the power as an individual, a team member, or a leader to make positive change. You will understand the value of a flexible work environment and see what sets successful flexible workers and managers apart. With short quizzes, compelling case studies, and engaging videos, you will build your knowledge each section and share your experience with other learners on topics such as communication, technology, myth busting, challenges, and solutions. Throughout the course you develop a Personal Work-Life Plan to help apply the strategies taught and effectively manage your own work and life responsibilities or that of others.
Get Beyond Work-Life Balance (Inclusive Leadership Training)
Develop skills to go beyond balance and better manage work-life priorities as individuals and leaders.
Что Вы изучите?
  • How to support flexible work environments and better work-life integration.
  • Inclusive leadership behaviors that make you a more successful leader.
  • How to identify barriers to work-life effectiveness and create solutions.
Amelia Costigan
Amelia Costigan
Director, Information Center Catalyst
Amelia Costigan is a member of the Work Life Issues Specialty Team and the Catalyst Awards Team. In addition to answering reference questions from members, the media, academics, and the public, Ms. Costigan has also played an integral role in developing and updating numerous products and resources, including a line of India specific papers and tools including: First Step: India Overview, India: the Case for Gender Diversity, as well as three interactive toolkits Making Change in India Inc. addressing sociocultural barriers facing women in India today.
Liz Mulligan-Ferry
Liz Mulligan-Ferry
Director, Research Catalyst
Liz conducts research on many areas of diversity and inclusion, including corporate governance, talent management, organizational change, and work-life effectiveness. As a member of the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice, Ms. Mulligan-Ferry liaises with organizations about their institutional D&I efforts, creates Catalyst Practices—innovative organizational strategies that support diversity and inclusion—and manages the Catalyst Practices Recognition Program, a new, global model for recognizing innovative Practices. She also co-leads the internal Work-Life Issue Specialty Team.
Laura Sabattini
Laura Sabattini
Vice President, Research Catalyst
Laura Sabattini, Ph.D., has extensive expertise on issues of work-life effectiveness, talent management strategies, and barriers to women's workplace advancement, with a focus on global perspectives and variations. As Chair of the Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee, Dr. Sabattini heads an interdepartmental and cross-functional team that assesses global initiatives through multiple evaluation phases. The Committee considers a range of D&I and business approaches across industries.
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