Курс Gardening 101: Step by Step From Dream to Harvest!

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This is the gardening course is the first step for everyone that has ever wanted to dig their hands into the rich Earth and produce healthy, fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers and herbs, if they only knew where to start.

For the basic DIY fresh, organic, vegetable gardener under construction, this course is the start-from-scratch primer for anyone that wants to grow their own tomatoes or anything else. If you have a new community garden plot waiting to be planted but don't know where to start, this is it!

Here you will find detailed explanations that break the fundamental concepts of expert gardening down into basics that are easy to understand and apply. With video lectures, illustrations and links to other resources for further reading, this course opens the door to the world of gardening for the true beginner.

Take this course if you have two weeks, a weedy patch of dirt or a sunny window ledge, and a desire to have a relationship with the magic of life that also feeds us!

First Look: Welcome to Your Garden!
Soil Assessment: How to know what you're working with
Garden Inheritance
Learn what to look for as you choose or take over your garden plot. This can be perennial or annual plants that you might want to keep if they are assets to the garden that you want to have in the future. 
Mapping Your Garden
The basics of mapping your garden space, including taking note of traits like soil quality, slope, how you will access your garden, and how you will meet the basic needs of your garden like water sources and security.
Putting it on Paper: Garden Mapping
Some tools and strategies on how to document your garden, including materials that are helpful and convenient ways to remember what you planted and where. 
Clay, Sand or Silt: What do you have?
Assess Your Garden Soil: Inspect the soil with your hands and your other senses, looking for healthy soil and determining how to tell the difference between the soil particle sizes: Sand, Silt, and Clay. 
The Living Soil Up Close
Taking a look at soil that has been amended.  Learn to assess different materials you find in healthy soil like different insects and types of plant residues. 
Cover Crops
Benefits and Functionality of Cover Crops.  How and why to keep your soil covered including examples:  Sweet potato, peas, vetch, alfalfa. 
The characteristics of Annual Plants, including some visual examples from the garden. 
Perennials defined with visual examples and their role in your garden. 
  • Students need to be ready to dedicate time and space to their new garden, in addition to acquiring the right tools as described in Section 2.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Choose the right Garden Plot by assessing the Soil, Location and other characteristics
  • Prepare your Soil to support healthy, bountiful, resilient plants using natural, proven soil-building methods
  • Select the best seeds and plants for your garden based on your preferences and your specific location
ERay G
ERay G
Organic Farming Educator and Permaculture Designer

More about ERay: "Master of his Abundant Green Minions, Tomato Whisperer, Forest Listener and Other Stuff, too!"

I have been involved in agriculture my entire life. I grew up on a farm where I first learned to love everything green and then went on to undergraduate study in agriculture to fill in some of the science behind the plants I love. After college, I shared family and community food gardening with families in Ecuador as part of my time in the Peace Corps. Since then I have had my own garden in addition to volunteering with an elementary school garden program in the states for a few years.

After years of dreaming about it, I finally left my position as a high school teacher and went to Southern France to WWOOF for a summer where I worked with several different small scale organic farmers to grow beautiful produce in a beautiful country.

Since then I have become a serious student of Permaculture and completed my Permaculture Design Certificate course in Spring '13. I am a lifelong student and teacher of how we can improve our lives and our planet with agriculture.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned and I my passion for teaching makes my classes fun and informative.

More about who I am and my other projects:

My blog: The Future We Grow Today

twitter: @ERay_G

instagram: e_ray_g

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