Gain Leads and Colleagues with a Real Estate Website/Blog

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Want to know how to build a real estate website to make more money and grow your business? You've come to the right place. By the end of this course, you will have a real estate website /blog within a week.


By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to setup a website/blog
  • How to generate leads with content marketing
  • How to make money by building multiple streams of passive income with your site
  • A quarter of they way through the course you will have a site- then you will be well on your way to being one of the great real estate websites out there.

    You will be able to implement the "Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone" method

    I will also tell you some tactics that will allow you to do market research, lead generation and networking while contributing to your site at least twice a month and max 4x a month (once a week). This will take some of the skills you already posses as a great Real Estate Professional, just applied a bit differently.

    You Do Not Need to be a Techie

    Nor am I trying to make you one. Your time should be spend gaining leads, following up and networking.

    You do need to be willing to learn processes and a few new words and their meanings. Some of you have probably heard of SEO/Local SEO or SERP, if not, I will explain the basics. Being in the real estate business, I understand that you don’t want to spend the bulk of your time posting and writing (I can show you how and where to outsource for a reasonable price more on this inside course).

    To create real estate website and blog is not only a awesome way to gain leads, it will also allow you to develop a community. You can build a virtual team of Real Estate Professionals who you can connect with, share stories, services and market information. Once you learn the practices in these lectures you will market yourself as a expert in the industry and build trust with clients and colleagues.

    This Course is For:

    Real Estate Professionals who need a website/blog to generate leads, build relationships and create a foundation within their niche i.e. their geographic location and niche within the Real Estate Business.

    • Real Estate Agent Websites
    • Real Estate Investors Websites
    • Mortgage Broker Websites
    • Hard Money Lenders Websites

    How to Market Real Estate

    For the past decade more and more industries have moved there marketing funds to digital. The same is for the real estate industry, but more than just posting ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo, its about having an online presents. The site/blog that you will create is the strongest foundation for your real estate marketing strategies. We go into how you can create strategies using Local SEO, networking and content development to market yourself, your services and listings. You can post:

    • Commercial Real Estate Listings
    • Latest housing market news
    • Real Estate Advertising Ideas
    • Real Estate Marketing Product

    This course is NOT for

    • People who aren’t interested in building a online presents
    • People who shy away from networking online
    • Those who lack vision

    This course is designed to take you through the simple steps that it takes to become web/blog literate. We will touch on the terms, service and practices that you need to get the job done.

    Lets Build Real Estate Website!

    Why Should You Build a Real Estate Website and Your Vision
    Creating a Vision for you Real Estate Business Online
    Create a Vision For Your Online Business. Whats Yours?
    As you know nothing is executed well without vision. I want you to see what this information will do for you and your business when take action.You will be more connected and informed than ever before. Connecting with colleagues and clients will be 100% easier!I’ll go over the broad topics we’ll cover in the course, as well as review the supplemental material and assignments. I’ll also touch on why the course will help students, and what they’ll get out of it once they’ve completed it.
    What Will a Real Estate Website Do for Your Business?
    This assignment is just to get you thinking and putting thoughts to paper. Ask yourself, using some thoughts from the previous lecture, what can this do for my business?Think:Will this get me press as an expert? How?Will this keep my clients informed? entertainedWill this make my clients remember me?Also, Tweet me :)
    Importance of an Real Estate Online Presents (Statistics)
    Building an Additional Source of Income
    Branding: What Will Your Online Presence Say About Your Business?
    Logos, Images and Speed Matter
    Choose a Name that Reflects Your Business
    Branding! this is the fun part. If you took the time to write your business vision, you might have thought of branding along the way.If not, its okHere we are looking for a domain name.- We want to think of what part of the real estate business we represent.- Where we do business.
    We will go deeper in the lecture with tools and domain searching.
    Save Money: Get a Logo that works: Get it Done quickly and inexpensively
    Ok. You got a name. I will walk you through steps to getting a logo designed quickly and well.Apart of this lecture/Assignment will assist in finding a theme.
    Lets Pick a Site Theme: No Tech Experience Needed
    I will go through different themes that you can use, where to buy them and what you should look for when shopping for themes.
    Make Sure its Responsive: Themes
    Whats the most important element of your sites functionality?
    Putting the Pieces Together with a Little Back-End Work
    Wordpress, Hosting and Plugins
    • Willingness to Build Relationships with your Community, Clients and Colleagues
    Что Вы изучите?
    • Generate Leads to Make More Money
    • Build Multiple Streams of Income
    • To Foster Relationships with Local Professionals
    • To Build a Real Estate Website/Blog Community
    • To Retain, Build and Leverage Communication with Past and Future Clients
    RJ Bryan
    RJ Bryan

            Hey. Im originally from the UK, but I moved to New York City when I was just kid and feel in love with the city. After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, I went back to NYC to start my Real Estate business at Keller WIlliams. Soon after I wrote my 1st book and now I focus on helping people build their business online. 


      Online Business 

            Although I have a love for Real Estate, I grew a passion for online business. I saw that everything was going online, even the real estate business. Then I began developing content, marketing businesses and creating sites (with others and for myself). My favorite part of the online business is SEO, Keyword Research and Community Building. This is my main focus. 

      Real Estate 

            For the past 8 years I have gained experience in the Real Estate business from many sectors. I was an assistant for a residential mortgage broker, agent and hard money lender (which I still dabble in). I like Real Estate soon after leaving Keller Williams I varied more into online business. Why? because I like the freedom of creating something that an unlimited number of people can access, use, and share after I've only spent minutes or a few hours creating. 

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    Gain Leads and Colleagues with a Real Estate Website/Blog