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О курсе

Music. A beautiful form of art that many know to make, but only a few can MASTER.

I want to help you get to your next level of becoming a professional producer, with one of the most popular DAW's in the world: Steinberg's Cubase.

These days it doesn't take more than a computer to create the next hit, and the way to get there is not easy. I developed a guide that will help you get from a complete beginner to a complete professional in several hours.

So how will this course help you:

  • Learn the very basics and truly understand all the parameters, all the way to advanced techniques.
  • Write a song together from the beginning and going through all the steps.
  • Know shortcuts, troubleshooting, fast work with an emphasis on workflow.
  • Stop wasting time on useless videos and courses and learn what you REALLY NEED!
  • Learn all the easiest ways to compose fast, organized and efficient.
  • Become comfortable with Cubase and the usage of its parameters.
  • Free instruments, Drum maps, MIDI files, Kontakt Libraries and more

This course will focus on Instruments and MIDI:

  • Writing, installing and editing
  • Using all the different methods to write faster
  • Use any type of instrument with an ease
  • Additional guides and assistance with other important fields of knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's begin!

Understanding the purpose of the instruments and why do we need them
Beginning with the Instruments
Open, edit and start creating music
Writing Instruments- Cubase 10
Let's jump right in and start writing our first instrument
Midi Functions
See all the different controls you can make with the instrument after you wrote it
MIDI Drums
See how to write drums with the Groove Agent
The locators have several uses in Cubase, this lesson will cover all of them
Advanced Techniques
Deeper look at the instruments, Midi and tricks
  • Own Cubase (preferably 9)
  • A computer (PC or Mac)
  • Optional: Midi controller
  • Optional: Audio Interface
  • Optional: Computer keyboard with number pad
  • Optional: Headphones
Что Вы изучите?
  • Write songs
  • Add as many instruments as they want
  • Work fast and efficient
  • Become familiar with the software and it's components
  • Confidence with the use of instruments in Cubase
  • Learn how to deal with many troubleshooting
  • Understanding better principles in music and sound
  • Learn the mechanism and operation of key instruments
Tom Levin
Tom Levin
Sound Engineer

From a young age, I knew that music is what I'm going to do in life. I learned piano when I was 7, continued with guitar at the age of 14 and already started writing songs. This is when I knew I want to be a producer.

Music is my passion, a way of life, something that takes more than a degree (and believe me, I've been there). So I decided to make it more than just a passion, and help other people get to the place they want.

Took me 10 years to make courses and build a way that anyone can learn how to write music in less than 10 hours.

By all means, ask me anything, consult or even just chat! Music is connecting people, and musicians are the best friends!

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