Free Ultimate Beginners Guitar Lessons - Part 1

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Immediate results with this professionally designed step by step course
Develop guitar skills the right way for all styles of guitar playing
Impress your friends and family with the ability to play over 30 songs
Get the best start possible to continue with your playing
Know what guitar and pick is best for the beginner
How to identify the parts of an acoustic and an electric guitar
How to tune your guitar
How to read TAB
All the techniques you need to know to get you started on the right foot
See your playing progress daily which makes learning exciting
No boring exercises, learn the right way with songs
О курсе

Welcome to the Ultimate Beginners Guitar Lessons - Part 1. These are free guitar lessons for the beginner of any age. 

With these lessons you'll learn how to play guitar the right way, and see progression daily which always makes learning exciting, with over 4 hours and more than 50 lessons we guarantee you immediate results with this professionally designed step-by-step course that's fun and easy for all ages. You'll get everything you need to know as a beginner guitarist and discover how to play songs in minutes.

You will never feel rushed, get stuck or find a new skill too hard. With over 50 step-by-step lessons moving through each level is a breeze.

You will be playing your favorite songs straight away. With this new teaching method, each lesson is based around learning with songs to build and master all the techniques, so practice never feels like a chore.

You can learn anywhere, anytime on all platforms with access 24/7 and talk to an expert whenever you need, just leave a comment and we will get back to you with a quick response.

Your teacher Michael has been playing for 30 years and teaching one-on-one with students for 20, and over that time has seen the struggles beginners can have when they play guitar, so he developed a tried and tested step-by-step course for absolute beginners that will get the results you have always desired.

As An Added Bonus all the guitar lessons have multiple camera angles so you can see exactly what each hand is doing with onscreen TAB all with an easy to follow arrow with printable lesson materials so you can access them any time.

What you get in the course:

The first part you focus on the guitar fundamentals. Michael will start by talking you through selecting the best beginner guitar, guitar picks, guitar strap, guitar tuner and the best choices for you. You will learn the parts of an acoustic and an electric guitar and how to set up your amplifier.  

Michael will explore your correct posture, how to hold your pick and hand placement, correct guitar tuning techniques and all the skills a student needs to know before they start playing guitar. These steps are very important when first starting out and often overlooked by teachers with less experience.

Now the fun part.  We get straight into playing.  Michael knows you need to get a feel for the guitar first, so you start with reading TAB and playing on 1 string with 1 finger and we develop that skills with songs so you are playing straight away, from this point we take small steps learning new techniques and practising those skills with songs.  Using this method you'll be amazed at how fast you progress with your playing on an acoustic or an electric guitar. Learning a technique and applying that to songs is the best way to learn how to play guitar.

Michael has seen guitar for beginners courses that begin with chords and scales, this is simply wrong.  Through years of teaching beginners he understands it can be quite frustrating and takes a long time before you can see any progress in your playing because it is just too hard to start with these techniques. At essential guitar lessons we want you to get the right start. 

If you learn guitar the right way our step-by-step learning method will fast track your guitar playing by months as a beginner and years as you progress through to the advanced courses we have built. This is the best place to start for all beginners no matter what style of guitar playing you like.

"I've always loved teaching students how to play guitar and hope you enjoy this course as much as I did creating it."

Thanks Michael Warren - Creating Musicians Since 1997

I help you with all the equipment you need as a beginner
By the end of this section you'll know what guitar to buy for a beginner, what a pick is and what thickness to choose, how to put on your strap, what tuner, capo and stand to buy
Introduction to this free course and what to expect in these lessons
This guitar lesson will be a brief outline of what you’ll learn in the upcoming level, what guitar is best for a beginner, what pick, strap, tuner, capo and guitar stand to buy. In this video, we’ll do a checklist of all the equipment you need to start the lessons and get you ready to start playing guitar.

What guitar to buy as a beginner
This first guitar lesson Michael will help you choose your first guitar. We will look at a Nylon string acoustic a steel string acoustic and an electric guitar and will talk about the pros and cons to each one. He will dispel some myths about buying a guitar, talk about the style of guitar you enjoy listen to, the right size guitar for you and the action of the guitar, and finally we’ll listen to all 3 guitars and how they sound.
What pick to buy as a beginner and what it's used for
In this guitar lesson Michael will tell you what a guitar pick is and why we use one, the different thickness of the pick, what that means and which is best for you to learn how to play guitar.
How to put your guitar strap on
In this guitar lesson Michael will show you the different guitar straps you can buy, how the adjuster works, how to put it on your guitar, where and what the strap buttons are, where it sits on your body and how the string works if you only have one strap button, also why you should stand up and practice as well as sitting down as a beginner.
What tuner to buy as a beginner
In this guitar lesson Michael will show you two different tuners you can buy and a tuner app you can download for free onto your phone or tablet, and how each tuner picks up the sound of your guitar.
What capo to buy and what it does
In this lesson Michael will show you what a capo is, a basic run down of what it is made of, the different ones you can buy and the best one for a beginner guitarist, where to place it on your guitar and why we need to have one.
What is a guitar stand and why we use them
In this lesson Michael will show you some different guitar stands, why we use them, the one he prefers to use and some tips on where to place your guitar when you’re not using it.
Conclusion to what you need to buy as a beginner
In this lesson, we’ll do a checklist of all the equipment a beginner need to start playing guitar.
The anatomy of the guitar for beginners
By the end of this section you'll know all the parts to an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar with a whammy bar and one without and finish with the parts to your amp and how to set it up.
Introduction to the anatomy of the guitar
This guitar lesson will be a brief outline of what you’ll learn in the upcoming level, all the different parts to the acoustic and 2 different electric guitars and the parts to your amp and how to set it up. this is important for beginners to understand so they can easily relate to other guitarist.
The anatomy of an acoustic guitar
This guitar lesson will show you a detailed description of all the different acoustic guitar parts, starting at the top of the guitar and working down to the bottom, what they are called and what each part does. We’ll also have a look at an acoustic guitar that you can plug in and why it’s important for a beginner to know the parts when they play guitar.
  • No skills required
  • Borrow or purchase a guitar and picks which I will help you with
  • Practice Makes Perfect
Michael Warren
Michael Warren
Guitar Lessons For You Form A Professional Guitar Teacher
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