Foods for Thyroid Health: Stop Weight Gain & Feel Energetic

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Foods for Thyroid Health: Stop Weight Gain & Feel Energetic
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Foods for Thyroid Health: Stop Weight Gain & Feel Energetic
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Basics of thyroid anatomy, hormone production, function and how foods can impact thyroid health
What are the thryoid friendly foods and how to include those in your diet?
All about the thyroid friendly diet and how to plan thyroid meals for your health.
What lifestyle changes should be done to manage thyroid health in a better way?
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You may have heard many people saying that "You are What You Eat" as this quote is used a lot in day to day conversation. Some of you may believe in this and some may not. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, we designed this course for those who want to eat healthy proactively to avoid thyroid issues due to family history or for those who are dealing with thyroid health issues currently and want to take control of their health for better. 

Many experts and scientists claim that most of the modern health issues can be managed easily by eating the right type of foods. 

Imagine your life If you start eating only those food which are good for your specific situation.

Do you remember how healthy and fit you always felt until you were told about the thyroid health issues?

It doesn't matter what's your current personal situation as eating healthy can never go wrong.

So sign up for this course and start your healthy lifestyle journey with us. See you inside the video training!

Jay Author

Healthy Lifestyle Show Coach and Trainer

Introduction and Why Thyroid Health is Important
For some eating healthy comes naturally and for some it can be a struggle. No matter what your situation is, you can eat healthy if you have decided to do so. Everything starts with a thought. If you are ready to help yourself, we are here to support you.Like any other diet program, it is important that you talk to your doctor before changing foods as you may have some food allergies or you may not be allowed to eat certain foods due to any type of health issue. So please download our health disclaimer before taking this video training course.Our entire Healthy Lifestyle Show team and the coach Jay Author are here to support you. So please keep asking us the questions so that we can help you.Welcome on board and thanks for taking time to be part of this training.Eat healthy for better health,Jay Author, Healthy Lifestyle Champion, Podcaster and Trainer
Why Eat Thyroid-Friendly Foods
In life if you eat the right type of foods and exercise daily, you can enjoy life more. Like a car, our body needs the right type of fuel and oils and when we don't provide it, our body starts showing the breakdowns through various health challenges such as thyroid. Watch the video to learn all about the training framework so that you can get the best out of this video training. Remember to eat healthy to start enjoying healthier life.
Understanding Thyroid Function
The human anatomy is a difficult subject and we are going to just focus on the thyroid gland and its' function so that we can understand better about its impact on our health. The attachment is a step towards simplifying the concept and making it easier for you. Download the attachment and listen to video a few times because you will find how complex our body system is. We will try to keep everything simple and just focus on understanding the basics.
Endocrine System Overview
Thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system. There are many glands in the endocrine system and you can watch the video to learn all about it and also download the attachment to learn more about it.
Thyroid Hormone Production & Conversion
In order to understand the connection between the nutrients and the thyroid function, it is important to understand thyroid hormone production and its' conversion. How T4 thyroid hormone converts into T3 hormone and what happens when this conversion process gets impacted. Download the attachment to learn more about the thyroid hormone production and conversion.
Understanding Nutrients for Thyroid Health
We all know that nutrients are important for our health. But many a times we don't pay attention to how important it is for our body to function. Also how it impacts our thyroid function. What are the essential 26 nutrients which are needed for our body. Learn all about this here and also don't forget to download the attachment to learn more about the 26 essential nutrients.
What are the Signs of Thyroid Challenges
Please download the attachment to learn about the symptoms of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid.
Overview of the Lifestyle Modifications
In this video you'll learn about the lifestyle changes suggestions so that you can stop the weight gain and start feeling more energetic. Here are the suggestions and watch the video to learn more:1. Reduce stress
2. Sleep better
3. Exercise daily
4. Cut Coffee
5. Cut Gluten
6. Cut Calories to STOP Weight Gain
7. Increase water intake
8. Avoid snacking if you want to work on your weight - Correction: by mistake the presenter said smoking in the place of snacking.
9. Cut alcohol
10. Balance your blood sugar
11. Focus on your diet in a holistic way - Plan your meals to ensure you are eating thyroid-friendly foods.
12. Choose Low-GI Foods
13. Understand the difference between the acidifying foods and alkalizing foods and focus on alkalizing your body pH with alkaline foods.
14. Make your routine automatic - Learn to do healthy meal planningKeep watching the videos in this module and in the next module to learn more about these tips.
How to Reduce Stress
In this video you'll learn the techniques on how to reduce the stress naturally. Here are the suggestions: 1. Daily meditation for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning or any other time when you can do it.
2. Visualize your day ahead of time - Golf shot visualization technique where you visualize everything in your mind before hitting the golf ball. Your mind is very powerful and if you can visualize your day with more positive thoughts and positive energy, surprisingly you will behave more positive automatically and you may avoid stressful situations. Of course this needs practice and it needs to be done consciously first before it becomes your second nature.
3. Share your stressful situations with friends and family members as this is a quick way to get a different perspective because the other person is not emotional like you may be.
4. Deep Breathing
Watch the video to learn more...
  • Your willingness to learn about the thyroid diet.
  • Your active participation in following the thyroid friendly foods.
  • Consult with a health care provider before starting any diet.
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