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Have you ever worried about, or been diagnosed with, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer? Have you tried to lose weight, but failed? A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables is an excellent weapon for preventing and battling cancer, heart disease and obesity. It is a proven fact: cancer cells have 20 times more receptors for sugar then normal cells. If your diet is full of sugar, cancer will be more likely to get triggered and will grow faster.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to rely too heavily on powerful synthetic medicines to cure these ailments. Few think about changing their diets to combat them. But throughout the history of medicine doctors never made this artificial separation between food and medicine. Treating elevated blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes with synthetic chemical medications is a recent, and largely unsuccessful, trend. You simply cannot prevent disease or restore health by taking pills.

In this course I teach you how to rethink every dietary choice and its impact on your health. You need this foundational knowledge to evaluate nutritional and medical claims and to design – and stick to – the food plan that is best for you.

The course explains the key role of each nutritional building block for healthy cells. It consists of 10 short lectures, each about 10 to 15 minutes long.

The first lecture is on proteins. Amino acids are building blocks for proteins. You break down the proteins in your foods into individual amino acids in your digestive tract. These amino acids are then absorbed into your blood stream and sent to all of your cells. The cells then construct from these amino acids the exact proteins they need for cell health.

The second lecture is about fats. Your body requires fat to function, but there are good and bad dietary fats and you will learn to select the best ones for your health.

Lecture three is about “simple” and “complex” carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. The body and brain need a steady dose of sugars, but simple carbs can wreak havoc with your health. In this lecture you will learn about the best foods to supply the carbs you need.
Your body needs vitamins and minerals to get all your other nutrients to where they can do their jobs in your cells.

In lecture four you will learn about the best fruits and vegetables you can select as sources of vitamins, minerals, fibers and sugar.

Every few months a new diet makes a big splash in the media, promising instant health and weight reduction. Most of these diets are hazardous to your health, and diets cannot provide long-term weight reduction. In lecture five you will learn about the pros and cons of today’s most popular diets, and how you can design your own eating plan to maintain optimum health and body weight.

Lecture six is about your “healthy plate”. It explains exactly what you should and should not put on your plate – and the right portion sizes - to make sure that you maximize your nutrients consumption to keep your body healthy and to restore health when struck with cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

Lectures 7, 8 and 9 are about structure and function of the digestive tract and it importance in overall health of your body and its cells. You will learn how a malfunctioning digestive tract will prevent absorption of nutrients, starve your cells, lead to disease, and prevent recovery.

Finally, in lecture 10 you will learn what happens to all the nutrients in your food once they get absorbed from the digestive tract into your blood stream. The emphasis will be on how you use these nutrients to build, protect, restore and repair your cellular structures to heal yourself and keep yourself in optimum health.

Some foods are not discussed in my lectures. For example: cookies, cakes, chips or French fries are not considered food, because they have so few nutrients and so much sugar that they can make you sick and keep you sick - you will be much better without them. Also, there are no canned foods on my “healthy plate”. Food from cans and jars has few vitamins, but is full of preservatives and coloring agents that may contribute to coronary disease, cancer. Long term health and vitality are out of questions if cookies, candy, ice cream and canned vegetables/fruit are part of your regular diet.

I hope to see you in my course. Here’s to your health.

Overview and Goals for this Course
General overview of the course.Llecture explains why it is important to eat healthy and not to rely on drugs.Healthy food and healthy digestive tract are key ingredients for your cellular and overall health
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Что Вы изучите?
  • At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify the four main groups of food you must put on your ‘healthy plate,’
  • Understand clearly in plain words the necessity of each of these food groups to your overall health, so that you will never forget why you need them all;
  • Understand clearly the basic structure of your digestive tract and how your food is digested and absorbed into the blood stream and circulated to every cell in your body;
  • Understand clearly why deficiency or excess of any one of the basic food groups will cause ill health;
  • Understand clearly how weaknesses and diseases of your digestive tract will affect your health by preventing your nutrients from getting to your cells for cell restoration and repair;
  • Evaluate medical and nutritional claims and treatment programs;
  • Design your perfect food plan for disease prevention, cell restoration and optimum health – a disease free, low stress, high energy life.
Veronica Waks M.D., N.D.
Veronica Waks M.D., N.D.
Naturopathic Physician

About Dr. Veronica Waks

Dr. Veronica Waks specializes in the complementary treatment of breast cancer. She provides supportive treatment for breast cancer patients who have been treated with chemotherapy and radiation and suffer side effects of treatment. She also counsels cancer patients and their families on cancer prevention and health restoration after cancer treatment. Her office in Fairfield Connecticut is located at the Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center, where she interacts daily with other physicians, oncologists and surgeons.

Dr. Waks brings to her medical practice 15 years of experience in both allopathic and alternative therapies. Prior to earning her doctorate in naturopathic medicine, she received her MD degree from the Vladivostok Medical University and practiced internal and family medicine. Upon her arrival in the United States Dr. Waks passed her United States Medical License Exams and obtained a United States Foreign Medical Certificate. While practicing conventional medicine Dr. Waks became concerned about the negative side effects and interactive effects of many standard pharmaceutical and surgical treatments, and initiated personal study of natural and alternative treatments. Instead of pursuing a conventional medical career Dr. Waks attended the naturopathic medical school at the University of Bridgeport, and now practices exclusively as a naturopathic physician.

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Waks combines a contemporary naturopathic approach to healing with the keen insights of a medical doctor. She believes illness often results from the body's reaction to a stressful, toxic environment and unwise lifestyle choices, and can therefore be prevented and treated by conscious life-style choices. She believes further that healing begins with the client's own commitment to rebuild health and vitality through significant and lasting life-style changes: eating a healthy diet, exercising, and managing stress in professional life and personal relationships. Dr. Waks' practice centers upon raising the client's awareness and active involvement in preventing illness and initiating and maintaining the healing process to restore optimum health. She uses the latest techniques of botanical, physical, and behavioral medicine.

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