Курс FL Studio Hardstyle Production Hard Dance Music Production

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О курсе

I recommend to have already a basic knowledge about FLStudio, or any other DAW you are going to use to follow my tutorial.

I won't focus on melody or music theory parts. This Tutorial is about sounddesign, layering leads, building up a structure of track, mixing leads and sounds together, using FL-Stock- or free-plugins to let your leads sound  better.

I am making the tutorial track from scratch. I just prepared the melody, chords and baseline

You will learn how to build up a track out of a melody. Started at the Intro and ending up into a climax.

You will get my own Sylenth1 Soundbank and I will show you how to make screeches at sylenth1.

You will get a Sample Pack filled with Claps, snares, uplifters, downlifters, fillers,  atmosphere stuff and many more.

You will get a Reverse Bass Sample and a full pitched Hardstyle Kick.

Making the Track
Introduction into the Template & Layering preparation
  • A basic knowledge about FL-Studio
  • You need Sylenth1, atleast the Demo (Serum/Massive possible aswell, added presets for it, but tutorial is based on Sylenth1)
  • Camelphat
  • Nexus Basic Pack(If you dont have it,its fine, I added an alternate way for it)
Что Вы изучите?
  • Create your own Hardstyle track
  • Create Automation Clips to controll parts of your Track
  • Building the structure of a track
  • How to fill up the track
  • How to make screeches with Sylenth1
  • How to use Samples to fill intros/buildups/dropps
  • How to make effect kicks
  • How to make reversed/reverb effects to introduce sounds or parts of a track
  • How to make FX(Effect)Chains on a sample to create new sounds
Music Producer

I am Kim from Germany. I am studying audio engineering and going to be a Hard Dance Music producer.

During the last years I almost spent all the time I got making music and doing sounddesign.

I focused on my own music, some remixes and rework tracks, they were already made.

Since I know how hard it is finding a point to start. I am really passionate about teaching my knowledge in Music Creation, especially the part of hard dance music.

I give you the possibility to learn by my tutorials and ofcourse I will give you the possibility to ask me any questions you got about Hard Dance Music.

Since  i went thirteen hardstyle became an important part of my life. And it will ever be.

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