Firewall IPCOP - Installation and configuration

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If you are a network administrator, engineer, technician or trainee in systems, network, security of informations or anyone who's looking for knowledge, this course is for you!

This course about the firewall IPCOP is the most important and recommended opensource firewall by many engineers of network and systems.
If you need to secure your network this firewall is one of the best solutions in firewalling.


Please to install GNS3 and VirtualBox or VMware workstation on your PC to get started and for better experience.

This is 100% Opensource Operating system; a Linux Distribution; complete, configured, and ready to protect your network.

distributed under the GNU General Public License , complete source ready to be downloaded from the official Web Site of IPCOP or from the second video of this course.

In this course we are using the version 2.1.8.

If you are a student you can enroll this course for free, contact me.

  • Basic knowledge in TCP/IP and security
  • Basics knowledge in VirtualBox or VMware
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understanding the Basics Functions of Firewall
  • Implement and deploy Firewall IPCOP and secure the private network
  • How to build your own Firewall with lowest cost
  • How to configure VPN site-to site and remote access
  • How to publish your own Website on the Internet
Oussama Zoumi
Oussama Zoumi
IT Network Engineer

Information Technology is not just a domain for me, it's a "life style"

Making decisions and manage company's resources is a big challenge i'm always ready to take.

Strong knowledge in ISP's Infrastructure.

Working on several projects.

Certified: ITILv3 / CCNA R&S / CCNP ROUTE / Microsoft Windows Server 2008 70-410.

Follow me to take you with me to the future.

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