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The purpose of this course is to expand your blues picking skills and also to broaden your repertoire of blues chords.
You will learn Windy and Warm by John Loudermilk
You will learn the blues chords for a simple Gary davis picking style in the key of C
You will Watch Over Me by Guy Davis
You will learn Brown Skin Woman by Sam Chatmon
You will learn a blues in E in the style of Lightnin' Hopkins
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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Blues Chords:  Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Chords : Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Patterns Blues

This courses provides tuition in several diverse blues guitar finger picking styles, and also gives the opportunity to learn complete songs - advice is also given about singing at the same time. 

Artists covered - Lightnin' Hopkins, John Loudermilk, Gary Davis, Sam Chatmon and Guy Davis. 

The acoustic blues guitar masters had an enormous influence on generations of modern guitarists - the acoustic swing blues of Broonzy, for example, became the electric style of Muddy Waters, then Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 

The starting point fo any guitar picker wanting to play any kind of blues is to study the techniques of the original blues guitar players, to see how they put their music together and to appreciate how their fingers produced so much rhythm and syncopation onj a relatively simple instrument like the acoustic guitar. 

This basic course covers several basic guitar finger picking styles, and my approach is to show you just one thing - anyone can play the blues guitar with the right tuition, time and practice - it's all up to you. 

Each guitar lesson includes in-video guitar tablature, discussion about technique and slow motion demonstrations of both hands. This course is a great primer for my other blues guitar lessons, which cover all of the major guitar  picking styles from most famous blues men of old.

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Basic Blues Finger Picking In The Key Of E - Lightnin' Hopkins Style
The blues in E is probably the most played, and for this reason is at the same time easy to play, and challenging! It's simple chord structure means that it's quick to learn in it's basic form, but if we simplify it too much, it can be quite boring. In this video I take a look at the playing of Lightnin' Hopkins, Texas blues master, and how he approached the key of E. 
Windy and Warm by John D Loudermilk
Of course, John D wasn't an old black blues man, but his tune Windy and Warm is such a finger picking standard, that I thought it would be fun to include it. It starts in Am and you should approach it with light a touch, keeping the speed down to a leisurely 'drawl'.
Brown Skin Woman by Sam Chatmon
Sam Chatmon is one of those so-called 'minor' blues men who had a huge impact on future generations. In his song Brown Skin Woman, we can hear a kind of disco boogie beat on the bass strings which has been copied by hundreds.It's played in dropped D and he really snaps those strings!
The Magic Thumb Of Reverend Gary Dvis
Gary Davis was the undisputed master of all styles of acoustic guitar picking. The truly remarkable thing was that he only used one finger and a thumb to produce those great sounds.His thumb was almost magical in it's movements, and this video examines one aspect of his technique in the key of C.
Watch Over Me - Guy Davis
Often modern blues songs don't have the authenticity of the old songs, but with 'Watch Over Me' Guy Davis nails it!Davis takes a basic structure in E and very tastefully weaves some interesting riffs around this very real sounding blues song - try it with loads of feeling!Jim
  • Acoustic guitar. You should be familiar with common blues chords structure and progressions.
Jim Bruce
Jim Bruce
Blues Guitar Lessons
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