Financial Decision Making

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Need a career boost? Every business depends on the acumen of its financial leaders. Learn to make profitable financial decisions from UMGC professors who have been distance educators since the birth of the Internet. This course is designed for anyone interested in improving their decision making skills.

In this first MicroMasters course in Accounting and Financial Management, you will gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of financial accounting, finance, and managerial decision making. This course investigates financial decision making in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Emphasis is on the application of financial and nonfinancial information to a wide range of managerial decisions, including the time value of money, financial analysis, budgeting, incremental analysis, long-term planning and cost-volume-profit analysis. A variety of decision-making tools (such as break-even analysis, activity-based costing procedures, and discounted cash flow techniques) are studied. Contemporary managerial practices are explored.

This course is part of the Accounting and Financial Management MicroMaster’s program from UMGC. Upon completion of the program and receipt of the verified MicroMaster’s certificate, learners may then transition into the full UMGC Master’s Program in Accounting and Financial Management without any application process or testing. See the MicroMasters program page for more.

Financial Decision Making
Learn how corporate leaders make effective decisions to maximize profitability and achieve strategic organizational goals.
Financial Decision Making
Learn how corporate leaders make effective decisions to maximize profitability and achieve strategic organizational goals.
Что Вы изучите?
  • How to perform basic financial analyses to support decision-making
  • The role financial decisions play in the overall management function
  • Methods for applying financial and non-financial information to management decisions
  • The relationship between risk and return in publicly-traded corporations
  • How to apply discounted cash flow techniques to compare projects costs
Sharon L. Levin
Sharon L. Levin
Chair and Professor of Accounting and Financial Management University of Maryland Global Campus
Dr. Sharon Levin has taught business and accounting courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels both face-to-face and online since 1989. She earned a B.A from the University of Maryland in 1979, M.B.A from Loyola University in 1992, and doctorate from The George Washington University in 1999. In addition, Dr. Levin passed the October 1988 CPA exam on the first attempt.
Galit Kushnier, M.S.
Galit Kushnier, M.S.
Instructor University of Maryland Global Campus

Galit Kushnier earned a BA in Mathematics from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 1993, and an MS in Accounting and Financial Management from UMGC in 2017. She has also acted as Assistant Teacher in face-to-face and online courses at the graduate level. Galit has been teaching accounting classes since 2019. She works at a small accounting firm in Maryland.

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Financial Decision Making