Курс Fight Dis-ease! Don't Feed It

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Learn how to improve fight dis-ease with holistic nutrition.

Build a Strong Knowledge Base on the Subject of Nutrition

Learn how to ward off sickness by eating healthier

Obtain holistic health strategies that are attainable, effective and long-lasting.

Discover natural ways to improve your health

Learn the difference between physical hunger and physiological hunger

Learn all about conscious/mindful eating

To embark upon a holistic approach to nutrition takes courage. It may cause you to step away from lifelong habits, family traditions, and maybe even cultural behaviors. 

This class is appropriate for all learning levels with 5 lectures and 30 minutes of content. This course will arm you with the tools you need to lose weight, eat healthier, have more energy and fight dis-ease. You'll study all about holistic nutrition and establish a solid understanding of how to implement it into your own lifestyle to improve your current health status.

Each section is comprised with a short exercise, putting your newly learned skills into practical use, instantly.

This course will teach you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.

Upon completion, you will gain a strong understanding of holistic nutritional health practices that will change your life.

Students completing this course will be able to improve their health with all natural and drug free remedies. Also, you will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Get an understanding from the introductory video to what you will learn in the course.
Answer 3 questions regarding ways to fight dis-ease.
7 Nutrition Health Practices
Learn 7 different holistic nutrition practices.
Eat foods that are high in phytochemicals
In this section, learn about the 6 tastes of life.
Colored Food Chart
A list of foods to eat that is associated with specific colors to improve your health.
Bonus Lecture on Nutrition
BONUS LECTURE!!! Important Nutrition information...
Nutrition Health Practices Quiz
Answer 3 questions on Nutrition Health Practices.
Limit Sugar Intake
Learn quick and easy ways to limit your sugar intake.
Track Your Added Sugar Intake
Learn how to track your sugar intake using certain methods.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course
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  • Enjoy better health
Susanna K Green
Susanna K Green
Holistic Wellness Coach

Hi! I'm Susanna Green-Sawyer. Throughout the years, I've had a plethora of interests and a variety of entrepreneurial careers; Cosmetologist/Instructor, Relaxation Massage Therapist, Publisher/Editor, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Certified Holistic Nutrition Professional.

I've been a Licensed Cosmetologist for over 25 years. Within that time, I became a celebrity stylist with my own Mobile Spa Company for eight of those years. I called it, Sassy's Satin Hands. (A few of my celebrity clients include, Queen Latifah, 50 Cent, Bernie Mac, Debbie Allen, Rose McGowan, Mia Hamm, Ted Turner, Christina Aguilera, Kathy Baker, Liz Phair, etc). I'd still be servicing my clients on their movie sets today if Hurricane Katrina had not destroyed my hometown, New Orleans in 2005.

But, I believe everything happens the way it's supposed to. I then, was lead down a different path. In 2010, I became an author and then founded my Publishing Company, Sweet Nectar Publishing. We help authors get published by offering publishing packages as well as a la carte services, such as editing, formatting, custom book cover design, book trailers, etc. I am thrilled because I have repeat clients who rave about my company.

In 2011, I pursued another passion of mine and became certified with the Usui Reiki System and then began practicing. Along with my interest in Reiki came other related interests; such as Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy and other Holistic Therapies. Colour Therapy goes hand in hand with Reiki as it all relates to the chakra system.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Professional with many specialty certificates. My objective is to empower my clients to reach their health and wellness goals. I work with all ages and fitness levels. My specialties are Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Management, Stress Management and Smoking Cessation. I'm also a Reiki Master Teacher, a Relaxation Massage Therapist and a Holistic Wellness Coach.

I'm on a beautiful wellness journey. My interests are all things natural. I'm an advocate for the holistic lifestyle and am convinced, I'm healthier because of my commitment.

I am a devoted and caring coach striving to help individuals work toward a healthier lifestyle by motivating them through nutrition, fitness and many other healthy lifestyle changes.

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Fight Dis-ease! Don't Feed It