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Have you ever been part of a feedback conversation that didn’t go very well? One that didn’t seem to have a purpose or plan? One that seemed grounded in critique instead of growth?

Yeah? Me too. The ability to give and receive feedback in an impactful, respectful, and truly helpful way is so important to being successful in our jobs, yet many people struggle with this fundamental skill.  Many people find it so difficult to give feedback that they avoid it entirely, and they are terrified of receiving feedback.  When feedback is avoided, however, bad behaviors are never corrected, workplace resentments grow, and people are left to wonder whether they’re doing a great job or a terrible job.

In this course, the Udemy L&D team shares some top tips on how to improve your experience with feedback, both giving it and receiving it!

In “Feedback is Fuel” you will:

  • Establish a framework for giving all kinds of feedback (SBI Model)
  • Identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW to give feedback
  • Develop a growth mindset associated with giving and receiving feedback
  • Reduce the fear and anxiety associated with giving and receiving feedback

In this course you will not only learn a framework for giving impactful affirmative and constructive feedback that people at all levels can use, you will practice having feedback conversations with real workplace scenarios and learn practical tips on how to receive feedback.  I'm thrilled to invite you to be a part of this engaging online training!

Welcome to the course
Activity Part 1: Your favorite feedback moment
Activity Part 2: Your favorite feedback moment
Activity recap
Giving Feedback: Feedback is Fuel
We've all been there...
Feedback is Fuel
Giving Feedback: Helpful frameworks
SBI - Situation, Behavior, Impact
Affirming & constructive feedback
Feedback is Fuel steps
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.For the best learning outcome, you should complete the activities in the course and practice with your colleagues.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Establish a framework for giving all kinds of feedback (SBI Model)
  • Identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW to give feedback
  • Develop a growth mindset associated with giving and receiving feedback
  • Reduce fear and anxiety associated with giving and receiving feedback
Shelley Osborne
Shelley Osborne
VP of Learning at Udemy

Shelley Osborne is passionate about creating corporate learning cultures that enable continuous skills development and nurture a growth mindset to drive employee engagement and company performance. She has over fifteen years of experience across the education, consulting, and corporate sectors.

Currently, Shelley is the Vice President of Learning at Udemy, where she leads the company’s learning strategy and continuous upskilling of employees globally. In her work, she often leverages innovative technologies and fresh approaches like virtual reality and gamification to drive lasting engagement. Before Udemy, Shelley was the Vice President of Learning & Development at Farside HR Solutions, where she advised early- and late-stage companies on learning and talent strategy, skill development and leadership programs. Before moving into the professional learning and development space, Shelley had a successful career as a classroom teacher in Canada for almost a decade.

Shelley speaks regularly at industry events such as TEDWomen, ATD International Conference, DevLearn, and Unleash. She contributes to numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Shelley has also provided expert commentary in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Cheddar TV, Inc., and more. Drawing from her experience, Shelley is the author of an upcoming McGraw Hill book, The Upskilling Imperative: Five Ways to Make Learning Core to the Way We Work, which is slated for Summer 2020 release and examines how companies can create, implement, and maintain thriving learning cultures.

Udemy Learning Team
Udemy Learning Team
Udemy Learning Team

Udemy's Learning Team, led by Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning, works to create best-in-class learning experiences, both internally for Udemy employees, and externally, for Udemy students.

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