Курс Extended Range Bass Volume 3 Technique For 6 String Bass

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* This volume is created to resolve all problems with the 6 Str. Bass as:

* 6 String bass full coverage Step-By-Step Guide

* Muting strings technique

* Hammer on & Pull-off

* Way to expand Your rhythm with eights with accents

* Technical examples to work and have good connection with all fingers on the left hand

* Association with the fingerboard and the stuff

* Side-reading Improvement

* Solution how to write and recognize the higher range of the instrument

* Playing With playback and simulating a music band

* Unlimited option to play every playback example in any key, any style and any BPM Tempo

* All examples are with written fingerprints, strings and shifting

  • Good Music basic background and 5 or 6 string bass
  • The student have to know & read a bass clef
  • Good motivation and desire to learn and expand knowledge
Что Вы изучите?
  • Once the student finish the course he will have expanded his knowledge for the instrument. Low, mid & high range
  • Will have very good bass technique and knowledge that will give him for sure more confidence
  • Able to play technical examples and to expand his rhythm ability
  • Able to play with playback & training as a simulated music band
  • Ability to play Intervals all over the fingerboard
  • Available to play independently all fingers on the left hand
  • Recognize the range, positions and notes and make connection with the staff
  • Will improve hid sight reading
Vinnie Venkov
Vinnie Venkov
The Life is Like a Jazz You have everything inside

Vinnie Venkov was born in 1967 in Sofia,Bulgaria.
He entered The Bulgarian State Conservatory and graduated in 1993, majoring in bass guitar.
His second instrument is a Double Bass.
In 1994 he received his Music Master's Degree 
Additional Courses & Teachers:

John Patitucci - Double Bass Course Online, 

Alain Caron - Participated in 2 Workshops 

Rimon (Israel) - Arnon Palti, Ariel Volnitz, Yorai Oron

Eran Zilberberg - Private Lessons
Bulgarian Music Academy - Simeon Venkov, Georgi Georgiev

Experience In Canada 

Toronto Experience - Afro Fest 

In July 2018  he was invited to join a new Afro band in Toronto. The concert taken a place at the Woodbine park and there was more than 3000 people.

Blues Band 

In 2018 Vinnie was invited also from another Blues band and he is a member already less than a year. He play with them already 2 concerts.

Boom Jazz Band

In 2017 Vinnie was invited to be a member of the new Jazz Band. With this band he peform in very pop places like Nobody Talk To Colonel, Bar 120.

River Jazz Band

In 2017 his band was invited and he anticipated in Music Jazz Festival 2017

In the last 3 years Vinnie met musicians like:
Igor Babic, John Collin, Janaia Farrell, Sergei Krutik, Alex Zlotnik, Alex Severinets, Sasha Boychuk, Jose Hernandez and many others.

In march 2016 

Vinnie was invited to join the Band Kleyzmerenians and played with them 2 concerts.

In the summer of 2014, 

he was invited in a new jazz band in Toronto in which he organized weekly concerts for a year. In that place, he played an important role in the creation of important contacts and meetings of many popular jazz musicians in Toronto. 

Experience In Israel

Tel Aviv Jazz Festival 2007
In February 2007 He was invited with Ilia Perelstein Trio and Robert Anchipolovsky to The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival 2007. 
This is his third time on Jazz Festival. 

Jazz, Blues and Videotape Tel Aviv 2002 
Some months later he was invited by another new Group, Taxijazz,with whom he has played until now.
 In 2002 He was invited with Taxijazz to The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival called
’’Jazz,Blues and Videotape"(This was the first group in the Festival that used video while playing).

The Jazz Festival Ashdod 2001 
In 2001 he was invited to Jazz Festival Ashdod organized by the famous musician Leonid Ptashka.
There he played with Ivan Kolev, a famous Bulgarian folk Musician,
playing jazz and Bulgarian folk together.

In February 1997 Vinnie emigrated to Israel and 
3 months later he received a 75% scholarship from Rimon School, based on Berklee College of Music.

CD Recorded

With Gospel Band Emmanuel recorded 2 CD's
After 2003  Taxijazz invited him and  for the next 7 years recorded 3 CD's
In 2003 he recorded two CD's with Arik Strauss in the Latin and Fusion Styles.
Year later Vinnie was invited to another Gospel project and recorded 1 CD with the canadian musician Andre Villneuve. 
In 2013 Vinnie was invited from his father in the band Jazz Trio + X,
the CD include original Vinnie's compisitons and his father Simeon Venkov.

In 2004 Vinnie build his group ''River Band" months later he did
some concerts with his band in different formations, trio,quartet and quintet.
In the same year, Vinnie was invited by Ari Erev in another jazz project
"Jazz from The Heart", dedicated to legendary Jazz Piano Player Bill Evans.
In February 2007 Robert Anchipolovsky invited him in another project.
It's Sextet with three alto saxes.
There he met Jamie O'Donnell alto sax,from UK.
Also in the same time began to play in another project with Dudi Sofer,piano player.
In 2014 organized his new band River Jazz Band created for
Event Planning Services as Jazz Parties, Bar Mitzwot, Birthdays, Corporate events and receptions.

International Gospel Experience 1997-2014
For 15 years, he has member in another Gospel Project, with whch he went on musical Tours in Canada, Holland, Ukraine and Switzerland USA - In Swiss he was at one of the biggest Gospel Festival In Europe and perform before more than 7000 people.
For the past 17 years, Vinnie has played more than 500 concerts in respected places all over Israel.
In 2012 he was invited to a very important conference which took place in Grantham, Pennsylvania.
The gospel forum MJAA collect Jewish musicians from across North America.
In 2013 Vinnie was invited as well.

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