Evolution of the Human Sociality: A Quest for the Origin of Our Social Behavior

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Through the process of evolution, animals have developed their biological features and their cultures based on their surrounding environments. How we live our lives today is a direct result of features developed from our primate ancestors as they adapted to new environments.

In primatology, it is essential to think about how cultural development and biological natures are inseparable.

This course will help you rediscover the process of evolution and will introduce primatological studies conducted by researchers at Kyoto University, Japan. Based on carefully conducted research on primate species, we will explore the origins of human beings and provide you with examples of common similarities between human beings and non-human primates.

We will analyze basic features, such as foraging, mating, aggression, and communication from the primatological viewpoint. Furthermore, cultural and social aspects of human society, from the formation of family groups to community activities, will be considered thoroughly, in comparison to those of monkeys and apes.

Our goal is to broaden your view of humans to a wider extent and think dynamically about your biology in terms of human evolution. Through acquiring knowledge of basic primatology in this course, you will establish a viewpoint to think and discuss the evolutionary process of human, and human society, in conjunction with those of our close relatives.

Evolution of the Human Sociality: A Quest for the Origin of Our Social Behavior
Learn about the origins of human beings and primatology, the scientific study of primates.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Basic concepts and scientific evidence of primatology
  • The process of human evolution in conjunction with those of primates.
  • Ability to discuss the process of human evolution through the history of primate evolution
Juichi Yamagiwa
Juichi Yamagiwa
President Kyoto University
As a world-renowned researcher and expert in the study of primatology, Juichi Yamagiwa served as Professor and Dean of Graduate School and Faculty of Science, followed by inauguration as the President of Kyoto University in 2014. Dr. Yamagiwa’s passion for fieldwork research frequently made him travel to the land of Africa, such as Gabon, DR Congo, where he discovered an abundance of new findings related to gorillas, through his unique viewpoint of evolution. His hobbies include lingala pop music and dance.
Shun Hongo
Shun Hongo
Researcher, Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Shun Hongo is a primate behavioral ecologist at the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University. He has worked in a tropical forest in Gabon since 2009 for his research on society and ecology of mandrills and received his Ph. D. from Kyoto University in 2016. He assists in designing and conducting this course as a subject matter expert.
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