Курс Essentials of Sports Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements

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This program isn't just for the intermediate bodybuilders and athletes who need to know about their proteins and supplements but for any individual who wants to learn about basics of healthful foods.

This program explains about why various individuals want to exercise and also about basics terms like basal metabolic rate, fat percentage and lean body mass along with details about dietary proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You will get a clear explanation to questions like “why the food we eat causes obesity and ailments like diabetes?” and motivate the students for understanding of foods that aid in fat loss.

The students must be aware of very basic terms like amino acids, triglycerides, proteins et cetera but there is no requirement to know advanced biochemistry of food to enroll into this course as every lecture commences with objectives and explains basic terminology. The lectures are also useful for advanced professionals as all the fundamental information is summed up in few minutes.

The lectures are AV presentations and these explain about macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration, bodybuilding supplements including but not limited to proteins, weight gaining stacks, meal replacements and pre-workout supplements.

The pre-workout and post-workout nutrition profiles have also been differentiated according to the goal of the sportsman. Special emphasis has been given to the safe usage of the supplements and risks involved in using sports supplements have also been highlighted wherever necessary.

There lectures are divided into smaller videos and the program can be completed in 4 hours. This course will strongly impact the lives of the students interested in achieving muscular growth. Students will also gain insight on components of everyday food items and gain logic to evaluate the bodybuilding supplements.

The lectures are easy to understand and there is support for answering any kind of queries from the students enrolled in this program.

Sports Nutrition Program
Explain the terms linked with nutrition and supplements. Count the macronutrients and micronutrients and create a diet plan based on the goals of bodybuilder or athlete.
Introduction to Sports Nutrition & Client Objectives
This chapter defines the need for learning sports nutrition and psychology of various individuals that would approach you for diet solutions.
Chapter 2 - Lean Body Mass & BMR

All the calculations of the nutrients are based on these two basic terms - lean body mass and the pace of the body metabolism.

Understanding Dietary Proteins

This chapter explains about types of proteins, what should be the preferences to get protein and gives reasons to why plants aren't the right sources of the protein for the man.

Fine Tuning Carbohydrates - Part A

This tutorial explains about types and sources of carbohydrates, why these are crucial for muscle building, health and recovery and who to blame for diabetes?

Fine Tuning Carbohydrates - Part B
The Part B is just in continuation of Part A.
Fats Aren't the Enemy - Part A

Fats have been defamed from decades and considered bad for health. This chapter explains how to choose the right fats and which foods give the right quality of fat.

Fats Continued

This tutorial is in continuation of first part about fats.

Macro-effects of Micronutrients

Importance of micronutrients for bodybuilders and their roles in normal body function.

Antioxidants & Hydration

This tutorial will tell about speeding up the recovery and way to combat the stress rising on account of weight training.This chapter also explains about importance of water when training.

Bodybuilding Supplements Part A

This lecture answers questions like "How to choose the right protein supplement?", "What are the types of protein supplements?" and "Which supplement you should buy?"

Bodybuilding Supplements Part B

Learn about supplements stacks that never fail. Know which supplements you should take before and after workout and role of every supplement in your pre-workout meal.

  • Students must know basic terminology related to food like 'calorie'.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Create Sports Nutrition Diet Plan
  • Create Your Own Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Stack
  • Choose the right supplement
  • Define their fitness goals
  • Evaluate everyday diet
  • Kill myths related to diet and supplements
Mandhir Arora
Mandhir Arora
Sports nutrition consultant and a knowledge fountainhead

My name is Mandhir and I run a successful nutrition clinic and formulate supplements for nutraceutical companies. After studying pathology and medicine for almost 5 years, I realized that there is one fundamental cause spreading obesity and sickness and the food habits have a major role to play in this epidemic. I was interested in bodybuilding and supplements when I was 12 years old. I have evaluated the role of supplements and closely monitored the practices of the supplement manufacturers for over 7 years.

The understanding of human anatomy and physiology has helped me to understand the diet plans and to prescribe bodybuilding supplements to individuals with different needs. I have lived nutrition and my connoisseur for sports nutrition will most likely help people to change the way they perceive everyday food and bodybuilding.

My colleagues always tell me that I always want to share something with them and my other interests include naturopathy, conventional medicine, pharmacology, writing, travel, logical thinking and solving puzzles.

I have helped hundreds of clients and many of them are my friends now.

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Essentials of Sports Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements