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Principles of making computer music
Basic usage of GarageBand
How to perform musical instruments on a computer, acquire the technical skills required
Methods and techniques for recording, editing, and exporting
О курсе

-Course Introduction-

    Let's make cool music on computer with GarageBand! While playing sounds including drums, basses and pianos with your computer, you will learn about the characteristics of each instrument. A professional composer will explain you the techniques of making music, from how to adjust the sound range, sound intensity and tempo, to record, play and edit your musics.

    In this course you will learn the basics of computer music in three chapters and acquire the skills to create your own BGM (Background Music).

    Do not worry if you don’t have any musical knowledge neither if you are using GarageBand for the first time. We will explain you everything from the beginning clearly and carefully. Even you have some experience using GarageBand, we also recommend this course if you want to step up your skills by reviewing the basics and solidifying your foundations.

    So, why not join this course and make some noise together, as your first step towards a bigger stage!

-Introduction of the speaker-

    The speaker of this course is composer Mr. Mikawa Kawahara (河原 嶺旭), who is also the representative of KAY PRODUCTION CO., LTD.
    He started playing music at the age of 17, and went to a professional school when he was 18 years old. At the age of 20, he made his debut as a music composer for TV dramas. In 2011, an AKB 48's "Wind is blowing (風は吹いている)" hit the third place on the Oricon Chart of the year. Moreover, he was also composing for Nogizaka 46 (乃木坂46) and the animation Inazuma Eleven GO etc. He also composed music in China for famous programs, game music, animation music. He is also an active music composer and producer mainly working in Japan and China.

-Description of each Section-

    In this course, you will learn how to create basic music with a computer using GarageBand from a professional famous composer. With a in-detail explanation of each instrument used in our sample music, you should be able to compose a full music track after this course.

    Have you ever thought that you would like to create some background music yourself as you usually hear in movies or television programs? Even if you can not play real instruments, with a computer you can easily produce music composed of a various type of sounds, using common instruments, or some very specific traditional instruments!

    This course will allow you to learn the basics of making computer music in three steps, and you will be able to create cool music right away even as a beginner.

  • In the first section, we will explain in details the basic functions of GarageBand and the characteristics of some instruments while play them live. Please consider this as an introduction to GarageBand.
  • In the second section, we will not only teach you how to master variety of virtual instruments, including drums, bass and piano. And we will also provide you some tips to practice and create music cleverly with instrument not limited to those listed above using your own computer.
  • In the third section, we will teach you how to record, play, and edit the notes. You will learn various techniques like adjusting the range of pitch, setting the dynamic, copying the notes and exporting your music.

    Even if you are not able to play any instruments, or if you don’t have much musical knowledge, but still you are interested in making cool music on computer, this course will definitely help! By using the skill and techniques mastered through this course, you will be able to compose your original music, and share it to the world in the future.

Basics of GarageBand
Usage of GarageBand, Keyboard explanation,How to create sounds with each instrument
How to play virtual instruments, drums
Learn the characteristics of the drum kit. Make some beats, and edit your beats.
About drums (1)
Please download the file needed in this section here.
About drums (2)
Please download the lesson file needed in this section here.
  • Software required: GarageBand
  • Equipment to be prepared: Mac
  • Even beginners can start making music
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