Docker for Developers and DevOps

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Write Dockerfiles
Work with the Docker Toolbox
Work with the Docker Machine
Use Docker Compose to bring up multiple containers
Work with Docker Kinematic
Push images to Docker Hub
Pull images from a Docker Registery
Push stacks of servers to Docker Hub
О курсе


Whether or not you’re a Developer, anyone who  works with code or servers will boost their productivity with Docker's open app-building platform. In this course you will learn how to use the Docker products including:

   1) Docker Toolbox

   2) Docker Client   

   3) Docker Machine   

   4) Docker Compose   

   4) Kitematic   

   5) Docker Cloud

In addition, this course will cover how to work with images and containers, how to get your project running, and how to push it to the cloud, among other important lessons.   

 We first review what Docker is and why it is important.  We then walk through a step-by-step guide for both Windows and Mac to install all the required components you are going to need for the class.

 With your computer set up, we dive in the Docker Toolbox, the Docker Machine and Docker Client commands, and you'll quickly appreciate  how all these components help you in your development environment.

 Next, you'll learn to work with images, as well as Docker Containers, and how to link and manage them. After that, you'll discover how to get a fully-functional development environment up and running, both locally and in the cloud! By the end of this course, you'll be able to increase your productivity and create lightweight apps that run identically, no matter the environment.

Course Overview
Understand what will be covered in the course 'Docker for Developers'
Course Overview
Using The Exercise Files
We will quickly review the how to work with the exercise files. Please download them prior to starting the course. Please note that some people have been the issues with the chapter 8/9  .docker folder not showing in the zip. I have attached the folder directly in the exercise files aka this lecture to help with this. 
Why Use Docker
You will learn what Docker is and we will clarify key terms and concepts you need to know in order to be successful.
Docker is getting a lot of attention , and for good reason, but if you've looked into it all, you might have wondered what exactly is it, and is it something I can actually use as a web developer? I know when I first started reading about it, hearing about it at conferences , I really wondered if it was something that even played a role in what I did, and the more I dug in, the more I found out that, yeah, it actually can play a big role in our web development process, and that's what we're going to address in this first Section. So let's look at these topics.Topics:
  1. We will start off by talkingabout what exactly is Docker is, and we'll clarify some key terms andconcepts that you need to know in order to be successful and to understandhow Docker works.
  2.  We will then take thoseconcepts and talk about how we can apply them to improve out developmentprocess and workflow. You will be surprised by how many benefits thereare.
  3.  Next up we'll talk about theDocker tools and the role that they each play in this overall developmentworkflow.
  4.  Then we'll wrap up by seeingDocker in action, and I'll actually show an application that's usingDocker to hit a database, do some caching, and some other aspects of anormal development workflow and development application. So let's go aheadand get started by answering that all-important question of, what isDocker, and then jump into the benefits it can offer us as developers.
What is Docker?
We will  start things off by answering the question, what is Docker? Docker does have some different terms, so we're going to clarify what those are, we're going to clarify where it can run, and how this all kind of works. So Docker itself is just a lightweight, open, secure platform, this is kind of the official party line if you will. And the first time I heard that it didn't make maybe a whole lot of sense because I could think of several things that might fit a lightweight, open, secure platform definition, but really what Docker is a way to simplify the process of building applications, shipping them, and then running them in different environments. Now when I say environments, of course I'm talking about development, staging, production, and others that you may have at work. We will then cover what actually ships with Docker then? Well we're going to be talking about things called images and containers, and containers are really, really important.We will go over key buzzwords that are typically thrown around with Docker are images and containers. 
Docker Benefits for Developers
In this Lecture we will go over how docker can benifit you as a developer. Sowhether you're working on a team of one or many, Docker can help set up a
development environment very quickly, and that's really one of the key aspects
that we're going to focus on throughout this course. The Cool part is that's
just a very minor benefit of Docker overall, it's definitely a big benefit as a
web developer. 
Docker Tools
Now that you've seen what Docker is and some of the benefits that it can offer us as web developers, let's jump in really quickly to some of the Docker tools that we're going to be talking about and actually installing a little later in the course. 
Docker in Action
In  demonstration I'm going to show you how you can bring a up three containers all at once and use. We have a wordperss container, a , MariaDb as the database, and PHPAdmin as our database administrator container.  
In this section, you've learned what Docker is and seen how it can simplify building, shipping, and running applications across different environments. 
Setting Up Your Development Environment
In this section, we'll look at the processes for setting up Docker Toolbox on your development machine and getting up a development environment up and running.
In this section, we're going to take a look at the process for setting up Docker Toolbox on your development machine and getting a development environment all set up and running. I'm going to start off by introducing the process of installing Docker Toolbox on a Mac, and then I'll show the same process on a Windows machine. 
  • Students are not required to know any additional material
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