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Ibadullah Khalil - 5 Stars

“A great instructor and guide for the course. All topics were well driven and to the point with no gibberish language used to make it difficult for the learners just like other instructors. A highly recommended course for every beginner who aims to become a data analyst”

Jianyong Chen - 5 Stars

“This is one of the best course I took on Udemy so far. The instructors explained everything in detail and there are practices after each section. Make sure you download all the files, practice on your own, and you will learn a lot. Highly recommend!”

Every business generates data.  But whether you're able to turn that into useful insights depends on your ability to process, manipulate, and ultimately translate that data.

Whether you're working for a company or running your own, being able to make better decisions requires you to be able to analyze and interpret data.  

What data do you need? How do you prep that data? How do you analyze it to answer specific questions?

In this course, we're going to show you step-by-step, exactly how to do that, by starting with the very basics.  

Why Microsoft Excel?


This course is as much about Excel, if not more, than data analysis concepts and techniques. Why?

Excel is still the most popular tool used by analysts in all industries, across all roles.  It's used by financial analysts, marketing analysts, sales analysts, and of course, data analysts.  

Yes, there are many tools out there but if you learn and master the core concepts and techniques of data analysis in Excel, you'll be able to apply your knowledge to a broad range of applications.

Don’t underestimate Excela single worksheet can technically hold more than 17 BILLION data points (granted, it will make your computer REALLY slow). Fortunately, most of us running analysis will need to process far fewer data points than that. Still, it speaks to the power of the program.

Maurizio Zippo - 5 Stars

“This is one of the best course I have ever taken and thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommended if you want to brush up your existing Excel Skills and to learn how to build some complicated formulae. The Pivot Table and Charts were something I always struggled with but thanks to Symon and Travis' explanations they are now so easy to use every day at work, saving me tonnes of time! Many Thanks Symon and Travis for putting together this great course you are my Excel heroes! The case studies on Cryptocurrency and The Start Up Market are absolute gems! I can't wait to get started with your next course.”

Why learn from us?

By signing up with us, you will be learning from two instructors with a combined 35 years of relevant experience across a wide range of analyst roles.  

Travis has been a digital marketer, investor, and entrepreneur for 20 years. He’s led growth in Asia for Groupon and even helped build Excel when he was as an engineer at Microsoft.  He is a data analysis and data visualization expert who pulls from his industry experience to teach some of the advanced data analysis topics you’ll find in this course. 

Symon has been interpreting and analyzing data for 15 years.  He has served as a financial analyst, marketing analyst, and even head of marketing analytics across half a dozen industries.  If you look at his other courses on Udemy, you'll see that he is an Excel and analysis ninja, having taught nearly 180,000 students with over 18,000 reviews.  

Together, we’ve pulled directly from our personal experience and put everything we could into this course. In fact, all of the case studies you’ll find inside are inspired by real-world projects we’ve worked on.

What if I don't have any data analysis or Excel background?

No worries! This is why we start with the very basics in our foundational sections, which is designed to get you familiar with Excel before we move on to more advanced topics.  You can be a complete beginner and take this course.  It might sometimes feel like you're drinking out of a fire hose, but if you put in the time and effort we promise you’ll see results by following our course and doing the exercises. 

We then progressively increase the difficulty as you move along in the course, culminating in advanced techniques taught through our case studies.  

If you do have an Excel background, you can skip or skim through the foundational sections and move directly into the more advanced topics.  

Stephen Dias - 5 Stars

“If you're trying to learn the foundations of excel this course is all you need.”

Brandon Parker - 5 Stars

“I have a lot of experience building excel models and purchased the course for the case studies. I didn't expect to learn much from the introductory parts but was surprised to find additional keyboard shortcuts I had never learned as well as powerful new functions that will make my life a lot easier. This course helped me brush up on functionality that I often neglected while using excel and was super comprehensive. I look forward to continuing using this course as additional case studies are added and highly recommend it for even excel experts.”

Learn through practice.

Like most things in life, becoming proficient at data analysis in Excel takes practice.  A lot of practice.

Sure, you'll pick up plenty just from watching, but you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't download our more than 100 custom-built Excel practice files specifically designed to help you master the program.

We're not done adding all our content yet, either.  This class was initially created an "intro" course, but it will soon become a complete coverage of all things data analysis in Excel.  

In conclusion, does any of the following apply to you?


    1.     Do you want to really know your way around Excel?

    2.     You have data for your work or business but you're not sure what to make of it?

    3.     You might know your way around Excel but you're not confident about turning data into business insights

    4.     You frequently receive Excel spreadsheets from others but want to better understand how they arrived at their conclusions?

    5.     You want to learn the best practices when it comes to using Excel for data analysis.

    6.     You are intimidated by spreadsheets and terms like Pivot Tables and VLookups

    7.     You want to learn a skill set that is useful for any role in any industry you get into later.

If so, then take charge and take our course.

You have absolutely ZERO risk. Udemy gives you a solid-as-an-oak-tree 30-day money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So if you're ready to go from data deficient to data proficient, enroll now!

Watch This First
Decide on best strategy for taking this course.
WATCH THIS FIRST! How to use Udemy, download files, etc...
Overview of some useful Udemy features like speeding up lectures, bookmarking, downloading files, and how to to ask questions to the Q&A forum.
Watch this first.Depending on your background with Excel and data analysis, we'd recommend different strategies for taking this course.
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Quick example to get your feet wet.Don't worry if it feels fast!
Jumpstart Overview
Video games anyone?We introduce the data set we'll be working with in this quick introductory example.
Jumpstart Part 1
In this example, we see that simple built-in EXCEL formulas and functionality can make for quick analysis of numerical data.
Jumpstart Part 2
We take the sample data a bit fartherhow do we calculate sub totals? We use the conditional functions in EXCEL.
Jumpstart Part 3
Having new calculations is helpful but sometimes the best way to show case your analysis is through visualization (aka using charts).  We introduce you to two basic charts here. NOTE: In the video, there is a slight error in the file ("Wii" as a platform category was showing up twice). The files in this lecture have been updated and corrected.
Quick Reminder
Getting Acclimated with EXCEL - Foundations
Get familiar with the EXCEL user interface and basic features
Getting Acclimated Section Overview
Section overview to go over the topics we'll cover in this section, which includes the Excel user interface, common keyboard shortcuts, basic functionality that all analysts working with Excel should know.
  • You should be able to use a PC or Mac at the beginner level
  • Microsoft Excel 2013+
Что Вы изучите?
  • Confidently use the most crucial Excel functions and techniques for analysis
  • Correctly use the appropriate charts in Excel
  • Apply analysis techniques to datasets in Excel
  • Manipulate and prep datasets in Excel
  • Build presentation ready dashboards in Excel
  • Create your own formulas in Excel
  • Turn real world data into business insights in Excel
Symon He
Symon He
Author | Investor | Entrepreneur | Stanford MBA

Symon He is the co-author of Airbnb for Dummies and the Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide, both available now on Amazon and in bookstores throughout North America.

He is also co-founder of LearnBNB, a leading online educational destination for all things Airbnb hosting and short-term rentals. His works have been cited or featured on the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and SKIFT. Through his training and coaching programs, he has worked directly with thousands of aspiring Airbnb hosts to jumpstart their short term rental journeys. His training programs have been featured by prominent third-party partners, including a joint venture with RichDad.

As a licensed broker, Symon previously helped private real estate investors with their acquisitions and deal structuring. As an angel investor, he also advises and invests in early stage startups.

Previously, Symon worked in several corporate real estate and finance roles at large private and Fortune 80 companies, including at a private equity investment firm covering a wide range of commercial real estate acquisitions in the western USA.

Symon received dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics with Honors from UC Irvine and an MBA from Stanford University.

Travis Chow
Travis Chow
Tech Veteran | University of Chicago MBA

My first job at age 21 was building and designing Microsoft Excel formulas and VBA at Microsoft Corporation.  I am a seasoned tech veteran from Silicon Valley.  I co-founded my first company at age 22 in the Bay Area and have since participated in six successful exits as tech entrepreneur, investor and management.  The previous company I sold was for data analytics.

Currently, I advise and teach people how to scale businesses digitally and expand into international markets.

I hold degrees in Computer Science and studied Financial Mathematics and MBA at the University of Chicago.

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