Create superb eLearning with every shortcut imaginable

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You will be able to apply techniques for ideation and briefing and choose eLearning methods appropriate to audience needs. You will have a full understanding of eLearning design processes, be able to organise information effectively and meet learner needs. You will gain knowledge of the eLearning development process and how to manage this for successful outcomes. Finally, you will see the importance of launch and be equipped with skills to deploy content-rich, functional eLearning.
О курсе

In this course, you will understand and be able to apply skills to manage an eLearning project from end to end. There are four sections in this course, covering the four phases of an eLearning project:

  • Ideation and briefing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Launch

The course is comprised of 115 curriculum items, including videos, tools, templates, external links and practical suggestions to support your learning experience, so that you have plenty of useful information to apply in the real world.

In this course, you will find lessons on topics like the following:

  • Building blocks of an eLearning strategy
  • Working with clients and creating quality briefs
  • eLearning trends and needs of modern learners
  • Models and tools for learner engagement
  • Copyright, intellectual property laws and ethics
  • Applying agile principles to project management
  • Applying action mapping and brainstorming in design
  • Engaging with graphic designers and tech teams
  • Options for outsourcing the development process
  • Tools for collections of graphics, fonts and music
  • Project planning for a smooth development cycle
  • Reviewing, testing and iterating developed eLearning
  • Soliciting feedback from target audience
  • Debriefing and recording ‘lessons learned’

NB: The team at BRG Learning and Development have amalgamated our four short eLearning courses into one full course. Please do not purchase the short courses separately as well if you’re signing on for the full course.

Course Introduction
In this section, we welcome you to our superb eLearning course. Understand what to expect and get inspired – so that you’re ready to take your eLearning to the next level.
Welcome to ‘Create superb eLearning with every shortcut imaginable’. We’re so glad you’ve joined us to learn some new skills, strategies (and shortcuts!) for making quality eLearning. We’ll touch on a variety of topics in the four different phases of an eLearning project; ideation and briefing, design, development and launch. We want to make sure you walk away confident that you can manage the process from end to end and that your eLearning is highly engaging, robust and fit for your target audience.Now, let’s get started..
How to complete the eLearning project briefing process
In this section, you will understand eLearning strategy, what makes an effective brief and how to collaborate with stakeholders for buy-in.
In this lecture, the section’s key themes will be presented in a short overview.
The eLearning strategy
In this lecture, you will understand the four main building blocks of an effective eLearning strategy.
Explore more
In this lecture, explore more information on the eLearning strategy.
How to use eLearning to its full advantage
In this lecture, you will learn the tips and tricks for making sure you take advantage of eLearning’s full potential.
The eLearning design and development brief
In this lecture, you will understand the purpose of briefing and the specifications required for a smooth transition to design.
Reference:McGrane, K 2011, ‘Implementing a content strategy: An eBay use case’, 9 May 2011,, viewed 30 May 2016, <>
A briefing template
In this lecture, you will be provided with a design and development brief template to help establish clear goals and expectations for the project.
Explore more
In this lecture, explore some other questions you may like to ask when taking a brief.
How to build a great eLearning brief
In this lecture, you will learn the key points to consider when putting together a great brief that makes sense to all stakeholders.
10 Tips: How to nail your eLearning project every time
In this lecture, you will understand important considerations for moving derivative, ordinary eLearning to extraordinary.
Reference: Kessler, D 2015, ‘7 critical elements of a great content brief’, 28 March 2015,, viewed 31 May 2016 <>
  • This course explores the end-to-end process for creating high-quality eLearning; ideation and briefing, design, development and launch. All required links to useful sites and templates are provided.
BRG Team
BRG Team
BRG Learning and Development Professionals
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