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Increased Udemy revenue by following this step by step guide.
More students and reviews to increase your credibility!
Build multiple streams of income by listing your existing content to other platforms.
Build additional income from affiliate websites that sell your course at a discount.
Increased Udemy revenue according to top Udemy instructors advice (Google Hangout)
Learn how to price your course for the highest earnings
Understand why people would buy your course - with this knowledge you can increase your student numbers considerably
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Hi, my name is Matt Bernstein, successful Udemy instructor with over 50,000+ students across 192 countries. But, I'm going to make the proper assumption that you have no idea who I am.

At the end of the course you'll learn how to…

  • Increase your Udemy revenue by following this step by step guide.
  • Build multiple streams of income by uploading your existing content to other sales channels.
  • Build additional income from affiliate websites that sell your course at a discount.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Students with full-time incomes, who want to supplement with a part-time passive income, teaching on Udemy.
  • Instructors hoping to get their first Udemy course published.
  • Instructors who want to improve an existing Udemy course and increase their Udemy revenue.
  • Students must develop patience and discipline to know that success does not happen overnight, you have to put in the work.

As a very small token of my appreciation:

When you scroll down the page, you'll see some lectures are available to watch for free.

You'll get a look over my shoulder (step by step guide) to learn exactly how I’m successful teaching on Udemy.

How to Get Started with Udemy
Understand Udemy more to create a better course.
Creating a Passive Income on Udemy

Start Creating a Passive Income on Udemy

Hi, my name is Matt Bernstein and today you'll learn about how to be successful selling your video courses. You've already chose a very low upfront cost way of making money. When you create and sell video courses, you are proving to the world that you do not need money to make money. All you need is a microphone and editing software and you can literally make thousands of dollars a month for the rest of your life.

Make a video course with the good quality microphone and editing software. Once you have these materials, you can constantly create and it won't cost you any extra money. It'll cost the same whether you create one course or 100 courses. My first course, eBay secrets have made over $10,000 dollars so far. It will continue making money as long as it stays relevant. The second course, eCommerce profits has made another $5,000 dollars. Creating multiple courses, is a recipe for success.

Selling digital products is much better than selling physical products because it doesn't cost as much money. When you sell digital products, there's an unlimited inventory. Physical products, you'll have to worry about managing an inventory, and associated shipping expenses of goods.

When you sell a video course, it's all automated. The courses become unlocked for your student and Udemy does everything. It will automatically be there for students and if somebody asks for refund it's easy. Udemy will refund their money back and you do not worry about return shipping costs. It's all the same to you, it's such low risk creating selling video courses as opposed to physical products. The only initial cost you have to incur is from the microphone and editing software.

After you create your course, you're building an asset. The hours spent on creating and selling your courses will benefit you years from now. Whereas, a job that pays me $20 an hour, I won't see more money for that one hour of work. If I work one hour creating a course, that money will keep growing, as long as that course stays relevant. Over time that hour of work might equate to a thousand dollars (depending on how well you are promoting your courses).

Instead of trading your hours for short term gains, you're trading in your hours for long-term gains. That's the most important thing to realize when you sell video courses.

Quality Control and Udemy Secret
Quality Control and Udemy SecretToday, we're going to learn about video course creation tips and tricks. These are things that you should do before you start making your course. You're going to learn about the quality of your courses because this is the first time you're making a Udemy course. You should know that audio quality is more important than visual quality. You also need to know the quality of other Udemy courses. The next time that Udemy has a $10 deal you should buy 2-3 courses and see what people are willing to pay for on Udemy. By watching this course, you can see the audio quality and the visuals used. You can emulate this in your own work.You can see the first course to the left, “The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites.” This course has over 27,000 students, but not all of those 27,000 students paid $199. This is something that I didn't realize the beginning. There's thousands of students who didn't pay anything for courses, they got for free when the instructor just created the course and wanted to build credibility. When you start off on Udemy, you give your courses away for free to thousands of students and they review it. This is how you build credibility by getting reviews and having thousands of students enrolled in the course. Another reason why not all of those 27,000 students bought the course for $199 is because Udemy has $10 deals. Over a period of time, thousands of students enrolled in this course through the $10, $19, and $24 deals. The instructor will rarely make a sale at $199. The majority of their sales came when their video courses on sale or given away for free.These tips will get you started, you should watch other peoples courses and see the quality of the course to emulated that in your own course. You should also know that it's rare for somebody to spend $99 on my video course. I sell them for $10 through my own promotions. With Udemy promotions, they sell them for $10 or $19, and when I first started out I gave the course away for free. These are things every Udemy Instructor should know before making a video course.
Maximize Udemy Time & Profits
Maximize Udemy Profits and Follow These RulesToday you're going to learn about specific rules you should follow before you create your course. You don't want to waste your time. You want to maximize your profits and value added to your students. After you validate your course on Udemy, Amazon, and Google, you want make sure to do these few specific things in order to add value students and to maximize your profits. First, you want to make sure it's relevant for the next 3-5 years. My course is "Selling on eBay" and eBay has been around since the 1990's, it's been around for at least 15 years and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. The method for selling on eBay and getting products at wholesale prices hasn't changed and it's not going to change next 3-5 years.For the subject, “How to Invest in the Stock Market”. There's this book called the “Intelligent Investor” that was released in the late 1800's and that book is still relevant today. It's been selling very well for the past 100 years. It is still number one selling book about investing in the stock market. Using this information for the course retirement secrets, how to invest in the stock market. The concepts that are shown the course are relevant for the next three to five years because it's about developing investor's mindset, that concept hasn't changed in the past 100 years and it won't change in the next 3-5 years.Another concept to remember is to make sure the course is relevant to the United States and the rest of the world. My course about selling on eBay are about my experiences selling in the United States. People internationally are able to learn how to sell on eBay, but I can't give them a step-by-step guide and it's limiting the sales of my courses. Being able to sell the United States and everywhere in the world, you're not limiting your sales because your potential is bigger. You're able to sell to every student and it's relevant to them.For this new course, Udemy Profits, the step-by-step guide is not limited because everyone in the world can create and sell courses on Udemy. Because I'm able to have a step-by-step guide for everyone in the world it adds value for everyone and maximizes profit potential. Doing these steps will make you more money and add more value to each student. The longer you can sell your course, the more money you make. The more people who can use the course, the more value added to each student and the more money you make. Please follow these simple rules in order to add value and make more money.
Figure Out Exactly What You're Offering

Figure Out Exactly What You're Offering to Students.

People don't want to just learn a skill, they want to know the benefit of learning that skill. Students want to know the price, how long it'll take them to learn that skill, and the benefit to learn that skill.


  • For $29 I'll teach you how to validate your business in 30 minutes.
  • For $29, I'll teach you to write better in 90 minutes.
  • For $10, I'll teach you how to save an hour a day on your email in just 20 minutes.
  • For $5, I'll send you a PDF file with 10 productivity skills that will change the way you think in one minute each.

Figure out exactly what you're offering. What's the benefit? How long will it take for the potential student to learn this new skill? What's the price for this information?

This course is offering students, for $10, I'll teach you how to validate your Udemy courses to increase selling success on Udemy in 30 minutes.

Validate Course Subjects Before Creating a Course
Validate course topics to determine whether students are already buying courses with the same subject.
Increase Success Before Creating a Course
Increase Success Before Creating a CourseSet yourself up for success on Udemy. Figure out the course you want to create, by first validating the course subject. You only want to teach the subjects that students are already buying. You want to help the most people and of course, make money. If no one's interested in buying your course, then no one can benefit from it, and you can't make any money.Today you'll learn about validating your course subject using by researching what Kindle books sell. How to use Udemy to validate your course subject. How to use Google keyword planner to find out how many people are searching for your course subject per month. You'll see what specific keywords potential students are using to find your course. This will give you an indication of your potential audience of students that might enroll in your course.Start by making a beginners course. The definition of an expert to me, is someone who knows a little more about the subject than the student you teach. There's always somebody out there who doesn't know what you know. There's always somebody who hasn't lived the life you've lived. You can always learn something from anyone you meet because they are always far superior to you in one way. As people can learn something from you because you're superior to most people in certain ways.
Udemy to Help Validate Course Subjects

How to Use "Udemy" to Validate Course Subjects

Go to Udemy's homepage and search specific course subjects. We'll do a few examples together. Let's start off by searching “selling on eBay” by typing that into the search bar. According to the Udemy search results, you'd see that my course is first. “eBay profits: How I Make $2,000 A Month Drop Shipping”. There are 4,900 students in the course. You can see that there's a demand for this from the amount of people who've enrolled. Another one of my courses, "How to Sell on eBay and Amazon" has 4,100 students enrolled. You don't necessarily want to be the first one to create a course on a subject because you don't know the market or demand for it yet.

We'll keep scrolling down to see 1,500 students are enrolled in the course called “Learn How Powersellers Make Millions on eBay” Another course with 3,000 students enrolled called “How to Start a Successful eBay Business.” 1,300 students enrolled in "How to Start a Successful eBay Business That Pays You Every Week”. On Udemy, you'll see that there's a demand for selling on eBay because of the thousands of students who are enrolled in other courses.

We'll search for another course subject by typing “Investing in the Stock Market" into the search bar. We'll research the amount of students who are already enrolled in similar courses. This will tell us the amount of students that are already enrolling in similar courses on Udemy. When there are already courses about investing in stocks you can set yourself apart by using your own unique experience. You can make your courses better than your competition or you can under do them by charging less for your course.

Having competition is good because it allows you to see what students are actually interested in buying. It's okay if you're not the first course on the Udemy marketplace, because your competition already proved to you that there's a market for what you want to sell. Let's take a look at the Udemy search results together for “Investing in Stocks” and you'll see there's a course called “Value Investing Code” that's listed for free but has 45,000 students enrolled. Another course called "How to Invest in Stocks: Learning About Financial Markets" that has 3,300 students enrolled. "Retirement Secrets: How to Invest in the Stock Market" with 4,000 students enrolled. Finally, a course called "Investing Fundamentals" with 2,400 students enrolled. There is a total of 55,000 students enrolled in courses about investing in the stock market and enough people are willing to enroll in courses about this subject.

Finally, we'll research courses about “teaching online” we're basically going to validate the course you're listening to, right now. Type into the Udemy search bar, “How to Sell Courses on Udemy”. The search results tell us that there are courses with 1,100 students enrolled, 5,900 students enrolled, and 2,800 students enrolled. Again, type in "Udemy Secrets" into the Udemy search bar. You'll find a course with 6,300 students enrolled in “How I Make $4,000 A Week From Udemy Courses and No Filming.” The search results reveal that there's demand for this course subject. This course has 6,300 students enrolled with 102 reviews.

Our research validates that the course "Udemy Profits" would sell on Udemy. My content is different because my experiences are different. The instructor who created the course “How I Make $4,000 A Week” doesn't do a good job to manage students expectations. I don't think it's very realistic for many people to make $16,000 dollars a month on Udemy selling your courses. But, it is realistic for you to make $4,000 dollars a month in passive income. Start by creating courses that will add true value to students, right now.

The good news is that only about one billion people in the world have internet. By 2020, around three billion people will have internet. As Udemy's audience grows larger you will have more chances to sell your courses and more money.

Amazon Kindle to Help Validate Course Subjects

How to Use "Amazon Kindle" to Validate Course Subjects

Go to, and we'll continue to the “selling on eBay” video course idea. We'll look at the Amazon bestseller list with the keyword eBay. Under the eCommerce category, there's an eBay section

Based off experience, anything that is the top 20,000 best rated sellers on Amazon, makes at least five sales a day. Let's click on the first book, scroll down to the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank” and it ranks 14,000. So this book sells at least 5 times a day. 5 sales a day times $7 per book equals $35 dollars a day in sales. Times $35 by 30 days per month will equal over $1,000 per month.

Multiply that by having 20 books and you'll make over $20,000 a month selling on Amazon. These are example books that people want to buy. on Amazon, they're willing to spend $7 for this book. Amazon updates these stats every hour, so you know this book is still selling well. It's ranked 14,000 best selling book, which means it makes at least 5 sales a day.

For example number two, we'll take a look at, “How I Found and Sold Two Million Dollars Worth of Junk on eBay and Amazon. Scroll down to product details, and according to Amazon Best Sellers rank is 20,000. This book sells at least five copies a day on Amazon. People are actually buying this book. The power of compounding everything counts. At five sales a day for $10, this book is selling $50 dollars per day. Minus commissions, which is 30%. This book is making about $1,500 in sales per month, right now on Amazon.

For our final example, we'll search for books about “Invest in the Stock Market”. Type those keywords into the search bar. We'll click on the first book we see, Jim Cramer's “Get Rich Carefully” We'll scroll down to the product details, and we'll see that it ranks 14,000 on Amazon's Best Seller Rank. Let's go under Product Details and look at the specific category “Investing Basics” and we'll see the Amazon Bestsellers in that category. Book titles include, The Intelligent Investor, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Beginner's Guide to Investing”. We'll click on each of these book titles and learn that this book ranks 3,000 best selling books. This is amongst the highest rank we've seen yet! The next book called, “Can I Retire?” ranks best selling 4,000.

We'll continue by scrolling down to the 20th ranked book on Amazon. The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing” we'll click on that title and scroll down to product detail. This book is ranked 21,000. This means that top 20 books in the investment category sell least five books a day.

This is how you validate your Udemy course subjects using Amazon Kindle Best Seller rankings.

Google Keywords to Help Validate Course Subjects
How to Use "Google Keywords Planner" to Validate Course SubjectsLearn how it can help you validate your Udemy course ideas. Start by going to Google AdWords and click on Tools to the top of the screen, then click on the tab Key Word Planner.For the course subject about selling on eBay. we'll type in “selling on eBay” as a keyword. To separate these terms, we'll use a comma. As more keywords, we'll use “make money online”, “drop shipping” and “selling on Amazon” That's a good enough base for keywords to research. Now, scroll down and click on the blue button "get ideas"We'll take a look at the results which is located in the average monthly searches column. Google sorts the keywords into different “ad groups” such as. “The Make Money From Home” People searched 23,000 times for this term. “Making Extra Money” 21,000 times. “Drop Shipping” was searched for 16,000 times. For this Google Ad Group, terms were search over 120,000 times this month.When you scroll down, “Selling on eBay” was searched 12,000 times. “Selling on Amazon” was searched 12,000 times. “Sell Books on Amazon” was searched 837,000 searches this month.The point is, the more people searching for your course subjects. The more potential you have the more opportunity there is to make a sale. This is was part of the research that I conducted before creating video courses about “Selling on eBay” and “Investing in Stocks”. This research will help validate your course subjects too.
  • Any computer, a microphone, some knowledge of a subject ... and this course!
  • Knowing the basics of video editing and production will help to make a course faster.
  • There's no need to film yourself or appear in your course.
  • Students will need a website. I recommend Bluehost or Hostgator.
  • Students should purchase OptimizePress plugin for WordPress.
Matt Bernstein
Matt Bernstein
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Skillhance, LLC
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