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You can start a new career as a freelance copywriter

Just imagine, earning your living - a good living - without the hassle of commuting. Be your own boss. All you really need is a PC or Mac and a broadband connection - plus a desire to write and a bit of flair. Three months from now that could all become a reality. You will be a copywriter!

"After just a few months I am writing sales copy for a huge experiential company, as well as technical copy for a well-respected tech-industry publication and building websites for small businesses." Martin Brennan.

Unlike so many guides on the subject, it's not a jumped-up list of 'useful phrases'. It won't tell you 'how to make a million dollars overnight'. Instead it is a unique, detailed step-by-step guide to becoming a successful freelance copywriter working from home, from scratch.

Step by step
Follow each step and you can make between £300 ($450) a day and - with more experience - £500 ($750) a day. Not exactly a get rich quick formula, but a very respectable income. Especially for someone who is their own boss, has few overheads, doesn't have to commute to work, and chooses exactly how much or how little work they want to take on. Because my website has been live for some time now, I get more than I need and have to turn work away.
Is it possible?
Sure, and in this guide I will show you – in detail – everything you need to know. Things like:
• How to begin from scratch and quickly build a portfolio
• How to find clients - fast
• How to market yourself
• How to build a copywriter website in just five days - for free
• How to find the most profitable projects and drop the rest
• How much to charge
In fact, I will even share my killer 'terms and conditions' that enable me to close more business at higher prices. I will:
• Introduce you to the jargon – no getting caught out as a beginner
• Show how to walk your clients through a brief, how to research topics, how to write for print and how to write for the web
• We will look at different writing styles (or 'tone of voice' as the marketing people call it).
• I will teach you questioning techniques for telephone interviews (I do all my work over the net and by phone) and show you some clever, low cost phone recording kit and transcription software so that you won't even have to take notes
• Plus lots of tricks of the trade that save valuable time and mark you out as a real pro
And give you stacks of links to real samples of different types of copy, templates, tick lists and so on, plus more detailed descriptions of some of the topics covered in this book (build your own free library). In fact, everything you need to get you started with confidence.

My Story
Len Smith describes how he moved into copywriting, how he learned not to worry about being an expert on any subject, how it all came together.
This course is not about learning a new skill. It's about transforming your whole way of life - your work/life balance, the way you make your living, or the way you boost your income.
In reality, it's going to take three months to get to the point where you feel confident speaking to prospects, using the right jargon, knowing what to charge.I want you to win, so in THIS lesson I show you the best possible way to get through the course with me.
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Getting started
What is copywriting all about?Everything you need on day one.How to build a portfolio fast, including websites that are seeking freelance copywriters.How to prepare a brief. How much to charge?
QUICK WIN - publish an article 10 days from now
QUICK WIN? Publish your first article ten days from now - guaranteedWherever possible, I like to give my students a ‘quick win’ early in the course. And what better ‘quick win’ than getting an article published in the next few days.
After all, few things can compare with seeing your own work published for the first time. It’s more than just a great feeling, it’s a confidence booster.
I'll show you how.
Hit the ground running
Copywriting - what's it all about?
Everything you'll need on day one
The good news is, you really need very little to start as a freelance copywriter. I don’t have business cards (don’t ever meet my clients), don’t have business stationery (I just use Word documents for invoices and so on). I work from home with minimum equipment.In this session you'll be pleasantly surprised how little you need to spend to get up and running.
How to build a portfolio - fast
​Pick the most profitable sector to suit your skills
There’s more than one type of copywriting – advertising… sales/marketing... informative copy...expert copy….. PR copy…. Media copy… website copy, and so on. And it’s unlikely your skills’ll match all of them.This session will help you find the areas where you should begin and areas that you may want to grow into later.
How much should you charge?
Your client contract- and a winning sales technique
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Что Вы изучите?
  • Part one – everything you need for a fast-track start, including your first article
  • Part two – the copywriter’s ‘how to’: sales copy, expert copy, and more!
  • Part three – the essential skills that mark out a real pro
  • Part four – how to boost your income and turn your new website into a money magnet
Len Smith
Len Smith
Freelance copywriter and communications consultant

For the past 20 odd years Len has run his own business, Copywriting On Demand and manages The-Writers-Guru.

He works from home, writing copy for organisations around the world - and lots of them have become personal friends.

With forty years' experience in marketing, he spent three years in Paris responsible for IBM product marketing in 14 countries across EMEA.

His biggest market is the USA, followed by the UK, the Arab states and the Netherlands. His business comes via the web and his website attracts more than 1,000 visits a day.

Clients are as diverse as Vodafone, The Finance Leasing Association, Lloyds, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the BBC, a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies - even a TV 'Secret Millionaire'.

Married for more than 50 years (a world record?) he has three sons.

He lives in a rambling old vicarage in Yorkshire that has the distinction of having been built by the Brönte sisters’ Uncle Fennel. Charlotte’s earliest recorded letter was written from the vicarage during one of the children’s brief holidays there.

His interests have included competitive rallying (including an attempt at the Monte Carlo Rally and the Paris Marrakesh), and paragliding. These days he is content with art and opera.

Vacation time aside, Len aims to answer student queries within hours.

Sean Kaye
Sean Kaye
Enterprise Technologist and Online Marketing Expert

Hi, my name is Sean Kaye and I have the luxury of solving varied and complicated problems using technology for a living.

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by the way technology evolves to more efficiently and effectively help people get things done.

For the last 20 years of my career, I've worked with large companies to apply leading edge technology to deliver results and to help them achieve their desired business goals and outcomes.

I've been involved with every major wave of technology since the early 90's working with companies to connect to the internet for the first time, designing early web-enabled ecommerce platforms through to cloud computing and hybrid IT over the last ten years especially.

During that time, I've worked with the technology of every major platform and vendor in the public and private cloud space such as: VMWare, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

In my spare time over the past decade, I setup and run a few of online marketing services businesses with my wife.  This area has expanded my mind and skillset into things like SEO, Copywriting and Content Marketing.  In particular, I've been able to combine these online marketing skills with my technology and management experience to help people setup and operate their own online businesses successfully.

I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 21 years with my wife and son.

Udemy has been a great experience for me having taught over 70,000 students since starting back in 2013 and I look forward to helping you achieve your ambitions and dreams.

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