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Suz, The Rock/Star Advocate®, will take you through all the vocabulary, basic rules, and steps needed to correctly complete a copyright application in no more than 10 minutes.

You'll uncover the differences between an underlying composition and a sound recording, as well as transferring your rights vs. licensing them.

This course gives a quick (under 45 minutes) but thorough explanation of the structure of copyrights, broken down into digestible video lessons, complete with supplemental guides, charts, and worksheets for you to reference so you continue to feel supported long after this course is over.

We’ll discuss the benefits of filing a copyright, the basic vocabulary associate with the application, your 6 exclusive rights, and a step-by-step tutorial for filling out the entire application so you know exactly what to expect.

This course is for you if you are a musician, or manager, looking to save money, save time, and save peace of mind when licensing your music to others knowing that it's properly protected.

Course Introduction
They will know exactly what will be covered in this class, what they will learn by the end, and what materials will be used throughout the class.
Introduction to Course
After this lecture you will have a clear understanding of what's ahead and be confident knowing the information you will walk away with will enable you to properly protect and license your music.
Chapter 1: Why File a Copyright Application?
Why it is important to file your music with the US Copyright Office and the benefits that come with it.
Lesson 1 Quiz
Answer these 3 questions to test your knowledge after "Chapter 1: Why File a Copyright Application?" If you have any questions or need extra help, just send me an email!
Chapter 2: Basic Copyright Vocabulary
I'll explain the common terms associated with copyrights and the difference between eachin order to give you a clear view of the structure of copyrights.
Lesson 2 Quiz
Answer these 5 questions to test your knowledge after "Chapter 2: Basic Copyright Vocabulary." If you have any questions or need extra help, just send me an email!
Chapter 3: Your 6 Exclusive Rights
I'll explain a brief history of the 6 exclusive rights and how each apply to you after filing an application, as well as how to ask for permission to use (sample) someone else's work.
Lesson 3 Quiz
Answer these 5 questions to test your knowledge after "Chapter 3: Your 6 Exclusive Rights." If you have any questions or need extra help, just send me an email!
Chapter 4: How to File a Basic Copyright Application
I’ll walk you through a basic copyright application step by step and show you how to fill one out on your own, all while explaining each section and what it means.
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Что Вы изучите?
  • Complete a basic copyright application in no more than 10 minutes
  • Save money by knowing how many songs you can copyright in a single application
  • Walk away with templates that will make future copyright applications a breeze
  • Discover your 6 Exclusive Rights are as a copyright owner
  • Identify when your song is a Work for Hire
  • Take the steps needed to confidently clear samples in your work
Suzanne Paulinski
Suzanne Paulinski
The Rock/Star Advocate

I started my career in my late teens, as an intern for Atlantic Records and college rep for WEA. As I finished my degree in Music Business at Drexel University, I helped create Mad Dragon Records with fellow classmates.

I went onto manage the national street team & mid-west retail for Astralwerks (EMI), and founded IXiiV Records, LLC (later changed to IXiiV Artist Consulting) with my college roommate. For eight years, while working as a paralegal and completing a Masters in Psychology (Queens College) I created bios, press releases, EPKs, social media plans, and filed copyright applications for artists in all genres.

Now, with The Rock/Star Advocate®, I'm able to live out my dream of helping musicians and their teams turn their passions into sustainable careers.

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