Cooking Paleo For The Holidays: Healthy Paleo Recipes

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Cooking Paleo For The Holidays: Healthy Paleo Recipes
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Cooking Paleo For The Holidays: Healthy Paleo Recipes
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Cook a Paleo Holiday Meal for 4 family members or guest!
Cook healthy, easy and delicious Paleo recipes.
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Welcome to Paleo Cooking For The Holidays: Entertain With Healthy Paleo Recipes! Brought to you by the folks at Yum So Fresh! a Natural food cooking website which is all about clean food recipes. Our recipes are for people who understand that food is medicine and have woken up for the food lie we have all been fed the last 20 years.

Paleo Cooking Holiday Meal Recipes

  • Grapefruit Infused Rosemary Vodka and Honey Holiday Martini Cocktail
  • Paleoish White Russian Martini Cocktail
  • Smoked Turkey
  • Herbed Chicken Gravy
  • Hazelnut Cranberry Apple Dressing
  • Herbed Smashed Cauliflower With Smoked Bacon
  • Organic Roasted Holiday Vegetables
  • Paleo Crab Cakes
  • Spiced Paleo Cilantro Shrimp
  • Cinnamon Paleo Apple Crisp Dessert
  • Bonus Recipes
  • Facebook Live Cooking Segments

This Paleo cooking course includes all recipes!

This course showcases homemade made from scratch recipes that use organic food products, humanely raised meat, farm fresh eggs, emphasis on using local food producers in your local area and being mindful not to include fake food, chemicals, nitrates, preservatives and all of the test tube items that sit on the grocery shelves.

Our recipes in this course are authentic recipes. We create each one and check our recipes thoroughly. If you take the time to follow them, you will love the taste of natural food which our recipes showcase.

Yum So Fresh! features paleo, gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free, low carb, vegetarian, and just plain healthy, yummy dishes you and your family will love.

Throughout the course we have organic and natural information, cooking tips, techniques, entertaining ideas as well as information on cooking tools, appliances and food products that we think rock!

Enroll now and get ready to wow your guest, family and friends this holiday season!

The Yum So Fresh Team 

Cheryl Richard 
Dennis J. Smith

Paleo For The Holidays
Understand what is in this course.
Introduction to Paleo For The Holidays
Welcome! I'm a Udemy instructor and the Paleo diet lifestyle is new to me. This course will show you how to cook a delicious holiday meal for your friends or family. I hope you enjoy what my friend culinary artist Cheryl Richard and I have put together for you. Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.
Grapefruit Infused Rosemary Vodka and Honey Holiday Martini Cocktail
Nothing says Holiday entertainment more than this cocktail infused with Rosemary.
Paleoish White Russian Martini Cocktail
Nothing says Holiday entertainment more than this cocktail with Kahlua, vodka and coconut milk.
Smoking On The Grill
Learn how simple and easy it is to get smoking chips ready for your gas grill.
Preparing Brined Smoked Organic Turkey Breast Topped With Uncured Bacon
Preparing the Smoked Holiday Turkey Breast for the grill.
Turkey Ready for the Grill
Steps for preparing the Turkey for the Grill.
Putting Holiday Turkey on the Grill
Putting the Holiday Turkey on the Grill
Herbed Chicken Gravy
 Learn how to make Herbed Chicken Gravy for your holiday meal.
Hazelnut Cranberry Apple Dressing
Make Delicious Hazelnut Cranberry Apple Dressing that will wow your friends, family and guest!
  • You will need to purchase the items to complete the recipes offered in this course.
  • You should have a grill and other cooking tools such as a mixer.
Dennis J. Smith
Dennis J. Smith
Social Media, WordPress, ConvertKit, Udemy Marketing Expert
Cheryl Richard
Cheryl Richard
All Natural Tasty Recipes That Go Beyond Fresh!
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