Conversational Russian for beginners

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Learn the basics of Russian grammar and use it in everyday conversations

Learn Russian grammar to build any sentences you want

  • Learn the Russian case system;
  • Learn Russian nouns, adjectives, adverbs, numerals, pronouns and verbs;
  • Build any sentences based on well explained grammar rules;
  • Check your knowledge with 400+ exercises;
  • Learn modern Russian vocabulary of 2000+ words;
  • Learn useful phrases;


Speak Russian today! This course will teach you how to read and speak Russian language. Starting with nouns, step by step, you'll learn how to build your first phrases and sentences. More than 5 hours of explicit video lessons, PDF materials with short summary of the video lessons, and more than 400 exercises (2000+ sentences with modern vocabulary and RU/ENG translation) to check your knowledge and master the Russian language.

About the course
Lesson which will tell you about this course.
This lesson will tell you who this course is designed for, what you'll get after finishing it and a short review of the lessons.
Alphabet - Russian letters and sounds
Learn Russian letters and sounds. Pronunciation of each letter and its sound. Examples of words with the sounds. 
Stress and spelling rules
Though in Russian you read as you see, there are a few spelling rules that you should follow. Watch this lecture to improve your spelling. It's also important, because we'll need these spelling rules throughout the course.
Aftert this chapter you'll be able to use Russian nouns in all 6 cases
Unit 3.1 Gender of nouns
This lecture will help you to distinguish the gender of Russia nouns. 
Unit 3.1Gender of nouns - Exercises
Exercises with pronunciation and keys for PDF unit 3.1. Check your answers and practice pronunciation with this lesson. 
Unit 3.1Gender of nouns - Dialogues
Learn useful phrases and grammar patterns with these short dialogues for Unit 3.1. Gender of nouns.
Unit 3.2 Nominative singular
Use Russian nouns in the nominative singular case. After this lecture you'll be able to use Russian nouns in sentences like: "I am a student. She is a teacher. It is a window.".
Unit 3.2 Nominative singular - Exercises
Exercises with pronunciation and keys for PDF unit 3.2. Check your answers and practice pronunciation with this lesson.
Unit 3.3 Nominative plural
Learn how to use Russian nouns in nominative plural. Learn how to say sentences like "We are teachers. These are dogs. Cats are animals.".
  • You don't need to know anything about Russian, we start from scratch
  • The course has downloadable materials - PDF files, you need any free PDF reader (Adobe reader or Foxit Reader)
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn how to speak read and write in Russian
  • Master basic Russian grammar
  • 86 lessons (5.5 hours of content) with explicit explanations of basic Russian grammar and lots of examples
  • 400+ exercises with modern vocabulary and RU/ENG translation (all the exercises will come with the keys)
  • 84 PDFs with short grammar summaries
  • Basic vocabulary of 2000+ words
  • 84 video units with pronunciation for the exercises
  • Learn Russian cursive
Станислав Пономарёв
Станислав Пономарёв
Russian Language Guide

Stanislav is an avid language learner and certified geography teacher (Diploma "Geography teacher" - Kuban State University, Russia, 2015). Winner of the first and the third International contest "E-learning with iSpring software ", 2014. Native Russian speaker and private language tutor.

I love to help my friends all over the world to learn Russian language. I love to teach and see my friends and students excited and happy about the learning process.

My goal is to provide the best Russian language learning experience. I use video lectures and lots of exercises, because I believe that all the language skills (especially grammar) should be used as soon as possible. All the exercises I use contain real daily vocabulary with lots of examples. 

My course is designed for those who really want to speak Russian language. Not only memorize a dozen of new phrases, but build sentences, based on grammar rules. 

Russian is not that difficult - join in, and I'll be your guide!

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