Compose at the Keyboard with the Pyramids Variations

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Play an impressive modern classical ('New Age') piano solo based on a simple hand-position, without reading music or having played the piano before.
'Compose at the keyboard' - Just sit down and play the piano from having seen how music can be built up from simple elements.
Get a practical demonstration of creative music theory basics - what makes music work, and how to put it together yourself.
О курсе

The Pyramids Variations (Learn to Improvise on a Chord Sequence) is about being able to "just sit down and play" the piano - like a guitarist can just pick up the guitar and strum a few chords. (In fact, "strumming the piano" wouldn't be a bad course subtitle!)   

The first part of the course coaches you to an impressive 'Concert Performance' piano solo based on a simple hand position. The second half goes on to show how you can become a creative 'composer at the keyboard' by varying and recombining the musical building blocks you've mastered.   

Lessons consist of videos with related web pages hosting audio and video example performances and pdf lesson notes.

The Pyramids Variations course consists of 20-plus practical lessons – probably two whole semester's-worth of creative course curriculum.

You do NOT need to be able to read music to benefit from this course! - but all the written music is there for good readers. And there's extensive 'try before you buy' web content to help you decide if the Pyramids Variations is for you.

Part One of the Pyramids Variations is the step-by-step build-up to the Concert
At the end of this section, you will be able to play an impressive 'modern classical' piano solo from memory.
Composing at the Keyboard: Introduction and Welcome
Introduction to composing at the keyboard with the Musicarta Pyramids Variations.
Pyramids in the Basic Music-making Position
With a simple hand position anybody can copy, you can be playing a chord sequence in your very first lesson.
Pyramids with Left-hand-over Patterns
In this lesson, you straight away start to explore how the Basic Music-making Position helps you make variations on your Pyramids chord sequence.
Pyramids - Adding the Melody
It's great playing chords, but a piece of music needs a tune as well. Fortunately, the Pyramids melody grows straight out of the chords you already know.
Pyramids - A Four-chord Version
Pyramids goes large! What you can do with two chords, you can double to four, making a grand-sounding bottom-to-top keyboard chord study. Add the melody on top for a very impressive Lesson Four performance.
Pyramids - Developing the Melody
Chord tones are usually the first choice for a melody, and in-between notes are often used to join them up.
Pyramids - The 32-bar AABA Form
Lesson Six adds new music to create a piece which has the indispensable popular song 32-bar 'AABA' structure.
Pyramids - The Four-chord B Section
The new 'B section' music now has to be expanded to four-chord dimensions.
Pyramids - The Concert Performance
You've done it! You have now learned all the building blocks of your stunning Concert Performance. All's that left to do now is assemble and practice.
The Pyramids Variations, Part Two: Practice Aids
These resources will help you practice efficiently so you make the fastest possible progress in all your music learning.
  • No previous experience needed! You do NOT need to read music to make stellar progress using this course!
  • No advanced computer skills necessary. The optional MidiPiano virtual keyboard (Windows OS) is basic computer technology.
Mister Musicarta
Mister Musicarta
Creative music teacher with Musicarta
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